Using Instagram for marketing  to build influencer status, drive your marketing, and network with celebrities, experts, and other professionals- is one of the smartest uses of your time online right now.

It’s also a way to drive a huge volume of sales if you use it to do marketing the right way, so let’s take a couple of minutes and talk about what that looks like.

using instagram for marketing
1. Make sure you understand Instagram.

Captions. Images. Hashtags. They are all important when using Instagram for marketing, to make sure you get the most pull for your efforts. You can follow other influencers in your space, comment, like, and engage with them.

This is one of the easiest ways to start getting known in your space as not only will you be seen by those influencers but by their followers as well.

You can use a website called GramFeed which allows you to search out usernames, hashtags and more. It will show you top post for categories and people. It will let you see what they are doing, how they are doing it – so you can understand the ‘why’ behind it.

This will help you take pictures, find images, and products that will help you appeal to the masses. The end result will be more likes, followers, and engagement.

That makes you more profit.

using instagram for marketing

2. Become a Shoppable affiliate.

When you’re using Instagram for marketing, you want to find some way to have it make you money, and Shoppable is a great way to get that happening faster.  You can use Shoppable to link to sites like Amazon, Etsy, etc so you can make profits off of products you recommend on your Instagram account. They view. They click. They buy. You get paid. Yay!

using instagram for marketing

3. Selling More With Sponsored Posts

It sounds like it will cost LOTS – but it doesn’t. It’s inexpensive and help get you post out there. It’s a tested marketing strategy that is available to get your post seen by more people who have the same interest or have liked similar post to yours.

Marketing campaign with the paid post will get the attention of more buyers in your niche and let them know about your page, brand, and what you have to sell.

These 3 simple concepts will get you on your way to using Instagram for marketing, making more profits from Instagram.  I hope you can put them to work in your business today, post below if you’ve used any of these methods – or have anything great to suggest.