Sales cadences are essential to a successful sales process, period. However, many sales teams don’t take it to the next level by personalizing their cadences by adding a human touch. Instead, they keep falling back on the same framework that has worked for them previously. While the basics of these cadences typically remain the same, it’s essential for sales teams to take it one step further and personalize their approach in order to stay ahead of the competition. With video for sales cadence, you can do just that and more—from establishing trust with prospects to sealing deals faster, videos can be a powerful tool in the modern sales landscape.

This blog will explore how you can incorporate videos for sales cadences, fast and easy.

Why are traditional sales cadences no longer enough?

When it comes to effective and efficient sales strategy, traditional tactics such as phone calls, emails, voicemails and social media are still relevant and beneficial. But these methods of communication often neglect one core component – the human connection. It is essential to build a relationship with customers through every interaction which is why more businesses are now turning to video as an ideal method of creating memorable experiences. 

Video offers a three-dimensional combination of text, voice and face which can be used to engage customers on a much deeper level than other forms of communication allow. 

To further solidify this, a study conducted by Salesloft found that using at least 5 different channels increases contact rates by 161%

The same study also found that adding videos to your sales cadence can lift your reply rates by 25%.

Top 4 elements of a video that improves relevancy in your sales cadence

The benefits of leveraging the power of video are far rewarding and can offer a great opportunity to maximize relevancy and value in your sales cadence. Such a versatile channel, video can be leveraged in countless ways to increase engagement and reach potential customers. 

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We are listing a few of them here so you can see how these can be used in your sales cadence:

1. Interactivity

Interactive video is a great way to enhance your sales cadence in order to reach prospects with more efficiency and accuracy. Rather than spending valuable time and energy on multiple emails or calls aimed at uncovering customer pain points, you can create a simple video that contains possible pain points as sub-videos. This allows prospects to click on the relevant point they are experiencing and be shown a video specific to their issue. Furthermore, you can incorporate interactive elements such as polls, forms, and call-to-action buttons to help you capture key data from them. This two-way communication approach provides insights into what makes customers tick, enabling you to craft tailored messages for each of them down the line, thus helping you stay relevant in a non-intrusive way.

2. Hyper-personalized video

Putting a face to a name is an incredibly unique and powerful thing when it comes to video. Rather than having only your voice, your text-based emails, or other forms of communication, videos give prospects the opportunity to put a face to the name they are communicating with. This helps create a strong sense of connection, trust, and familiarity that is invaluable in creating client relationships.

Video can also be used as an incredibly personal form of communication; you can use someone’s LinkedIn profile, their website page, or other visuals to create a sense of immediacy and personalization that is sure to enhance the relationship between you and your prospect.

3. Personalized sales landing page

A sales landing page is an invaluable resource for creating a custom experience for prospects. From the moment they arrive on your page, each detail has been carefully crafted to draw them in and keep them engaged. From the colour schemes, font sizes, and messaging used to the additional resources you can add as carousels at the bottom of the page, it’s all designed to provide a cutting-edge experience. You can also add branding elements such as company logos, calls-to-action buttons, and links to social media channels, all of which help create an environment that speaks directly to your target audience.

4. Video analytics

When you send a highly personalized video, wouldn’t you want to know how well it was received? With the right video hosting platform, you can get real-time notifications that provide key insights into how your content is performing. Imagine being able to see when your video was opened, how much of the video they watched, and more—all in real-time. This allows you to make immediate follow-ups while you’re still on their mind. No longer do you have to resort to cold calls; now, with the right information, calling them can be a much warmer experience.

Now that you have a better understanding of the immense potential of using videos in your sales cadence and its associated advantages, let’s look into how this can be conveniently implemented into your sales process. 

Example of an Effective B2B Outbound Video for Sales Cadence

Since a sales cadence is unique to the type of business you’re reaching out to, it is important that you customize it accordingly. At Hippo Video, we have come up with a sales cadence that has video at its core, helping you utilize the power of hyper-personalization at various touchpoints.

Let’s take a look.

Day 1

Step 1 – Research

It’s going to be your first interaction with the lead and to get to know them, it’s time to research. Dig deeper into their social media accounts and understand their business to find a correlation between their most apparent pain points and your product/service. Begin by:

  • Searching through their LinkedIn for past roles, accomplishments, or anything interesting in their bio. 
  • Google them and see if they’ve been featured in any articles or videos.
  • See if there are any major company news, acquisitions, mergers, funding etc,.
  • Find valuable information that you can use to prove that you’ve done the legwork.

Step 2 – Send them an introductory email

Frame a personalized email, putting to use all the data (with special mention of their pain point and how you can help them) you’ve gathered. The email could go like this:

“I have been following [company name] for some time now and noticed an exponential growth in your team size. Congratulations on that! It’s always great to see you guys soaring high. I also know that with the team expansion, you guys would really benefit from our sales tool, to [address their pain point and how you can help here]”.

Can we schedule a quick call this Tuesday to discuss this?

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Day 3

Step 3 – Call and leave a voicemail to introduce yourself

It’s time to make that first call. If there is no response to this call, leave a voicemail with your name and phone number. Let them know that you’ve sent an email and would love to get a callback at a time convenient for them.

“Hi [prospect’s name], I am [your name] from [your company name]. I am reaching out regarding an email I’ve sent for [your product/service]. Do you mind if we go ahead and schedule a time to talk about [their pain point and your solution in one line]? It will only take 5 minutes to see if it’s a good fit to work with each other. You can reach me at [phone number].”

Step 4 – Video email

This is your first video email. The goal of this email is to build an authentic connection with them that extends beyond just plain text. When you click on this video, you can see that we have built a personalized sales landing page along with related case studies and an additional video to help prospects get a full understanding of the product. The best part is that we have embedded the main video with related videos, allowing viewers to choose the viewing path that best suits their needs. Couple it with relevant CTAs, and you’re on your way to a lasting relationship.

