In recent years, newsletters have become ubiquitous in our online presence. In fact, with over four billion email subscribers worldwide, it’s more common than not to receive a newsletter or two (or ten) in your inbox. But if we’re being honest, how many of us truly take the time to read a full newsletter? As digital marketing continues to evolve, so must our methods of audience engagement. One of the latest trends sweeping the industry is the emergence of the video newsletter. In a world where videos reign supreme over plain text, video newsletters are quickly gaining traction as a fresh and innovative way to communicate with subscribers and customers alike. Not only do they easily capture attention, but they offer a wide array of benefits that traditional email newsletters simply cannot match.

What is a video newsletter?

A video newsletter is just what they say they are—newsletters with a personality, a.k.a. video. Simply put, they are newsletters that incorporate video content into their delivery. Rather than sending out a simple text-based email, video newsletters use the power of video to connect with subscribers in a more engaging way. With a video newsletter, you can communicate a message or provide information, share industry insights, showcase your products or services, and much more, making it easier for viewers to digest your message. Video newsletters are therefore, a dynamic and engaging form of communication that combines the power of video with the informative nature of newsletters. They provide businesses with a medium to share updates, news, and valuable content with their audience in an engaging and visually appealing format.

Are videos in newsletters effective?

Certainly, video newsletters have proven to be an extremely effective means of engaging with your audience and holding their interest. Recent studies have highlighted the immense capacity of video content to captivate viewers for up to 2.8 times longer than plain text, emphasizing the profound influence of this medium. Remarkably, a staggering 91% of consumers express a preference for video content from businesses over any other format, underscoring the immense power of this communication tool.

They offer numerous benefits that traditional email newsletters simply cannot match. Here are just a few benefits of video newsletters:

a. Higher engagement

Videos are proven to be more engaging than plain text. They allow you to convey more complex concepts in a shorter amount of time, making it easier for your audience to digest the information.

b. Increased click-through rates

People are more likely to click on a link that contains a video than a link to a plain text website. That means video newsletters can increase your overall click-through rates, leading to more traffic and potentially more sales.

c. Better brand recognition and awareness

Videos are more memorable than plain text. They help build brand recognition and raise awareness about your products or services.

d. Increased conversion rates

Video newsletters can help businesses boost their conversion rates. By including calls to action and other persuasive messages, you can encourage viewers to take action.

Video newsletters vs. traditional newsletters

The emergence of video newsletters in email marketing strategies has brought about some revolutionary advantages over traditional newsletters. Below, we delve into some key benefits that set video newsletters apart from their text-based counterparts.

a. Elevates the multi-sensory experience

Unlike text, video newsletters merge sound, visual, and motion to heighten the immersive experience for audiences. Text lacks the emotional appeal that a video can offer, making video newsletters an ideal option for unique, dynamic brand storytelling.

b. Viewers can grasp the content easier and faster

Which is easier? To read a page full of text or to watch a video on it? We know the answer, right? Reading through paragraphs of text can be time-consuming and tedious. In contrast, videos offer a concise and straightforward way to convey complex information without the audience experiencing any fatigue. Video newsletters, therefore, help retain viewer interest and foster stronger emotional connections with the audience.

c. In-depth analytics

Traditional newsletters provide only limited information, like open and click-through rates, while video newsletters offer much more. With video newsletters, businesses can access metrics such as watch rates, viewer demographics, and viewer behaviour on each time stamp. These detailed metrics offer valuable insights into viewer engagement and can help companies improve communication efforts.

d. Accessibility

Nowadays, accessibility is a key component of digital marketing. One aspect of video newsletters that checks this box is that they can be easily viewed on various devices, ensuring that there are no formatting issues and providing a consistent experience for clients and viewers. With most people accessing their emails and content on their mobile devices, video newsletters provide ease and accessibility on all platforms. Furthermore, the inclusion of subtitle options for non-English speakers to select their preferred language extends the reach of your content and creates a more inclusive communication environment.

e. Interactive Elements

Interactive features, such as clickable buttons, surveys, and embedded forms, will further enhance viewer engagement and drive action within video newsletters.

How to create a video newsletter in 2023 

To create a video newsletter, a few key steps are required. Let’s look at them.

Step 1: Plan your video newsletter content

a. Define your goals

Have a clear purpose on the key message you want to convey through this video newsletter. 

b. Outline the structure of your video

Outline the structure and sequence of your video newsletter, including the sections or topics you want to cover. To learn more on the importance of storyboarding and how to do it, refer to this blog.

