Personalized video brings the viewer into the story to boost engagement and conversion

Vidyard, the video marketing and analytics leader, today announced the acquisition of Switch Merge and the launch of its Personalized Video offering to help sales and marketing teams cut through the noise and engage audiences one-to-one with the power of video.

For today’s marketing and sales teams, it’s harder than ever to get people’s attention. They have to compete with countless other organizations fighting for the same limited attention span. Video has already proven to be a powerful tool for boosting audience engagement. Adding one-to-one personalization to the experience empowers marketers and sales reps to stand out by speaking to customers as individuals and truly personalizing their message.

“Personalization is critical to modern marketing,” said Stewart Rogers, an analyst at VB Insight. “In my studies I’ve seen uplifts in conversions of up to 219 percent, and simply including a name in an email increases open rates by up to 41 percent. Video on its own is a powerful medium to engage potential customers, and adding personalization to video can drive even better results.”

Personalized videos are tailored to each individual by seamlessly weaving unique information about them, or their company, right into the video itself. That could mean something as simple as featuring their name at different points throughout a video or including their company logo or even a photo from LinkedIn or a picture of their website.

By integrating technology from Switch Merge into its industry-leading video marketing platform, Vidyard’s Personalized Video will make it easy for marketing and sales teams to create, share and track engagement in personalized video content in an automated fashion. Marketers and sales reps can use it not only to stand out in the crowd but also to improve engagement and conversions. Early deployments have shown emails with personalized videos generate a 1000-percent to 1500-percent increase in click-through-rates (CTRs) compared to those without, with high-performing campaigns seeing CTRs exceeding 30 percent.

“Like many modern marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to capture the attention of online audiences and boost engagement in our email marketing and content programs,” said Michael Ballard, senior manager of digital marketing at Lenovo. “Video has already proven itself to be the best way to capture someone’s attention, and we see incredible potential for personalized videos to help us cut through the clutter and deliver real results for our digital marketing programs.”

As with other Vidyard video offerings, Personalized Video integrates with leading marketing automation and CRM solutions including Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Act-On. Marketing and sales teams can easily track second-by-second video engagement data for each prospect and customer to improve lead scoring, segmentation and customer insights. Sales teams can also auto-generate personalized videos for targeted prospects and customers with the click of a button from right within Salesforce.

“We all know that attention spans last just a few seconds so marketing and sales teams really have to do something special to make their message stand out,” said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard. “Vidyard is dedicated to giving businesses the tools they need to engage with their audiences more effectively. We’re continuing to blaze the trail for video by integrating video personalization into our video marketing platform.”

Already the first video platform to offer comprehensive integrations with Salesforce and leading marketing automation platforms, Vidyard is again proving its leadership by becoming the first to offer complete personalized video in an automated and fully integrated fashion. Companies including Lenovo, Honeywell, LinkedIn, Cision and Citibank have turned to Vidyard for their video marketing and analytics needs.

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