Why an Online Portfolio is Essential to Every Artist

The world of digital freelancing has never been more accessible. With the internet abundantly available all over the globe, many people are achieving their dreams and pursuing financial independence in more unconventional ways. Only a half-century ago, becoming an artist was the career of a chosen few, whereas now it is achievable by anybody with a social media presence. However, building that presence can be very difficult. It is then, that an online portfolio comes into place. An online portfolio is many times a website that hosts your achievements and can be linked to your resume or social media pages, and it is now clearly shown that an online portfolio is essential to every artist.

An online portfolio is fundamental for any budding artist or freelancer, and it is very important that when you develop your online portfolio you do it carefully and meticulously and represent yourself well. Many times people create online portfolios that are neither eye-catching nor informational and then are surprised why they get no attention and no work.

A portfolio is a way for you to sell yourself, and it is very important that when developing your portfolio you do it as best you can and include anything that may be pertinent and leave out everything else. 

Here is why an online portfolio is essential to every artist.

It is a Way to Show Off Your Artistic Skills

A portfolio is a great way to get exposure. When you are designing your art website, it enables you to put in your personal touches and make changes that will show off your artistic skills. By having your online studio as it were, you will be able to design and cultivate it in the way that you like and will be able to incorporate artistic flair into the portfolio itself, thereby showing off just how artistic you can be.

A portfolio enables you to post galleries of your work and design the website itself. When you are designing your portfolio, you should make sure to include all of your achievements and all of your creations that mean something to you and you believe far surpasses the rest; the crème de la crème. Anything you are uncertain about, you should exclude, as potential buyers and clients will be carefully perusing your website looking for a reason to not hire you. Any awards you have won should be included and be sure to create a unique and special web design.

You Can Get Great Exposure

An online portfolio allows you to get fantastic exposure. There are many ways that you can market your online portfolio, and you can even make use of SEO Marketing to improve traffic to it. SEO Marketing, or search engine optimization, is a tool that allows you to manipulate Google into bringing your website to the top of the search when somebody types in a keyword such as art or artist. Many freelancers are quickly becoming savvy to the importance SEO Marketing can have and the huge amounts of traffic that it can provide.

By having a heavy stream of traffic to your website, you potentially could have big artists or galleries viewing your website and potentially becoming future clients or customers. The traffic to your website will be more so if you follow the last step of creating an innovative and unique web design that catches attention.

It Showcases You

Why an Online Portfolio is Essential to Every Artist -

A portfolio is essentially a free advertisement. It allows you to market yourself in the way you want to be marketed, rather than having to be marketed by magazines and newspapers and risk having critics tear you apart. Hosting a professional and well thought out portfolio is fantastic publicity and you can send it around to professional artists and galleries.

Online portfolios are becoming popular, and rather than waiting for them to become normal, get involved now while the iron is still hot and attention is being shifted more toward them. Social media can be powerful, but a website is your home base on the web for your art and brand.

When creating artwork and hosting a portfolio, you should make sure your art is one-hundred percent unique, otherwise, you risk ridicule and bad exposure. And while the old idiom no publicity is bad publicity often holds true, publicity for plagiarism is certainly a way to end your career.  This is the reason an authentic online portfolio is essential to every artist.

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