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WordPress runs 30% of all the world’s websites. It’s so popular because it’s easy to customize, flexible, and has over 30,000 different add-ons that enable sites to be customized quickly and easily.

Plugins are the key that gives WordPress this unique flexibility. For example, plugins give a site the ability to add shopping carts, sell memberships, do extra SEO, add booking calendars and promote events. Therefore, this flexibility allows businesses to have a website that fulfills their business model quickly and affordably.

EventOn Calendar Event Tool for Websites

EventOn allows you to add an event calendar to your website. It includes an events page, which is added as a widget, or it can be added to an individual blog post. It can be as simple or complex as you need.

EventOn features:

Support for single or multiple day events.
The ability to create events that don’t have a specific end time.
Customizable pictures, icons, and colors.
Pre-scheduling upcoming events.
The ability to set recurring events such as monthly or annually.
Events can be downloaded to iCalendar or Google Calendar.
Integration with Google Maps.
Support for payment platforms like Paypal which can be very useful for events with entry fees or fundraisers.
A fully featured widget template is available or you can custom design your own calendar.

Optional Add-ons

Add even more specific features for your calendar. Here is a brief list of some of the more popular options

CSV Importer

Allows you to important events using the CSV file format.

Event Tickets

Powered by Woocommerce this allows you to charge for and generate event tickets. Therefore removing the need for a 3rd party ticket vendor.

Event Lists and Items

Adds organized lists that can be sorted by category, hence precisely communicating relevant information.

Event Wishlists

Lets your visitors create wish lists of events they have an interest in. Think of it as a list of bookmarks or a favorites list.


Visitors can sign up for and access events. You can control time slots, ticket prices, and the number of tickets available for each event.

Daily View

View events one day at a time.


A simple (but useful) tool that sends reminders to attendees before an event.

Event Viewer

Your visitors can rate events they’ve attended. In addition, ability to provide the producer and promoter feedback.

Event Countdown

Adds a countdown timer to events. This helps keep people informed and increases excitement driving up attendance.

Final Thoughts

EventOn is an excellent event calendar solution. Purchase the base plugin and get many useful features. Additionally, if you have specific business needs add-ons can be purchased to turn it into a powerful business tool.  Thus, this is part of what makes EventOn such a good purchase. Its flexibility allows you to get exactly what you need without paying for features you don’t need.


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