When dealing with many employees, everyone works at different rates; some prefer onsite while others work remotely, some are local full-timers, while others are freelancers in different regions, accepting payments in different currencies. Managing and organizing payroll accurately can get complicated. If your business works on a per-project basis, it can get even more confusing when projects take longer than expected, going beyond the scope of the work that was initially chalked out.

If you struggle with efficiency in your workflow due to weak payroll management, here are a few things that will help clear the clutter.

These Six Tips Will Help You Save Time Processing Payroll

1.  Combine Different Schedules

If you have employees working on different schedules, or you hire and manage both full-timers and part-timers, or even on-site vs. remote employment, you can start generating paychecks per batch. Working in batches can save you time and help organize things. You can design a system specifically customized to work with your company’s employment scheme; it can either be ordered by type of employment or pay-rate or even location.

2.  Keep Track

One of the big challenges is keeping track of employee progress. Not to mention syncing their pay with unstable roles and progress;  keeping track of raises, deductions and bonuses can be challenging. It can be especially hard if you have a large group of employees to manage while also doing it manually. It can help to use a paystub generator which will create a little receipt for every payment you give out. You can even ask your employees to use one of these tools whenever they cash a check as it will help them keep track of salaries. This is very useful when it comes time for taxes as well as revising and fixing accidental errors.

3.  Make The Process Digital

Gone are the days when people had to manually stamp their check-in and check-out times, and nowadays, you shouldn’t have to do this on paper either. While it might not be in every businesses’ budget to have an employee dedicated to this job alone, it is possible to make the process digital until you can afford to hire supervision. There are many different kinds of accounting software that you can use to manage payroll, and many of them are free. As you start using them, you might stumble upon other useful tools, some can help you with inventory management, ledger management and even act as a small point of sale system. You can always purchase the software to your liking later for additional features.

4.  Update Information

The other problem with doing things manually is that it is often hard to change information once you have it written down. Soon you might find yourself flipping through several ledgers just to find an employee’s latest bank account. Keeping things digital makes employee information management a lot easier and much more accessible when you are looking for something specific in a hurry. This will usually include a standardized form that you can use every time you hire someone; there is very little chance of error.

5.  Streamline Payment Process

It’s fine to be paying employees in different ways. A group might prefer cash, others ask for checks, and some need wire transfers. This can be quite challenging for an employer; instead, you can invest in a digital wallet. This will allow you the flexibility to pay out salaries whenever and however you need to.

6.  Stay Updated On Laws

Of the things that are changing rapidly nowadays, business regulation policies can get quite unstable. Whether that comes to tax laws, accounting standards, data protection laws, or even the kind of information you need to collect from your employees. To stay updated with the latest regulations, you should consider becoming a member of a local chamber of commerce or consider hiring the services of a consultant.

These Six Tips Will Help You Save Time Processing Payroll

Through the gig economy and freelance services, you can hire a specialist to manage your payroll virtually as well. This is a role that doesn’t require an on-site presence and you can hire them on a project basis if you cannot pay them a monthly salary. You could also simply sign up for an online payroll management service to help you out.

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