Suppose you’re looking to invest in a new side hustle and start generating money with as little effort as possible. In that case, dropshipping is often the first venture that comes to mind. 

After all, you don’t have to store or manufacture your own products. Instead, your drop shipping partner will handle your orders, fulfillment, and shipping. On your end, you simply need an eCommerce website and a choice of quality dropshipping products to sell. 

But what if you want to skip the online store creation phase and instead focus on selling and marketing your products? Fortunately, there’s an even quicker solution: turnkey dropshipping websites.

So with that said, here we’ll cover the best places to find turnkey dropshipping stores for sale. For the uninitiated, these websites come with all the design and functionality you need to get selling straight away. Often they even include several handpicked products that are imported onto your store.

What are the Best Turnkey Dropshipping Store Providers?

Interested? Good. Let’s get started!

Custom Store by Ecommerce Platforms

Our top pick for where to find turnkey dropshipping shops for sale. 

You can access your own startup in just three steps:

  1. Pick a plan that suits your current and future needs. The starter plan costs $299 and supplies you with a Shopify store setup with five listed products for a quick and easy launch. The custom plan for $899 offers a custom-made store design, 15 listed products, and a brand kit.
  2. You’ll discuss details with your personal manager, who will try to understand your vision for your online store.
  3. Once you’ve approved your online store, you can launch it live.  

All the suppliers assure shipping within 2-5 days to ensure better customer retention. In addition, with each purchased turnkey website, you’ll gain lifetime support for free.

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turnkey dropshipping stores for sale

AliDropship provides a range of turnkey services that enable you to dive straight into dropshipping, focusing, of course, on access to AliExpress products. 

AliDropship works with a new WordPress plugin called Sellika that claims to save you up to 330 hours per month. How? It automates product information that you would otherwise have to rewrite manually. For instance, Sellika generates clear product titles, descriptions, and reviews in a few clicks. 

There are three options. First, you can let Alidropship create a simple turnkey store in a profitable niche. Pricing starts at a one-time payment of $299, including an unlimited choice of products, 50 of which are preloaded and ready to sell on your store. In addition, you can purchase web hosting for your turnkey dropshipping store for $48 per year. 

Alternatively, you can get an exact copy of a successful store with proven best-selling products imported into it. You’ll also receive ready-made marketing campaigns.

Finally, you can build a store yourself by purchasing an easy-to-install and customized plugin that allows you to import AliExpress products with just one click. You simply visit AliExpress.com and choose the products you want to import. The product will appear instantly on your website, including all images, descriptions, and variants. 

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turnkey dropshipping stores for sale

Dropbuild.com enables you to access ready-built Shopify stores that include winning products, video ads, advertising strategies, access to top dropshipping suppliers, and more. 

You start by choosing your niche and selecting a few high-selling products. Next, Dropbuild designs a store for you, adds your products and their descriptions, and even includes high-converting video ads to help you start selling your products. 

You can review your store before you launch it. Plus, if you wish to list additional products on your store, you can rest easy knowing that Dropbuild vets its products and suppliers.

The platform also provides 24/7 support and instructions for the following steps on how to market your store. Dropbuild is a bit pricier than some of the others on this list. However, that’s because each plan comes with the following:

  • SEO and speed optimization
  • Branding, logo, and icon design
  • Facebook ad strategies and target audiences
  • A premium Shopify theme and premium apps
  • 15 ready-made posts for social networks.

A one-product store costs $449, whereas a niche store with 10 winning products costs $599.

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turnkey dropshipping stores for sale

If you’re looking for lightning-fast turnkey dropshipping store delivery, Premadestores.com might be your best option. They offer turnaround times in as little as a day, with access to hot-selling products and professional website design.

You can review what makes each premade store a promising turnkey solution. For example, stores with high volume orders, stable trend lines, successful competitors, and more. 

Each store is listed only once and isn’t replicated once it finds its owner! Prices for turnkey websites range from $300 to $1,000 and accommodate a range of niches. However, suppose you’re after something more bespoke. In that case, the site also provides a custom store service with a 1-3 day turnaround, 24-hour support, and winning products. Custom store creation starts as low as $180 per month.

