As salespeople, we know that the days can get shorter and deadlines tighter, making it difficult to stay on top of all the latest trends sales leaders follow. Sales podcasts are an excellent way to gain knowledge and understanding of the ever-evolving sales landscape. They offer a convenient way to learn, as they can be listened to while running or biking outdoors, or even while doing household chores. The good thing about listening to podcasts is that you don’t have to break a sweat to listen to them. But you can do it while breaking a sweat.

They also provide a great opportunity to hear from experts and sales leaders without having to dedicate precious hours of our day to reading books and watching videos.

Here, competing with time is a completely normal phenomenon.

Getting Started with Sales Podcasts 

Sales podcasts are the major source of learning for 47% of salespeople. But creating your own podcast playlist requires you to go through each channel, episode, and read about hosts and speakers.

We did that, so you don’t have to.

Begin your 2023 with these 23 best sales podcasts.Whether you are new to sales, a seasoned pro, or a veteran thought leader, these hand-picked sales podcasts up the ante in 2023.

23 Best Sales Podcasts for 2023

1. The Art of Charm

Let’s start with this not-so-salesy podcast, which offers lessons from thought leaders in art, science, psychology, and sales. It’s about how to master the art of personal charm. Isn’t selling all about it?

2.The Advanced Selling

With over 14 million downloads, 850 episodes, and 16 years, this is one of the longest-running sales podcasts and is considered the Godfather of the genre. Here you will be enlightened about discussions about mindset, sales process, and true selling. 

3.Sales Enablement with Andy Paul

Hosted by Andy Paul, who is the author of two award-winning sales books and ranks #8 on LinkedIn’s list of the Top 50 Global Sales Experts. This podcast features candid conversations with global sales leaders such as Dan Pink and Tiffani Bova.

4.The Sales Hacker

A true B2B sales podcast that features seasoned sales experts. Follow this channel for tangible sales insights, tips, hacks, and strategies that you can put into practice in your day-to-day sales life.

5. What’s Next with Tiffani Bova

This is a podcast channel every aspiring or seasoned sales professional should follow. You are in for insightful sales lessons that will surely influence your sales growth positively. Tiffany Bova is one of the global growth evangelists, a Salesforce business strategist, best-selling sales author, and keynote speaker.

6. Outside Sales Talk

Hosted by Steve Benson, this channel features some of the best out there in sales. The episodes cover strategy, sales growth, and how to be the best performer in your team time and again.

7. Sales Babble

One must be pushy to bring in a sale—Pat Helmers started the Sales Bubble podcast in 2014 to burst this myth. The episodes are fun and entertaining, unlike most serious sales podcasts.

8. TSE 000

The Sales Evangelist podcast is hosted by Donald Kelly. Follow his talk for intense strategies for maintaining productivity and consistency, as well as tips and hacks to convert prospects into customers by following simple tactics.

9. B2B Growth Show

The podcast channel is meant for marketers but is a must-listen for B2B sales folks too. They test the trends, debate with experts, and bring clarity on what really works in the B2B space.

10. Sales Engagement

Focused on only one topic—sales engagement—it is a must-listen to be a great salesperson. This is more of a radio show than a traditional sales podcast, and it features some of the best minds in the sales field. If you are in the early stages of your career, this should be on your “subscribed” list.

11. The Prospecting Expert

Steve Kloyda, best-selling sales author, is the host. Yes, the very man behind the “Art of Prospecting” is your guide to getting in the door. The episodes focus on sales behavior, trends, and strategies.

12. Sales Gravy

You are reading about the world’s most-downloaded sales podcast. Jeb Blount is a name that needs no introduction in the sales fraternity, and he hosts the Sales Gravy podcast. Jeb is the best-selling sales author, keynote speaker, and sales acceleration specialist and brings in the most influential sales leaders to this show.

13. Outbound Squad

Formerly known as Blissful Prospecting, this focuses on the engaging sales stories, secrets, and skills of the world’s most successful sales professionals. If you are into cold calling, this book shares a lot of stories that you can learn from.

14. Sales Pipeline Radio

The podcast solely focuses on the converging points of sales and marketing and offers implementable strategies as to how to integrate both seamlessly. This is a sales podcast hosted by marketing thought leader Matt Heinz.

15. Conversations with Women in Sales

This podcast is hosted by Lori Richardson, who brings in unique stories of women in sales who have made their mark in B2B. Follow this award-winning podcast to learn the most important lessons of sales and explore the path to success.

16. Make it Happen Monday

Do you hate Mondays? Who wouldn’t? Still, you get up, show up, and face it like a hustling champ. John Barrows podcast helps make your Mondays better and is personally curated for salespeople.

17. SaaStr

A podcast that deals with numbers is one of the favorites of budding investors. Very few podcasts can answer intense questions such as “how to get from $0 to $100m ARR faster?” and “what does it take to scale successfully?” or even “how to deal with, survive, and succeed in a fiercely competitive world like SaaS?”

18. The Catalyst Sale

Hosted by two famous Mikes in sales—Mike Conner and Mike Simmons. Give this a listen as you can gain insights into sales enablement, workforce management and deployment, sales strategy, training, optimization, and execution.

19. The Salesman Podcast

It’s an Apple Award-winning podcast show hosted by Will Barron, the founder of Salesman.org. Not only did the podcast feature the best in sales, but it also featured NASA astronauts, F1 drivers, Olympic athletes, and UFC fighters. This is a blend of life lessons served one episode at a time.

20. In the Arena

As intense as it sounds, this is a series hosted by Anthony Iannarino. This channel can be your everyday guide to driving your sales pipeline while sharing a fair share of knowledge about your coordinating teams, like inbound, outbound marketing, revenue, and support teams.

21.  Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence

Okay, this one is for revenue leaders, but hey, who drives revenue? It’s salespeople like you. These insight-packed conversations are collected from sales practitioners and leaders based on their revenue intelligence rather than market opinions.

22. Sales Game Changers

Listen to the motivating and powerful sales stories, success methods, and frameworks from people who have changed the way the sales game is played. You can use this as your go-to source to do better today than yesterday in terms of selling.

23. Limitless – A Sales and Marketing Podcast

A podcast channel that offers something valuable for everyone in sales. Limitless, with its diverse topics and discussions, is that one channel that does not fit into any sales category but to which every salesperson can relate. 

Be a PRO by listening to the best sales podcasts

Start with these 23 top sales podcasts and follow them on whichever app you use to listen to them. Go through the episode notes once you are done listening to remember the key highlights of each episode.

Get this list of the best sales podcasts ready and start listening. Here’s a name suggestion for the playlist: My Sales University. The university that fits in your pocket, requires no student loans, and allows you to learn while multitasking.

How about that?


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