Hey first_name, I just wanted to put this conversation back at the top of your mind with a video I recorded for you.

Watch Video

If your prospect has watched the video, you will immediately get notified on their watch rate, view rates, etc. Based on the video they’ve watched i.e, the main video and the related videos you’ve embedded inside, you can send them an email so as to maximize the engagement. 

Hey, I see that you are most interested in [mention the video they clicked]. I will be happy to share more information on this. How about a quick call on mention a convenient day? 

Day 6

Step 5 – LinkedIn connection request

Send a personalized connection request on LinkedIn with a quick intro message in Inmail.

Day 8

Step 6 – Call with voicemail referring to the email

This follow up call should be kept to a minimum as you wouldn’t want the prospect to get annoyed. Make sure you deliver value at every stage.

“Hi [prospect name], I can see that you’ve missed my emails and calls. It happens because we’re all in the fast lane. I have an amazing opportunity to address [their pain point], and we can see how it can be tackled. Everything is detailed in my previous emails. How about a quick call at a time of your convenience? Here’s my phone number.

Step 7 – 1st follow-up video email

This is your first follow-up video email. Keep it short and focus on getting them to reply to you. As you will see in the video, you can include a meme so your prospects can understand you are a human being and you are waiting for their response. To take things a step ahead, you can also embed interactive CTA buttons that will take them directly to your calendar, your LinkedIn profile, and so on and so forth.

Hey First Name, Another day?


Watch Video

Day 11

Step 8 – LinkedIn InMail with video

You’ve tried two mediums of communication – phone call and emails. Now it’s time to connect in a medium most professionals are on – LinkedIn. Make sure to not appear persistent. The goal here is to build a relationship and not scare them off. To do this, you can have their LinkedIn profile as your background to evoke that personalized outreach and deliver a short message on how you can help overcome their pain points.

“Hey, I was on your LinkedIn profile and I have sent a short InMail message. Would you take a couple of minutes to connect?”


Watch Video

Day 13

Step 9 – 2nd follow-up video email

Your second follow-up video email can include their website as your video background. Here you can address the benefits of your solution to their pain point while scrolling through their website.


Watch Video

Day 16

Step 10 – Call with voice note

Similar to the second follow-up, only focus on getting a response from the prospect. To change things up, call them in the morning and also leave a voice note.

Hey [prospect’s name], I’ve been trying hard to reach you. Are you still interested in a quick call to discuss ways to scale your business minus the [their pain point]? If so, please call me at [your phone number]. I will make it quick, I promise.

Day 18

Step 11 – LinkedIn message with video

It’s time to wrap things up. Send an InMail video if they’ve been opening your previous messages, asking them if they are interested in your product/service.

Hi [prospect’s name],
It’s hard to keep up when there’s silence on the other side. So, are you bored of [their pain point]? From my experience, I know it’s time consuming and monotonous, won’t you agree? How about a quick call on [pick a day] to help you double your [their goal] in a fraction of the time? You can simply type “yes” or “no.”

Day 21

Step 12 – Breakup email

This would be the last email in this communication chain. To add impact, make use of a video here. By sending a breakup email, you don’t have to cut all ties with them. Instead , as you can see in the video, leave an opportunity for them to get back to you anytime in the future.

Subject: Bad timing?
I haven’t heard from you, so I’ll assume a new strategy isn’t a priority right now. Maybe it’s me, but I’m getting the feeling that I’m not really a fit & a call right now doesn’t make sense. Let’s connect in the future. PS. As a “parting gift,” I would leave this video hub with you as a reminder.

Watch Video

7 Sales Cadence Best Practices

  1. In a recent Hubspot survey, send your emails on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to get maximum engagement.
  2. Emails sent between 9 a.m and 12 p.m on Tuesday get the most engagement, followed by Monday and Wednesday during the same time slots.
  3. Heavy personalize your first email in the cadence to have a 2x response rate.
  4. With prospects skimming through most text-based emails, it is ideal to keep your first cold outreach email within 100 words
  5. Use a video in your 2nd and 3rd email so you can put a face to a name.
  6. If the prospect replies a “no”, that doesn’t mean they have taken the decision after much thought. Instead, try to understand the reason for their objection. It might not be your product offering, but other issues such as the budget restrictions. 
  7. While following a well-defined sales cadence is ideal, make sure you run a cadence content audit and that they are up-to-date. This is because selling trends change and you need to sound relevant to the audience.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on video for sales cadence

1. Is it necessary to include video in my sales cadence?

We strongly recommend you to incorporate videos into your communication and marketing channels, in addition to emails, phone calls, and social media. This is because today’s prospects have a wide range of preferences when it comes to consuming content. For some, they prefer conversing on the phone and taking their time; for others they prefer reading emails or skimming through blog posts; while there are also those who will opt to watch a quick video that conveys the necessary information they need to know in an efficient manner. 

2. Should I create new videos for every single prospect?

Hippo Video makes creating videos for different scenarios fast and straightforward. Our pre-built templates are designed to help you get the job done faster. Also, our platform allows you to stitch personalized intros with pre-recorded videos so you no longer have to record individual videos for each prospect repeatedly. 


With personalized outreach tactics like video for sales cadence, your sales reps can create meaningful connections with prospective clients. As the saying goes, “the more personal the communication, the better,”. By utilizing video in your sales cadence strategy, you can give your sales reps the opportunity to be creative in their approach and experiment, rather than sticking to the rigid framework of the widely used sales cadence. Try it out with our free trial to see the amazing results of incorporating video into your cadence. Give it a shot today with our free trial and start seeing results quickly! 


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