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turnkey dropshipping stores for sale

Like Premadestores.com, Ecommerceify offers custom and prebuilt Shopify stores. Each store has winning products chosen for their selling potential, responsive design, an SSL certificate, dedicated customer support, and payment gateway integration. 

The basic website plans start at around a $149 one-time fee. Whereas, on advanced plans for $299, you also get social media graphics, SEO, and a customized logo. However, stores don’t come with a domain, but you’re free to connect your own custom domain.

One promising aspect of Ecommerceify is that its stores have between 40 and 70 preloaded products. So you’ll start with lots more to sell than many competitors on this list!

However, one drawback is that Ecommerceify’s premade stores are just copies of existing successful stores, so you won’t get a website that’s unique to your brand. Alternatively, if you want your own custom Shopify store, Ecommerceify.com offers this for $199 on the basic plan or $349 on the advanced plan.

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turnkey dropshipping stores for sale

Dropshipper offers a range of turnkey dropshipping stores to browse through and additional tools to help market and manage your new online business. 

For example, you can list new wares from a catalog of over 100 million products across a wide range of niches. Dropshipper also has marketing tools like SEOPress and their Facebook and Instagram sales accelerator to help you engage and attract new customers. In the case of the former, this is an advanced WordPress SEO plugin that enables you to optimize your SEO, boost site traffic, and more. In the latter case, you can link your products to Facebook and launch a custom Facebook and Instagram store. However, these marketing tools aren’t available on the lowest-paid Starter plan.

Each website comes with a domain name, a professional logo and brand style guide, a drag-and-drop page builder for further customization, and an AliExpress dropship product importer. You also have access to print-on-demand products that you can customize using a built-in design maker. 

Dropshipper’s cheapest plan starts at $299 (one-time free), but the best value plan with the most features is the advanced plan for $399. Depending on your package, it can take seven to 25 days to receive your new turnkey store.

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turnkey dropshipping stores for sale

The Ecomency team comprises a variety of Shopify, SEO, and marketing experts to provide complete turnkey business solutions. 

You can browse through their premade Shopify stores across many niches. Prices for these range from $250 to $300.

Each store has 15-50 high-selling products, a professional logo, and a customized theme. Ecomency also offers 30 days of free support. 

Unfortunately, Ecomency doesn’t offer custom stores. But if you want changes made to your premade turnkey store, you can contact the team for a quote for additional customizations. 

One thing worth noting is that Ecomency.com is much stricter on its refund policies. For example, as soon as you’ve logged into your store, they don’t offer refunds. However, if you haven’t used your login credentials yet, you might be able to get a refund minus a $100 relisting fee. Stores can, however, all be previewed live on their website.

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turnkey dropshipping stores for sale

Another place to find turnkey dropshipping stores is Dropshipstart. This platform offers both custom and premade stores.

Each store benefits from in-depth niche research resulting in the selection of best-selling products and cutting-edge web design. You also get lifetime support, and most stores have automated routine processes. For example, product prices and stock is monitored and updated dynamically.

Premade stores cost $169 and come with a one-day delivery time. However, at this point, it’s worth noting that these store designs aren’t exclusive! 

Alternatively, a custom store starts from $259 and includes niche research, unique design, and 50 trending products. You can expect to receive your custom store within 15 days. On higher-paid plans, Dropshipstart also sets up your Facebook and Instagram pages and provides advertising materials for up to five products. 

Every store also comes with a user manual and marketing guide, with information on processing orders, updating website content, and more!

Dropshipstart also offers add-on services, such as:

  • Social media page setup
  • Listing extra products on your online store
  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Banner ad design

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brandafi - best turnkey dropshipping store providers

Brandafy partners with Shopify, Pagefly, and Spocket to create turnkey dropshipping stores. By working with the latter, Brandafy ensures all suppliers and products are thoroughly vetted and of high quality. For instance, Spocket rates its suppliers on product quality, processing, and shipping times. 

As with other solutions on this list, you can choose between purchasing a prebuilt dropshipping store or ordering a bespoke store built for you by Brandafy’s team.

Brandafy customers benefit from 24/7 support and launch instructions. Each custom dropshipping store also includes professional logo design, branding, a selection of winning products, fast US and worldwide shipping, and automatic currency switching. You’ll also get conversion and performance-optimized web design and integrated Facebook and WhatsApp messaging to stay connected with customers.

