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In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jonah Berger. Jonah is a Wharton College professor and internationally bestselling writer of Contagious, Invisible Impact, and The Catalyst. He has a new ebook we’re going to talk about — Magic Words: What to Say to Get Your Way.

Key Takeaway:

Words are very important to pretty much anything we do, including communicating, persuading, and connecting. In this episode, Jonah Berger joins me to talk about the science of language and how specified words have a much more significant effect than other people. You will study simple ideas on how to use these magic phrases to make a serious distinction.

Questions I request Jonah Berger:

  • [1:14] Would you say there’s kind of a concept or a thread which is run via your work?
  • [2:12] Would you go as considerably as declaring that you are advising individuals to be scientifically intentional about the terms they choose when they’re influencing?
  • [3:56] What was the exploration that you did like to compile the six sorts of terms that can improve impression in each and every spot of your existence?
  • [7:21] At what issue does the thought you’re chatting about develop into a adverse impact?
  • [9:05] What have you recognized in what the example you use in the book, Donald Trump, has carried out that has really influenced individuals, you know, irrespective of how you sense about it?
  • [15:58] What job does listening engage in in this universe?
  • [18:21] Can you unpack the language of beer?
  • [20:20] The place can folks link with you and understand extra about your get the job done?

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