Step 2: Record and perfect your video

c. Record the video

If you’re looking for a video tool to make this process smooth and time-efficient, download Hippo Video’s Chrome extension to get started in 2 minutes or less.

d. Polish video to perfection

To polish your video with ease, you can leverage the power of our AI Video Editor. With this video editing feature, our AI will turn the video content into a transcript, so you can simply delete the unwanted words right off it, just like you would edit a document. You can also add interludes and transitions to add personality to your video.

Step 3: Personalize your video newsletter

e. Add brand approved elements

Customize the video player with your brand colors, logo, and other branding elements.

f. Personalize for audience

Leverage Hippo Video’s personalization features to address your audience by name and tailor the content to their interests.

g. Add interactive elements

Consider adding interactive elements, such as clickable buttons, to encourage viewer engagement and action.

Step 4: Distribute and Share Your Video Newsletter

h. Embed the video

Copy the unique URL link provided by Hippo Video within the email templates.

i. Share the video newsletter

As the final step, share the video newsletters to your email list and watch them engage your audience.

j. Add GIF

Add a GIF of your video so that viewers can get a short glimpse of the video content to entice them to click on it.

k. Mention the time duration of the video

Mentioning the duration of your video within the video newsletter will convey to the audience the time it takes for them to view it.

Step 5: Measure and Optimize

l. Analyze the performance metrics

Analyze the performance metrics provided by Hippo Video, including views, click-through rates, and viewer behavior.

m. Identify patterns and trends

To understand what resonates with your audience and optimize future video newsletters accordingly.

n. Make data-driven decisions

To improve engagement, conversions, and overall impact.

Example of a video newsletter

Adrenaline Travel, a company that is dedicated to organizing travel and tours for those seeking adventure, makes brilliant use of video newsletters. Their innovative incorporation of video in their newsletters is an exemplary tactic that effectively captures the audience’s attention. You can see that they have used short clips in their newsletters to entice readers to explore and experience the world. While written text can be compelling, it is imperative to note that watching videos brings the destinations to life and inspires people to commit to travel.

Watch their newsletter here.

Frequently asked questions on video newsletters in 2023

1. What is the ideal length of the video within the video newsletter?

With the audience’s attention span at an all-time low, it is recommended that you keep it short and sweet. The ideal length of the video should reflect this and err on the side of brevity. It is equally important that the video script be easily comprehensible to your intended audience in order to ensure that they are absorbing your message in its entirety.

In order to provide your audience with a valuable experience, it is recommended that the video duration be shared in its thumbnail. This practice is an effective way to communicate the length of the video to your viewers before they invest their valuable time and attention.

2. What are the different types of video newsletters?

Video newsletters offer a diverse range of options that can replace traditional newsletters effectively. From essential company updates such as organizational changes and progress reports to informative how-to videos, testimonials, and company culture-based newsletters, the scope of a video newsletter is vast.

3. Will my video newsletter land in spam?

No. With the approach of using an image with a link rather than embedding the video, this concern can be eliminated. Traditional email methods can often lead to the embedded video being flagged as spam, resulting in missed opportunities for engagement. However, video emails, with their clickable images that redirect to a dedicated page featuring the video, ensure that your newsletters won’t get lost in the spam folder.

Pro tips to consider when creating a video newsletter

To help you create a video newsletter that resonates with your audience, we want to share a few tips.

1. Provide value to your audience

This means creating authentic and informative content that solves their problems. Your viewers should know what to expect from your videos, and they should feel confident that watching your content will help them address their needs.

2. Keep in mind the subject matter

Focusing on one topic is key to a successful video message. Too often, video newsletters get bogged down with too many messages that leave viewers confused and overwhelmed with information. A singular focus ensures that your audience can easily digest your message and helps you establish yourself as a reliable source of specialized knowledge.

3. Text does play a role

Although video should be the primary medium for your newsletter, text can play an important role as well. The text you use should complement your video and help viewers retain the valuable information you’re sharing. By working together, your text and video can create a cohesive message that resonates with your audience.

4. Add compelling CTAs

One of the most essential elements of your video newsletter is your call to action (CTA). An effective CTA should be easy to understand, actionable, and strategically placed within the video. Therefore, a well-designed CTA is the key to motivating your audience to take action towards your desired outcome.

5. Add attractive elements to the video newsletter

Factors like color and music psychology, along with storytelling, can have a significant impact on your audience. Understanding what resonates with your viewers is key to creating meaningful and impactful video content.


Video newsletters offer a dynamic, engaging, and visually appealing way for businesses to communicate with their audience. With higher engagement rates, improved communication, and measurable results, video newsletters have emerged as a powerful tool to capture and retain audience attention. As technology advances and personalization becomes more prevalent, the future of video newsletters looks promising, transforming communication strategies and providing businesses with innovative ways to connect with their audience in a more impactful and meaningful manner. Therefore, embrace the power of video newsletters and elevate your communication to new heights.

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