Internet Marketing with Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can offer their digital services, and where customers can go and purchase these services. The cost of each service starts at just $5, making it a simple and cheap way to get your odd online jobs done for a ‘fiver’.  Currently, Fiverr has more than three million services on offer, including writing, graphic design, programming and much more. Every service offered on Fiverr is known as a ‘Gig’. By purchasing some of these ‘gigs’ you can improve your internet marketing – today!


 15 Ways to Use Fiverr ‘Gigs’ for Internet Marketing

Fiverr can be a useful tool to use for marketing your website.

The following is a list of fifteen practical ways that Fiverr can make your internet marketing more successful. I’ve even included some personal recommendations;




  • Transcription and Data Entry

For those times when you just can’t type another word, you can hiresomeone to transcribe all of your memos, lectures, podcasts. Often, they are great at grammar and spelling and will even make a better job of it! You can also hire someone to tidy up documents that you have, or data that needs to be made more orderly. Outsourcing these small tasks on Fiverr frees you from these menial tasks that take away from your time marketing your website!

  • Editing

Even if you are a capable writer, it is always a good idea to have someone look over your content before you hit publish. Hiring someone on Fiverr means your content will be proofread and polished, and they can even track changes in a Word document so that you can decide before those changes are saved.

  • Comments

You can pay someone to comment on your blog or forum – yes…you read that right. You can buy blog comments! This means you can ‘fake it till you make it’ when you are just starting out, and trying to get engagement on your blog. Having comments and discussion on your blog will not only improve your blogs rankings, but will also create the illusion that its more established than it perhaps is.

  • Web and Blog Content

There is a broad range of writers on Fiverr available to create fresh, original content for your blog, and for your website. Just make sure they have good feedback and are willing to use Copyscape.

Top Pick: If you aren’t in too much of a rush, I recommend Dan’s Writing Services

  • SEO Content

This piggybacks on the previous point, but the same benefit applies when it comes to SEO. Publishing SEO dense blogs will improve your rankings on Google.  Whatever your SEO content needs are, Fiverr will have a writer who can help.



8469030267_67c855d78a_oPhoto Credit: HTSABO

  • Logo

Logo design can be an important part of your branding, and is a great way to have your website looking professional, quickly. Hiring someone to design you a unique logo that fits in with your website can be a great way for your business to hit the ground running.

Top Pick: For great logo design when you aren’t in a hurry, I recommend: Ei8htz

  • Social Media Images

Fiverr is full of talented digital artists who can design you custom covers and backgrounds for Twitter, Facebook, Google , LinkedIn and more. There are even artists who specialise in caricatures for your profile pictures. Having these images streamlined with what is on your website will give you a cohesive, professional look that will build your brand and help to establish your business from the ground up.

Top Pick: For fantastic Facebook cover designs, I recommend: Kumar Singh

  • Website Images

As above, hiring an artist from Fiverr is an excellent way to be supplied with unique images that you can use on your website. There is even a section where you can purchase a custom made infographic for use on your website or on your blog. Customers respond much more positively (and generously!) to images, so make sure your website is putting its best foot forward.

  • Videos

A large amount of Fiverr has now become populated by freelancers who specialise in videos – an important tool for internet marketing. This includes distributing your video content across the internet, creating video presentations and reviews of products that you can utilise on your website and producing video testimonials about yourself or your brand. Video creation is also available which allows you to purchase a stop-motion video, introduction video or slideshow presentation which exhibits your products to your customers. Fiverr has also become a useful way to boost YouTube videos – you can even purchase a package which includes your video getting some views, likes and comments. While this isn’t the only component of rankings, it can be a good way to give your video a little helping hand and get some engagement on there.

Top Pick: For good quality video content, I recommend Allie Madison




  • WordPress

Fiverr is full of people who are well versed in the inner workings of the internet, so if that doesn’t describe you, then using Fiverr to get your WordPress platform built or developed can be worthwhile. A freelancer can even customise your WordPress theme to ensure that your website is user-friendly and presented in its best light.

Top Pick: For a professional WordPress Blog, configured, I recommend GFX Master 909

  • Problems

If you have issues with php, html or any other technical problems, someone on Fiverr will be able to fix them.

Top Pick: For a fast technical fix on WordPress, HTML or CSS issues, I recommend: OM 2000 Cuet

  • Moving

When you move house you hire movers, right? What about when you move websites? Fiverr is the place to go. Hire professionals to move or migrate your website to a new host and take the hassle out of moving your business.

  • Adding Features

If you have been dying to add a customised shopping cart but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect opportunity to jump onto Fiverr.


SEO and Social Media


  • SEO Audit

If what your website really needs is some good old fashioned search-engine-optimisation, then you need an SEO audit and report, which you can then hand to your content writer. We all know how important SEO is to successful internet marketing. You will find just the person for the job on Fiverr.

Top Pick: For a professional link wheel pyramid for your blog or site, I recommend: Volarex

Top Pick: For affordable backlinking, I recommend: BlBoss

  • Social Media

Retweets, likes, fans, comments, followers and connections are all able to be purchased on Fiverr. This is a great way to utilise Fiverr social marketing in order to enhance your marketing success! This may give your social media pages a sprucing up and make your business feel and look a little more established in the beginning when it needs it the most.

Top Pick: For excellent, reliable social media services, I recommend: Young Ceaser


As with purchasing any service, be aware that you get what you pay for. If you pay $5 for 5,000 new Facebook friends then you may be connecting with fake accounts which will fizzle out later on down the track – $5 only goes so far!

Be sure to check that the freelancer looks legit and has good feedback. Oh and one more thing – if you can’t find a freelancer who offers the service that you need, you can request it!

Happy marketing!