Adapting Your Digital Marketing Strategies to the New NormalThings change and develop over time; the cellphones we use no longer have huge wires sticking out of them and computers do not take up the space of an entire room. Every day something changes and adapts to our daily needs. In times of difficulty, such as those in a pandemic, things change to suit our needs at that particular time as well. From food chains to networking services, all businesses have had to alter the way they market themselves to fit the new normal. Before the pandemic, most businesses had already created a digital marketing strategy given the rush to be digitized in this modern age. But with the pandemic, a new normal was created; read below to find how you can adapt your digital marketing strategies to the new normal.

Understand the New Normal  

The first step you need to take is to understand the new normal. What is going on in the environments surrounding you? Are there new needs that need to be met? You need to study the market and understand your current target audience. Are they asking for more or less? Is the product or service you are selling too expensive? Are there ways in which you can adapt yourself to those needs? These are all questions that you will have to ask yourself to progress and evolve into a business that is sought after. Even if the new normal is to be changed in the future, make sure you are the business that understands your clients’ needs in these challenging times.

Understand Your Current Digital Marketing Strategies

Your second step is to understand what you are doing right now. How are you marketing your product or service online? Do you merely have a website with basic information? Or send weekly or monthly reminders of your business? Any of these would not work in the old normal nor the new one. You need to upgrade your system and find ways to attract your customers. This is where their needs kick in; with you finding out their needs, you can be creative and change how you market yourself. If their needs are to save up some money, then create promotional offers displayed through your social media, by sending emails and even SMSs! 

Adapting Your Digital Marketing Strategies to the New Normal

New Normal Times Call for Modern Measures

Once you understand the new normal and your own digital marketing strategies, you need to research what new platforms are available that you can make use of. One of these modern measures is creating an authority site system; this system builds an authority site through previously created authority websites. Authority websites are any websites that are trusted and are deemed as trusted by its creators, users, and are decided by major search engines like Google. All major websites have authority, including major new publishers, industry blogs, and popular sites. The more quality links you have from an authority website, the more trusted you are. Your content needs to be interesting or at least matching the already existing authority sites and it has to come naturally through your audience liking your content. To do so, you will have had to do the first two steps to reach out to your audience in a beneficial way.

Plan for the New Normal

Any new decision or transformation requires a plan. You can always run with the new ideas and hope that they work, but the new normal does not allow for second and third chances. Since the pandemic, there are tons of people using more digital platforms each and every day. What you do, will definitely be seen by tons of people in no time. To avoid any inconsistencies or unforeseen complications, devise a plan that will help you carry out the new system in a careful but unexpected way to your target audience.


Before starting on any of the above steps, make sure that adapting your digital marketing strategies to the new normal is what your business truly needs. If your business is lacking funds, then maybe look for other ways to boost sales. Marketing your business is not just about making your social media look cool and shiny, it is about your product as well and what you can do with it. Look for ways to upgrade your own product and adapt it to the new normal too. If it is a service, then, how can that service aid people in these challenging times? If it is a product, then how can this product be of more use? Answering these questions will help you and your business adapt and flourish in no time.

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