A practical metaphor for freelancers and tiny firms.

Each individual very good cafe must have two unique salads on the menu.

The boring salad is the frequent kind. It’s there for persons who know that they want a reputable, repeatable, unremarkable salad. It’s the risk-free aspect of a safe meal. It could remind them of their childhood or it is basically the foundation for a great night without any tension all over the meals.

The intriguing salad is a chance for the cafe to provide shock, delight and care to the human being who orders it. It’s extraordinary in the way it combines unpredicted features, and even although the ingredients it works by using make it obtainable to people today who have watchful diets, it’s however extraordinary, and worthy of what it expenditures.

A intriguing salad is a marvel. It’s not that hard to generate, but it demonstrates the passion of the human being who created it in a memorable, just about psychological way.

Too often, freelancers conclusion up featuring just a boring salad. It feels safer than having rejected. Or they pretend to present a fascinating salad, but at the end, they drop their nerve and basically demand more than they must for a boring salad that is pretending to be interesting.


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