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Video sharing continues to take over all social media at an incredible speed. Nowadays, publishing video content is a strategy that leads to success for any business. If you want your video to be memorable, you do not need high-quality source material. The main secret of a great video lies in the editing.

There is a large selection of video editing programs in the market. Many of them are free. But sometimes, people do not want to install professional video editing software, or their computers are not powerful enough for performing such operations.

Maybe you recognize yourself in this description. There is still a way for you to edit videos without having to download any programs. Modern technologies allow us to perform video editing directly in the browser. Many online video editors nowadays can settle with browser-based programs. They have nearly the same functionality and capabilities as the software you need to install on your computer.

Using an online video editor even has its pros. For example, due to cloud technologies, the only limit you have is your internet connection. You can quickly edit a video anywhere and share it with other people from different locations. This article will help you find the best video editing software for your creative needs. is a fairly simple social media editor. You can upload the finished video on Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Youtube, Google Drive, and even Hubspot. has all the necessary video editing features, such as:

Video templates
Stock images and videos

One of the best features of this program is the opportunity to create videos in multiple formats. You can edit the same video for different social media platforms at the same time. That way, you do not have to start your work over and over again. Each of your videos will be designed specifically for different social media. Any change you make in the video appears in other versions. Keep in mind that the free version of does not allow you to download the result.


Clipchamp is a flexible set of products aimed at professionals and ordinary users alike. This software is a fairly advanced video editor. It does not concede to professional desktop programs.

One of the features that make Clipchamp stand out among other online video editors is its confidentiality. Everything you do during editing happens in the browser. Such privacy protection is not very common in web applications. Without your permission, even Clipchamp employees do not have access to your video.

Like some other video editors, Clipchamp has a large variety of templates. You can find a template for almost any kind of video. Clipchamp offers stock video and audio content as well. This software makes it easy for you to crop, compress, and convert videos. But, to save your finished video in Full HD, you need to have at least a Business payment plan.


Do you need to edit many videos in a short amount of time? If you do not want to go deep into advanced functionality, Animoto is a perfect tool for you. The main goal of Animoto is to help you with marketing and social media integration. This software is completely focused on business goals. It might help you with your website and social media page development.

One of the main features of Animoto is storyboard templates. The purpose of storyboard templates is to create a logical structure for your videos. You can use this instrument to plan motivational or promotional videos, as well as slideshows. Animoto has a template for any video you want to post on your Facebook.


The Fastreel online video editor is free movie-making software. It allows you to edit videos fast and effortlessly. This software has a visually pleasant and intuitive design. Fastreel’s multifunctional toolkit provides a large field of opportunities for video editing. With Fastreel, you can:

Cut, crop, and resize your video
Change video speed
Rotate video
Merge videos
Make a stop-motion video
Reverse and loop videos

You can add music and subtitles to your videos if you want to. Fastreel also offers a template gallery. All templates are customizable in every way except their color palettes. Fastreel has a wide range of input formats, but you can only save videos in the most popular video format, MP4.

If you do not want to have a watermark on your video, Fastreel has paid plans – for example, a Single Premium option, where you can edit and save your video once.


If you want to upload a few videos and add background music, Magisto will do everything for you. Magisto is an AI video generator. It creates videos and helps distribute them to almost any social media. You can choose the style of your video from a large library of templates for many occasions. Magisto will turn your source material into an epic movie trailer, an advertisement for your business, or a motivational video.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark was created by Adobe Systems. This company is famous for software like Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Lightroom. Any social media manager will adore Adobe Spark for its versatility.

With this online media editor, you can easily create video stories, social media graphics, and other visual content. Plus, you get access to a large library of licensed images and icons. You can use some of the provided materials for free under the Creative Commons license.

There is also an opportunity to upload custom images from your computer or from cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Adobe Spark offers a lot of background music and video templates, as well as a tool to record your voiceovers. If you want to make videos for social media pages quickly, this software might be a great option for you.


WeVideo is great, semi-professional software. It has almost every feature you need for daily video editing. This software is designed for individual, educational, and business use. WeVideo offers a huge amount of commercially licensed images, video, and audio footage, as well as templates. All of these materials are for free use.

You can add text templates and apply Instagram-like filters to your video. A chroma key feature allows you to add any background you like. This feature is useful for videos shot with a green screen.

Here are some pros of using WeVideo. They might help you decide whether use it or not:

Wevideo is compatible with Android, IOS, Chromebook, Mac, and Windows.
Unlimited cloud storage.
Render videos in 4K quality.
Keyframe animation functionality.
You get access to millions of images, videos, and music clips that are free to use.

Like any other software, WeVideo has its cons. For example, the free version of WeVideo is limited in its functionality. It also puts a watermark on the finished video. If you realize that this video editor is right for you, WeVideo has one of the cheapest payment plans. The Unlimited plan costs 29.99 dollars a month with a 7-day free trial.


If you are familiar with Adobe After Effects, Typito is similar. This software’s main goal is to add effects to your video after the basic editing is done. Typito concentrates on animated titles, subtitles, and other animation features and text effects. There is also an opportunity to add background music and video clips.

You can either use a built-in font library or upload custom fonts. Typito gives you access to free video footage and thousands of free images from Unsplash. The finished result can be directly uploaded on Facebook and Youtube.

Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter was created by 123apps. This is a completely free video editing tool. Its functionality is quite small and simple. You can only crop, rotate and trim your videos. For such purposes, this application does its job perfectly.

You might also want to add music, images, or text to your video. As such, Online Video Cutter has many other tools from the same developers. If you need to perform more complex editing, you can use such audio and video tools as:

Video looper
Video speed changer
Logo removal
Video stabilizer
Video recorder

Online Video Cutter does not have many features for editing. But it has one definite plus: you do not have to go through a registration procedure. You can just upload your source material and start editing your video. Sometimes, you might need to get the necessary result quickly and without registration. In that case, Online Video Cutter is the best free video editing software for you.


Flexclip is a simple, presentation-style editor. Anyone interested in a cheap social media marketing tool will love this. You only need about ten minutes of your time to learn how to use Flexclip. And if you have any troubles with understanding, do not worry – there is a useful blog with resources for learning.

Flexclip offers basic transitions, zoom function, voice recording tool, and video templates. You can also find a decent amount of stock videos and audios. Plus, Flexclip provides many ways to post your finished videos to social media. What makes Flexclip a good option is its additional tools. These tools do not have any watermarks and restrictions. You can trim and convert videos completely for free.

Explore The Opportunities

We hope this article will help you find the easiest video editing software for your goals. We recommend you explore the list of opportunities. And remember that it is important to be open to new experiments.

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