Summer is going fast! In my world, I wish it would last longer.  I just got back from the beach in North Carolina and I’m wondering what it would take to live there year ‘round!  


Enough of my ramblings, August is here and we have some new social media updates to share with you!

Facebook Groups API Changes for 3rd Party Tools

As part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to protect user privacy and data, Facebook has implemented a new approval process for apps connecting to Facebook groups. Facebook implemented changes on August 1, 2018, that they had announced in April. Facebook has changed the way Facebook Groups can be managed by 3rd Party Tools like AgoraPulse, Hootsuite, Buffer, and more. In order to post to a Facebook Group with a 3rd party tool like those mentioned and more, you now must add the app provided by the 3rd party tool to your Facebook Group (in the group settings) before you authenticate and connect the Group in your 3rd party tool.  

Here’s how to add a app to a Facebook Group >

A Tool To See Time Spent On Instagram And Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are both rolling out a tool to allow you to manage the time you spend on their platforms. This tool is currently only available from their respective apps and is part of the effort to improve our mental health. This new tool has a dashboard where you can see your activity in a bar graph along with a daily average of your time spent, a daily reminder so you don’t go over the allotted time you set and notification settings where you can limit the notifications you receive.

Why this matters to your business

We all get busy throughout the day with many tasks and events. This tool can help business owners focus on a task or even take a break by setting time limits. Be more efficient with your time spent on Instagram and Facebook and cut into family and in-person time less!

How to Manage Time Spent On Instagram and Facebook

From the Instagram app, tap on “Your Activity.” On Facebook, tap on “Your Time On Facebook”

You will see a bar showing time on Instagram or time on Facebook. You can also tap on “set daily reminder” to alert you when you’ve reached the time you allow yourself for these platforms or tap on “Notification Settings” to mute push notifications for a period of time that you specify.

Updates To Facebook Video Ad Metrics

Facebook is always working to improve the data they provide so you can improve the content you post.

One way they are improving is by no longer including a rewatched video as a video view. Facebook is adding Oracles Moat data tool to verify the new video plays metric which will allow you to see the actual video plays. Facebook will also be adding 3 second and 10-second video counts, new video plays, and removing 30-second video views and video percentage watched.

Why this matters to your business

The new Facebook video ad metrics should be helpful to businesses who run Facebook Ads. It will provide more accurate data to improve the videos you upload to Facebook.

The Snapchat Ad Marketplace

Snapchat rolled out the Snapchat Ad Marketplace to Discover partners and brought commercials to Ads Manager. The new ad marketplace will help a select group of Snap partners monetize their content.

Why this matters to your business

As a business owner, if you use Snapchat, once you become a Discover partner, you can start to tap into these new features. The new Snapchat ad marketplace will help a select group of Snap partners monetize their content. If you wanted to purchase six-second video commercials, you had to do that through Snapchat but now you can do all of this through Ads Manager.


That’s a wrap on some of the newest updates and social media changes for you to be aware of!  I’ll see you in two weeks.

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