B2B email marketing doesn’t have to be boring.

In fact, B2B email marketing can be just as creative and engaging as its B2C counterpart.

However, for solopreneurs and small business owners, the daunting reality often involves staring at a blank page, struggling to generate fresh ideas.

You aspire to showcase your creativity and create something exceptional that goes beyond the ordinary. Yet, without guidance or inspiration, it’s easy to hit a creative roadblock.

When you lower the bar too much, all your email marketing efforts suffer. Lackluster email content fails to captivate your subscribers and leads to disengagement. This, in turn, results in diminished deliverability rates, and lower email marketing ROI.

But here’s the good news — we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll provide you with a collection of two dozen inspiring B2B email marketing examples!

Let’s get started!

Table Of Contents

Each email from this curated collection serves a different purpose. But at the end of the day, those messages are there to improve businesses’ bottom line by:

  • Nurturing new subscribers with useful content
  • Welcoming new customers and making them stay for longer
  • Building relationships with potential customers by inviting them to online events and solving their problems with educational content
  • Re-engaging with inactive subscribers
  • Sending promotional and sales emails

Every email example listed below comes together with a campaign context and our explanation of why we think the brand did a fantastic job with the creative part.

1. Fiverr

Email marketing category: welcome email

What is this email campaign about?

We’re opening our B2B email marketing examples list with a welcome message from Fiverr. This leading freelance services marketplace sends out this email after creating an account on the platform.

Why it works

What could be exciting about welcome emails? They might just seem like generic “hellos” coupled with a product plug. But that’s not necessarily the case. While many brands overlook the opportunity to make a great first impression on new users, Fiverr is not one of them.

They know what their brand is and it shows. The messaging here is super bold. Starting with the header, the facial expression of a female freelancer, her body language shows confidence and professionalism. What could be the first impression of a new user who joins the marketplace? “Great, I’m in good company here!”

And it gets better when we look at copywriting. OK, the headline is generic, but the opening message does the trick. Short sentences. Great rhythm. Powerful wording (“community of doers,” “pride”). And a bad-ass CTA.

2. SparkToro

Email marketing category: welcome email

What is this email campaign about?

It’s the first newsletter message that SparkToro sent after opting-in to their mailing list. 

Why it works

Rand Fishkin’s audience research software, SparkToro, has a unique and playful tone of voice. And this email is a great example of their flow.

This newsletter proves how crucial combining copywriting skills, a sense of humor, and relevance is. They leveraged the AI hype to create a hook from the start, placing a “meh” paragraph followed by “That was weird. ChatGPT wrote that. Now, a human’s turn:”

This trick is smart for at least two reasons:

  • First, they winked at everyone skeptical or frustrated regarding ChatGPT. This “we’re on your side” line has the potential to build brand loyalty for SparkToro.
  • Second, they bridged the opening to the first part of their curated content, which is about AI-generated content becoming the new floor.

The rest of the newsletter delivers value and quality writing. Very engaging content marketing!

3. Semrush

Email marketing category: welcome email

What is this email campaign about?

Semrush, a leading digital marketing end-to-end platform, sends this message to new email subscribers. It’s the first of the educational emails, taking subscribers to a free trial.

Why it works:

They know that I’m at the beginning of the customer journey. So, they’re not pitching me with a sales offer immediately.

The play here is more subtle. First, the opening with social proof — 10 million users can’t be wrong, right?

Each onboarding is overwhelming, especially with Semrush’s complexity. So the “not sure where to start” line makes sense. Sending me to their single high value content and a related tool is a smart move. Not everything at once. One step at a time.

Then, they let me know what they’ll be sending and how often I can expect to receive it.

But despite the good stuff, there are also flaws in this email. The wording in the last sentence is a bit 2018, not 2023.


Email marketing category: welcome email

What is this email campaign about?

This is a welcome message / content upgrade confirmation message sent by GFDA. This design agency and print service provider also inject a discount link in this email, so it’s not black and white about the category of this marketing email.

Why it works

One thing that is black and white, though, is that this email campaign is super, super bold. There is a lot of swearing sprinkled all over this message, but what can you expect from a company that has the “F” word in its brand name? 

Their unique brand voice is centered around the “f*ck” word, so they explore it to the fullest on their web pages and products. 

