Need to manage multiple social media channels, collaborate with your team, schedule multiple posts, and monitor keywords – all from a single dashboard? Look no further than Zoho Social. From scheduling and publishing content in multiple formats to creating intuitive reports when you need them, the platform provides all the tools you need for a successful social media marketing campaign.

More than one way to post

Zoho gives you the choice to pick what works best for you. Create and publish content right away, schedule for later, or create and save posts for review with your social media team.

If you choose to publish at a later date, the publishing calendar provides a quick overview of all scheduled posts, allowing you to manage your pipeline with ease. You can drag and drop posts to reschedule them and filter searches by network, type, and author to easily locate scheduled posts.


It doesn’t end there. You can also turn to the bulk scheduler which allows multiple social media posts to be published at a go. To add images to posts, just include a link to their URLs.

Collaborate at every step

Zoho Social has also made it possible for teams to quickly and effortlessly collaborate on social media projects and easily do it remotely.

Brainstorm content ideas and work together to craft the best copy for your campaign. Set up the system in such a way that each team member has a chance to respond to brand mentions. Then, generate team reports showing each member’s contributions.

Monitor everything social that matters to you

Every social campaign needs to keep track of brand mentions, searches, Twitter lists, and so forth. Zoho Social makes it all possible.

Keep track of what social media users are saying about your brand and reply to brand mentions instantly or check your conversation history for context. Occasionally check to see which of your keywords are being searched across social media channels. Or, use the search function to learn about relevant hashtags, events, and what your competitors are up to. Your Twitter lists are accessible under the Monitor tab for easy organization and management.

Other Zoho Social Media Management Features

Aside from smart publishing, collaboration, and monitoring, Zoho Social also comes with the following features:

Live stream: Follow live events with a live stream to remain on top of current trends. Also, take action directly from within the live stream.
Facebook lead ads integration: Generate more leads for your Facebook campaign with ads integration.
Zoho CRM integration: Manage customer relationships with the Zoho CRM. Follow up on prospects, engage leads, and even close sales within the CRM.
Stats and analytics: Gain insight into your campaign with virtual reports and take immediate action to boost your growth.

Pricing and Plans

There are four plans to choose from; Standard ($8.33 per month), Professional ($41.66 per month), Agency ($83.33 per month), and Agency Plus ($125 per month). The first two plans are designed for individuals and businesses while the latter is for agencies.

The Standard plan is capped at 1 brand (7 channels) and 2 team members. The Professional plan allows for up to 3 brands (21 channels) and 5 team members. The Agency plan allows for up to 15 brands (105 channels) and 5 team members. Agency plus works with up to 25 brands (175 channels) and 5 team members. Standard and professional plans are billed monthly while both agency plans are billed annually.

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