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Tailor Brands is an AI-powered logo design and branding platform, and it’s breaking new ground! Tailor Brands is dedicated to empowering millions of entrepreneurs worldwide to start their businesses with its simple online branding and design tools. Through Tailor Brands’ AI platform, anyone can achieve a professional look through the wide variety of unique options to create unique brand identities. You can create a logo, get branded materials, or even an on-brand design in a matter of minutes with no design experience.

Who Is Tailor Brands?

The founders of Tailor Brands are Yali, Tom, and Nadav. The trio is skilled and experienced in design, creative, and technology. Furthermore, the founders are also business owners. Since starting a business is hard, often confusing, and many times overwhelming, they decided to create this platform to make it easy for anyone with zero tech-experience to create their logo and get branding items. The easiest way for people to trust your brand is to make sure that it looks professional. Tailor Brands is dedicated to helping you create a great, lasting impression.

The founders created Tailor Brands to make it easier for anyone starting a business to establish their logo and brand identity without overwhelm and struggle. They achieved this by providing a  smart software platform that gives everyone the opportunity to have professional branding and design.

What’s Tailor Brands Logo Maker?

The Tailor Brands Logo Maker allows you to create a professional enterprise logo in a few clicks without any design skills. The company has an AI algorithm that makes logo design very simple and straightforward. You only have to input a few details about your business, choose your preferred design styles, and let the logo maker then come up with a perfect logo for your business.

You also have the ability to customize your logo. This means you can change the size, color, font, and text to get the final design you want to represent your business.

With Tailor Brands Logo Design, there are no charges for creating a logo. You only pay for it if you love it!

How It Works

The process of making a logo for your business is pretty straightforward. The Tailor Brands Logo Design platform allows you to complete your logo through simple steps. Your logo will be complete in less than 3 minutes.

The first step is to input your business name. Provide some details about your brand and talk a little bit about the purpose of your business. For example, you can state that you own a Chinese restaurant targeting people who love Asian food and those who prefer making reservations and placing orders online.

The next step is to choose a logotype. You can choose a wide variety of logos, such as Initial based, Wordmark, and Icon based. If you want to change the type of logo after the design is completed, other options allow you to do so.

The final step is to choose your font preferences. The logo designer has a ‘This or That’ tool that helps the AI algorithm understand your design style, taste, preferences, and brand personality.

After the Tailor Brands Logo Maker creates your logo, you have the opportunity to choose the one that best appeals to you. Finally, you can download your logo. You can either download the logo as a vector file or PNG file, making it easier to use wherever you want, from billboard (vector needed) to business cards to websites. 

The Takeaway

With 14 million Tailor Brands users and over 500 million designs created on the Tailor Brand platform, you should consider this branding platform’s benefits to make your business more marketable and memorable. Every second, a new design is created on this platform. This is a fantastic statistic and one that should give you the confidence to try out the Tailor Brands Logo Maker and create a lasting impression for your business.

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