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Salespeople these days are sending out emails like there is no tomorrow–it’s almost like they’re acting on impulse. So here is a message I would like to share:

Dear salesperson,

I know you’ve been trying too hard to get your prospects’ attention – scaling any mountain, swimming across any ocean, and coiling any fancy term for conversion. But all you get is their inattention. So drop the baton, as it is causing them aversion. 


Vote for videos!

For all the email enthusiasts out there, I truly respect the medium called email. However, it can be frustrating when you’re trying to use it the wrong way. After all, if emails mean just texts to you, I don’t need another reason for your low open rates. In fact, studies have shown that the average office worker receives close to 121 emails every day! And guess what? They have chosen to take the obvious step – ignore and delete. 

So why is this happening? Author John Kotter has perfectly nailed the reason in his book Buy-In: Saving Your Good Idea From Getting Shot Down, where he says we’re bombarded with 520,000 proposals, plans, or ideas in a single year. Consider a typical work day – you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you do is to check your phone, and before you know it, your brain is already in a frenzy looking at the endless emails. You turn on the radio while driving to work and you have 14 things to remember from the radio program. By the time you reach the office, your defenses are up against any prospecting effort that seems repetitive and time consuming. 

Therefore, in short, this is the life cycle of plain text emails-type, get delivered, end up in the trash. 

Out with text emails, in with videos

According to IdeaRocket, 59% of senior executives claim that if both text and video about a specific topic are available, they’re more likely to choose video. Additionally, the power of videos can rightly be understood as simply adding the word ‘video’ in your email subject line is shown to boost open rates by 19%! 

These statistics can be further solidified as per research that was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology by Vanessa Bohns and Mahdi Roghanizad of Western University. They found that people tend to overestimate the power of their persuasiveness via text-based communication, and underestimate the power of their persuasiveness via face-to-face communication. In the study, they had 45 participants ask 450 strangers (10 strangers each) to complete a brief survey. All participants made the exact same request. However, half of the participants made their requests over email, while the other half asked face-to-face. They found that face-to-face requests were 34 times more effective than emailed ones. This means if your business runs on email and text-based communication, it’s worth considering the next best thing to face-to-face communication: videos. 

To give you a complete insight into how video emails work and why they work, here is our guide.

Examples of video email

Since you reached this part of the blog, we understand that videos and video emails excite you as much as they do us. So to help you kickstart this process, let us show you examples that can inspire you to begin your own video email journey.

1. Campaign-based video email

Planning for an upcoming email campaign? Why don’t you add a breath of fresh air by sending a video email instead? It will surely leave a lasting impression on your audience and also help get the message across a lot easier. 

Subject: We know the missing link in your business. It’s… [Video]

Email Copy: 

Hi name,

Have you been sending out emails but haven’t heard back from your prospects yet? Well, then you would want to know why that’s happening, wouldn’t you? Gartner, the leading industry analyst firm, has the answer to your woes! 

Watch this video as we reveal to you their shocking findings. 

View video here

# Vote for videos



2. Follow-up video email

One should carefully trend down the follow-up email path as it can make or break your relationship with your prospects. This is because there is a thin line between gently persuading them to take action and annoying them. 

However, there is a workaround – did you know when prospects HEAR someone call their name it triggers their brain? Yes, it is scientifically proven. So the next time you want to recap what you discussed, or help them take the next steps, address them by their name in a personalized video.

Subject: It was great to see you, name [Video inside]

Email copy: 

Hi [name],

It was great meeting you at the (area name) open house on (date). So much so that I wanted to record a video just for you. Take a look. 

Follow-up video email example

View video here

Kind regards,


(Contact information)

3. Customer success story

When a prospect moves down the funnel and is in the stage where they’re making a decision, nudge them in the right direction by sending them a customer success story (in a video format, of course).  

But why? People like to be a part of a tribe, even if they think otherwise. Therefore, it’s a good idea to send them videos of real experiences your customers have had using your product or service. This will inspire them and remind them as to why your product/service is going to benefit them. After all, seeing is believing, isn’t it?

Subject: “If you don’t have Hippo Video, you’re missing out.”- Stevan Faber from LegalShield

Email copy:

Hi name

There is nothing that excites a business more than seeing happy customers isn’t it? So when we received the heartfelt testimonial from our long-term customer, LegalShield, we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves. 

So here is a video testimonial of Stevan Faber from LegalShield where he shares his experience after using Hippo Video. 

Customer success video - LegalShield

Watch video here

If you too want to experience the ease of recording videos and witness skyrocketing success, our team is just a call away. So hop on the Hippo bandwagon and let’s rock this together! 

Talk to you soon,


[Contact details]

4. Welcome onboard email

When a prospect has made a commitment to your business, it’s up to you to make them feel welcome. Therefore, make sure your email is top-notch as it provides you with the wonderful opportunity to set the foundation for a lasting impression on them. In this email, it is always a great idea to not only show off your writing skills, but also provide them with all the necessary content links so that customers will have more context to get started. 

Subject: A Hearty Welcome to Hippo Video [A quick video inside]

Email copy:

Thank you for signing up, name.

Videos are the future of B2B business, and we’re thrilled to have you experience its power. To begin with, here’s a video we’ve created for you. Go on and check it out. 

Customer welcome onboard email example.

View video here

To get you up and running, here is a list of useful resources we recommend.

For additional support, our live chat team is waiting to connect with you. So feel free to drop in your inquiries. 



5. Product update email

We live in a competitive world and to stay relevant with customers and prospects alike, we need to constantly improve our product. Agreed? When this happens, the next natural step is to send out a product update email. And how will it help? Well, it lets your customers know you’re listening to their feedback by consistently working on meeting their expectations. 

Subject: New feature alert: A Teleprompter for better script delivery [Video inside]

Email copy:

Hi [name],

Good things never seem to cease at Hippo Video. Here’s some good news! 

Video recording couldn’t get any better with Hippo Video, as we just made things easier for you. Say hello to our all new feature-the teleprompter. 

Product update email example

View video here

Here are a few benefits you can enjoy:

  1. You can speak with more clarity using a script that will cut down on filler words and errors.
  2. You won’t have to memorize your scripts ever again!  
  3. You can quickly record videos and minimize editing.
  4. You can strike a chord with the audience and maintain eye contact throughout the video.

Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Click the link here to begin to experience it for yourself.


Team Hippo Video


Videos have the potential to convey your message much better than texts. In fact, studies have shown that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message as compared to 10% if they read it in text. This is because videos convey visual cues, which are essential for drawing emotions and reactions of their viewers. Therefore, incorporating video into your email marketing campaigns can help you garner a better reach and stand a better chance in your audience’s inboxes.

So go ahead and begin your video journey with Hippo Video today. 

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