Prebuilt stores cost only $37 and are sent to you within 24-73 hours. However, unlike other sellers, you don’t get to preview your store. Brandafy also offers custom dropshipping stores with two plans. A one-product store will cost you a one-off $697, and a niche store a one-off $997.  

Alternatively, you can build a new store for $17. This price includes a Shopify three-day free trial, after which you’ll have to choose which Shopify price plan is best for your store. 

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turnkey dropshipping stores for sale

First and foremost, Sellvia is a drop shipping solution for existing Shopify stores. However, Sellvia Pro also provides turnkey dropshipping solutions, including a free turnkey eCommerce store. To get your store, subscribe to Sellvia Pro, complete a survey, and await your ready-made store. All web design is also exclusive to you. Great, right?

You can also book a free training session to receive help launching your new website. Sellvia websites come with a logo, a niche-related domain, and all the tools you need to start growing your business. For instance, eCommerce tips via its newsletter, access to the Sellvia Academy for marketing ideas, and various support packages. 

For example, its Email Marketing Setup offers marketing packages starting at $199, or its Promo Tools Bundle offers automated sales conversion tools starting at $399. There are also Social Media Packages to help you set up your Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest pages starting at $199.  

In addition, Sellvia unlocks access to thousands of trending products across various profitable niches, including pet products, gadgets, fashion, sports, craft items, auto, and health. Their fulfillment centers are located in the US. It’s great news if your customer base is primarily based here. You can ensure delivery in as little as 1-3 business days!

Where pricing is concerned, as Sellvia Pro comes with its own eCommerce solution and domain name, it doesn’t charge one-off fees like other turnkey sellers. Instead, expect plans to start from $39 per month.

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Bebiggy.com sells premade Shopify dropshipping stores in various sizes, so you can decide what scale of business you want to take on. Their premade starter stores come with 50-200 products, which start at $299. These come with lifetime access to Shopify store management via Bebiggy’s aftersales team, marketing courses, and customer support.

You can also purchase premium dropshipping websites with up to 10,000 best-selling products preloaded onto them and access a further selection of one million products. These stores start from $599. 

If you want exclusivity from your design, be prepared to pay $999 for your store. Custom stores come with a branded domain name and are fully automated. They also include up to 10,000 products from the USA, Europe, or China and offer free shipping. All stores are ready to launch within 24 hours.

That said, Bebiggy will occasionally run sales, with websites available for as little as $1. So, keep an eye out for that!

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turnkey dropshipping stores for sale

Our final place to find turnkey dropshipping stores is Alidropstore. As the name implies, this website works closely with AliExpress to fulfill all your dropshipping needs. 

Alidropstore’s turnkey solutions offer professionally designed websites and logos, winning product research, conversion and performance optimization, and full support and guidance. You’ll also receive digital marketing strategies, marketing materials, and auto-currency switching.

One excellent detail is that Alidropstore requires no upfront payment. First, you order your package and choose a niche from a list of profitable niches proposed by Alidropstore. Alidropstore then designs your store and adds products and product descriptions. This process takes 4-8 business days, during which you can study the site’s course on how to successfully market your business. Finally, you only pay once you’ve had a chance to review your store!

There are three pricing plans. The basic plan starts at $297 and comes with a store with 20 products ready to sell. Alternatively, the most expensive plan will set you back $797 and comes with 100 products ready to sell, access to further courses, and a choice of three premium themes and marketing materials.

The premium themes are only available to Ultimate or Advanced plan customers (costing $797 and $497, respectively). However, at the time of writing, the platform offered discounted rates of up to $200 per plan. 

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Our Final Thoughts on Turnkey Dropshipping Stores for Sale

We hope you took some inspiration from our list of the best places to find turnkey dropshipping stores for sale. Although turnkey solutions provide a quick and easy business setup, we recommend researching your niche and seeing which provider offers the best turnkey stores.

To build an authentic brand, custom, and exclusive design is vital. That’s why we suggest going with one of the sellers on this list that offers that. That’s one of the reasons why our top pick is dropshippingstartup.com. This platform enables you to choose from two transparent pricing plans with a 100% refund guarantee, lifetime support, and an exclusively customized store. 

Are you ready to start looking at turnkey dropshipping stores for sale? Let us know in the comments below where you found your new website.


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