Sometimes you’ll come across businesses who could REALLY benefit from a stronger online presence, you have the skills and software tools to help businesses make more money – but… their biggest objection is pretty clear.  They just don’t have the money.

Money is what you want/need thought, right?

In this article I want to share with you an age-old strategy that you can use to save money, get more ‘stuff’ and build your online portfolio all at once.

Have you bartered your services before?  If so, what kind of things have you done/gotten as a result?  Share in the comments below!

Bartering, by definition; means:
bar·ter [bahr-ter] verb
1. to trade by exchange of commodities rather than by the use of money.

In other words – you are trading one service or product for another service or product, with no money trading hands.

When it comes to building a successful business, or expanding an existing business bartering is a great way to gain access to products or services that you need, regardless if you’re short on funds or if you lack the capital.

As for how you can use bartering to your advantage, and where to go in order to connect to other people who may be open to bartering, there are many different ways to reach out and network with others in your field.

According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association, there are more than 400,000 businesses that actively use some form of bartering to supplement cash transactions in order to maximize profitability while reducing costs.

What can you trade? 

Think you’ve got nothing to offer?  Think again!  If you’re on an email marketing list and have read some articles and own a few pieces of software, you’re already HEAPS further ahead than most offline business owners.

They are usually too busy running their business to find enough time to learn about online marketing.

So you can offer services for them – in exchange for something from their business.

Services you could provide are:

  • Creating websites
  • Creating mobile apps
  • Making videos
  • Creating/Managing Facebook pages
  • Growth and management of Instagram accounts.
  • Optimization and ranking websites.
  • Reputation management

Depending on your company, niche or market there will be unique ways of doing deals – and it can add up to a lot of savings in your day to day expenses.

For example, if you can do any of those services and build bigger audiences and more customers for them, you could barter a variety of web-based services in exchange for a specific quantity of product. In some cases, people have even bartered shares in a company in exchange for service-based offers that guarantee an increase in profits!

The key is to trade evenly. You want to offer something of value that can be given back in equal value.

For instance, if you offer a company a specific service such as designing a website for their business, you’ll need to assign a monetary value on that particular service, that way the company can see how much it normally is and then offer you product or services of similar to equal value.

Think about what you’ve got to offer – and then… think what it is that you need.

Are there specific services that you could benefit from that would otherwise be out of your reach? For example, if you’ve always wanted to build a website for your business but you lack the skillset and the start-up costs involved, you could approach a marketing team or development company and offer to trade goods for their specialized services.

Or, you really want to get rid of that grey hair, but a haircut and colour costs $100+,  so work out a reasonable exchange and offer that to your local hairdresser.

Automation Is Key To Growth & Limitless Income

If you want to really ramp things up, I recommend a software tool called Discover.

It lets you tap into opportunities for offline businesses who need services done (and tells you exactly what they are missing), adds them to an email list and follows up for you – so that 99% of the work in finding the client, which is usually the most time consuming part… is totally done for you!

Discover does it all, starting with a keyword.

This all in one tool is hosted (there’s nothing to install, you just login to your members area) and lets you:

[+] Find TONS of targeted clients by searching for a single keyword
[+] Search on Facebook and Google
[+] Create COMPLETE pipeline systems from finding the client to closing the sale
[+] Set up automated searches, eg. search for Dentists in Langhorne Creek once every 30 days
[+] When it finds one, you can add them to an autoresponder followup to intro and close the sale
[+] One click search to find EXACTLY what they need (do they have FB? videos? website? ads?)
[+] Create automated pipelines based on what they need too!

You’ve already got tons of software and knowledge – now with Discover local marketing software you can let that make money for you.

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