It’s no secret that we love audio-visual here. And yet when we talk to other business owners about our love for recording, we find time and again that most marketers aren’t really fully utilizing the power of video.

Maybe you’re overlooking some of the super-effective types of video marketing you could be using to generate traffic, build relationships and close sales. Take a look at this list to see if you’re missing any in your business…

types of video marketing

Types of Video Marketing

Welcome Video

If you have a membership site, then you probably have some sort of welcome to new members. To make this welcome even more effective, use a recording. This lets you give new members a tour of the site, build anticipation for what they’re going to learn, and encourage members to get started with the material immediately.


Testimonials are powerful forms of social proof that can help boost your conversions on your lead pages and sales pages. If you want to make a testimonial even more powerful, then share testimonial films. These work really well coming from your average customer, but they work even better when they come from someone who’s well-known in your niche.


An explainer video is something you post on your website for new prospects. The explainer recording quickly introduces you and your business, and then lets these visitors know how you can help them solve their problems. 


This is a type of video marketing designed to teach your prospects and customers something. It may take the form of a how-to video, a list of tips, a FAQ-style video or similar. You can do this in the form of a talking head video, animated video, or even a slide-presentation video.


As the name suggests, this is where you demonstrate how to do something. You might demonstrate how to use a product, or you might demonstrate how to complete some task.  For example, you can do a demo video showing how to retile and grout a bathtub (sexy, right?).

Interview Type

No hidden meaning in this name either – it’s all about showcasing an interview. Yes, you can interview other experts in your niche. But if you really want to solidify your position as an authority and expert, then your best bet is to get other people to interview you on film.

Sales Letter

Many marketers find they enjoy their highest conversions when they use sales as a type of video marketing sales letter alongside text copy that showcases the highlights of an offer. For best results, don’t include details in the video that are likely to change, such as the price, the guarantee, bonuses or similar. Instead, save those details for the text portion of the sales copy. That way, you don’t need to change the video if and when pricing and other information changes.

Product Review

Do you promote any affiliate products?  If so, then you’ll definitely want to do a product review video. This works particularly well for physical products, as you can unbox them and show every detail to the world. You can also use this for digital products, especially if you do a screen-capture recording of the product (such as a tour of an app’s dashboard).

Live Video

People tend to place a higher perceived value on live events, which is why you’ll want to add live videos into your marketing mix.  You can do more formal live videos in the form of webinars, and/or you can do informal live videos (such as a Facebook Live video).


People like getting a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes in places they typically can’t access. For example, if you’re in the dog-training niche, you might shoot a video behind the scenes at a dog show. This makes viewers feel like a privileged insider.


A video is a great format for making an announcement, because it really lets your passion and enthusiasm shine through. For example, you can announce an upcoming product launch, an award, a flash sale, a new site redesign, an anniversary and more.

You can even humanize your business and build relationships by making a personal announcement.  For example, you might create a video announcing you’re engaged or that you got a new puppy. (Bonus points for the latter if you’re in a dog-related niche, as people will go bonkers over that sort of an announcement!)

Feature Explainer

The idea behind this video is to focus in like a laser on one specific feature of a product and what it does for the user (i.e., the benefit). For example, if you’re promoting a meal-planning app, you might show prospects how to use the goal-tracking feature of the app. You can use this video as part of a preselling series, or it also makes a good addition to an onboarding sequence!

Video Course

Courses tend to have a high perceived value over other types of products, and delivering a course in a video format further boosts the value. You can sell this course on your own site, or use a platform like Udemy to boost exposure and sales. Alternatively, you can create a free video course to give away as a kick-ass lead magnet.


You just discovered 13 types of videos that every online business owner ought to include in their marketing bag of tricks. Take notes of any that are missing from your campaigns, and make a plan for creating them as soon as possible!