10 Tips To Boost Lead Conversion on your Website

Not converting enough website visitors into buyers? Many factors influence whether your website visitors become a lead and, eventually, a customer. Here are ten tactics you can use to lift up a lagging website conversion rate and create the lead pipeline your company needs.

1. Boost Your Credibility

Social proof is an excellent way to boost credibility in the eyes of your audience, especially when experts endorse your products and services. Reach out to influencers in your industry and find someone to write a testimonial or review. Add these in prominent locations on your site.

2. Tell Visitors Exactly What to Do

Don’t confuse people. Be clear what the next step you want your visitors to take. Use a prominent call to action that takes them to a sign-up page or form.

3. Give them a Reason to Convert

Their email inboxes are already filled with marketing messages. Why should they give out their information to yet another organization? Give them a compelling reason. Give them exclusive discount codes, valuable guides or other incentives.

4. Create Visual Interest on Your Page

A text-only page won’t hold a visitor’s attention as long as pictures and video. Make sure to create a multimedia experience to drive higher engagement numbers and increase your chances of a conversion.

5. Don’t Forget the Links

Sometimes the barrier to converting is simple. Make sure your call to action is linked to the correct page. If your visitors can’t click through to your forms, then they can’t become leads.

6. Explain What Makes You Different

Outside of incredibly niche specific products and services, you probably have a fair amount of competition that people can access with a few clicks. Tell your audience exactly what makes you different and why they should spend their money with you.

7. Provide Stellar Customer Service

The customer experience is an essential part of winning over leads and converting them into customers. When you treat potential customers right at the beginning of your relationship, they’re more likely to think of you when they’re ready to convert from a lead to a customer.

8. Have a Method in Place to Collect Leads

Of course, you can’t have a good lead conversion rate if you don’t use a lead generation form. A common way of capturing attention is using an exit intent popup. When a visitor moves their cursor up to the search bar the form automatically pops up. It’s the perfect way to get an email address before they leave your site.

9. Make Your Site User-Friendly

Sometimes it’s tempting to get creative with your landing page. However, the tried and true designs are tried and true for a reason – they work. You want to be as user-friendly as possible, with a straightforward design that naturally encourages visitors to convert into leads. Stay away from complex or overly intricate web pages. ┬áKeep it simple to make it clear the action they should take.

10. Generate Traffic Via Your Social Media Profiles

Get additional traffic with your social media accounts. Provide valuable content, and you can encourage click-throughs to your landing pages. This is done by sharing on social media and using features like Facebook Ads to target the exact type of customer you are seeking to reach.

With a focus on these 10 tips, your lead conversion rates from your website can significantly improve. The key is to implement and evaluate.


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