Why You Should Include Video in Your PR Strategy

Every PR strategy needs to be creative, innovative, informative, and authentic to build a connection with a target audience. In this fast-paced world, these marketing solutions must be even more concise to be efficient in creating instant connections online. You only have so much time before a potential customer scrolls past your content. To attract even the shortest attention spans, there is one tool that’s breaking ground; video media. On that note, read on to learn why you should include video in your PR strategy.

It Makes Audiences Take Notice

It’s not always easy to get your website to gain traction. Nor is it easy to get consumers to give a significant amount of their time to review your pitch. That’s where videos can come in handy. Using short videos in your PR strategy is more likely to get people’s attention because it doesn’t take up too much of their time. Studies show that people don’t concentrate on videos that are longer than 15 minutes. Rather, they want quick solutions and answers when browsing online.It’s even harder to keep audiences’ attention with text and pictures. Videos tend to capture the attention of customers for longer than photos or written text, making it remain in their minds for longer. Moreover, videos provide potential clients with a preview of your product, making them more likely to click on the link to your website.

Increases Online Engagement and Communication

With visual representation, your company creates better bonds with customers as they feel they have more insight into your brand. This will increase engagement on your business’ online platform as your target audience are more likely to interact and communicate with a service or brand that they feel is familiar. Media enhances public relations by showing clients that they can effectively receive all the information they need quickly. Placing a video on your website will also drive more traffic, thus ranking it higher in search engines.

Visual Evidence Builds Trust

One of the most efficient tools provided by PR videos is that it creates an element of trust between the consumer and the brand. Visual evidence of a product or service is going to entice more customers to buy and encourage them to believe in your organization. A brand builds trust when an audience feels that an establishment is honest and upfront with video evidence to prove it. Additionally, information provided by a familiar face or video reviews to prove legitimacy, often generate more consumer interest.

Not all of us were born with the tech-savvy gene. This is why learning how to adapt to the digital era of marketing might be a challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. If you live in DC, you can ensure you have the best public relations video out there by hiring a full-service video and media production company. Choosing a credible company will ensure that your PR video knocks it out of the park with competent producers.

It Enhances Customer Testimonials

Video in PR

People are more likely to try a product after witnessing positive reviews. That’s why video evidence of customer testimonials is so impactful in this digital era. Potential buyers see how your product has benefited others, making them more inclined to give it a go. Media testimonials create a more personal and emotional relationship with your clients. Thus, building even more trust in the process with consumers.

Perfects Pitches

Let’s face it, most sales pitches can be mundane and boring. Whereas you want your product or service to stand out. Adding video to your PR strategy can help when it comes to attracting journalists, writers, and especially customers to your business. However it can still be hard to pitch it in a way that no one has done before. Creating a PR video is a surefire way to ensure everyone stands up and pays attention. You can do this by showing the speaker who narrates your videos – studies show people are more likely to hire event planners for instance, if they can see the narrator’s mannerisms and charisma, which creates familiarity and trust. Moreover, media pitches give your business a competitive edge by allowing customers to visualize your product come to life.

It takes people seconds to form an opinion of your brand and often your reputation is created through word-of-mouth. This is why you’ll want to leave a positive, lasting impression in just a few short minutes. Incorporating video and media into your PR strategy offers a visual representation of your company which allows you to create your reputation.

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