But this email stands out not only because of using the “F” word all over the place. On top of that, they’re cheeky and sarcastic in their messaging, which makes it hilarious:

  • The trick with the “Hey ______ insert your name here.”
  • The wording: “grave miscalculation” or “you’ll likely regret this decision.”

GFDA proves that B2B email marketing doesn’t have to be boring!

5. ClickUp

Email marketing category: onboarding – product demo

What is this email campaign about?

Creating an account on a web application usually triggers a sequence of product onboarding emails. It can take many forms — written or visual. ClickUp decided to go for an interactive, online event formula to train their new users to use their platform.

Why it works

First, kudos to ClickUp for leveraging the webinar model for training fresh users. The interactivity of a digital event, by definition, brings customers closer to the product, even if they are on their free trials. 

Second, it would be a sin not to visualize the word Camp in the email design. And this famous project management platform did an excellent job here in the header.

Speaking of the header, placing a headshot of a real person also helps strengthen the connection with he brand.

The email content’s structure is straightforward, making it easy to grasp all the benefits I can gain from attending the Camp.

And lastly, the scarcity and urgency above the call to action button. Nicely done!

6. Wired

Email marketing category: valuable content

What is this email campaign about?

Another way to nurture users and email subscribers is by delivering helpful content. Wired’s marketing email helps its audience win its email marketing program with 10 workflows.

Why it works

Wired is knocking several items with one swing here:

  • They educate their subscribers and help them achieve success with their email marketing strategy. This activity will translate into brand loyalty and customer retention.
  • They generate traffic to their blog post through email marketing.
  • Connect their content marketing with email campaigns.

Although there’s nothing outstanding in the design, the whole message reads well. It’s uncluttered and straight to the point.

7. CXL

Email marketing category: thought leadership

What is this email campaign about?

CXL not only provides valuable content to their subscribers but also uses their newsletters to tackle controversial and misleading opinions.

Why it works

In this case, the uncomfortable opinion is that “CRO is dead,” which CXL smartly placed in the subject line. Of course, I don’t know the open rates of this email, but I bet it was high.

To counter this opposing viewpoint, CXL engaged an industry expert, prominently featured in the email header. The messaging itself is bold and focused on delivering a rich experience.

Through these strategic email marketing efforts, CXL has effectively established themselves as thought leaders in the field of marketing.

8. PeerSignal

Email marketing category: thought leadership

What is this email campaign about?

Another great example of building brand credibility is sharing third-party data through email marketing campaigns. PeerSignal conducted a SaaS demo page teardown, and this email is packed with insights.

Why it works

If you’re into digital marketing, you should look closely at PeerSignal. One of the foundations of their marketing strategy is to cover original research and share the accurate data with their business community.

Here, they decided to look into demo pages of over 600 SaaS demo pages and pinpoint the following:

  • Common trends
  • Best creative examples
  • Dos and don’ts

This email is packed with valuable insights and also incorporates a variety of media elements. From animated gifs to annotated screenshots and charts, it offers a visually engaging experience.

9. Descript

Email marketing category: thought leadership

What is this email campaign about?

Here’s another example of thought leadership in B2B email marketing. The storm around TikTok is crucial enough for Descript’s existing and potential customers that they decided to write about it.

Why it works

If you’re unfamiliar with Descript, it’s a software solution for video and podcast creators. It means the TikTok seismic shifts are crucial for their entire audience.

And this is where Descript stepped in with their advice for diversification and adjusting their content distribution plans to those dynamic changes.

Providing hints to help their existing customers avoid challenging situations is an excellent method for reducing churn.

10. Mintel

Email marketing category: thought leadership / webinar

What is this email campaign about?

This B2B email from Mintel combines building a thought-leader position and conducting a webinar.

Why it works

First, the attempt to forecast a decade ahead in current times, where everything changes at the speed of light, is both courageous and intriguing. However, Mintel is an established market intelligence agency, and market forecasts and trends are what they do for a living, so the topic idea is not reckless.

This email marketing campaign is about getting people to register for a webinar. From a business perspective, it’s a clever way to generate leads. And Mintel is close to perfection here thanks to a super attractive email design and a fantastic call to action.

11. Hotjar

Email marketing category: product update

What is this email campaign about?

One of the most popular tactics email marketers from tech brands across the board use is product updates. This is a new feature email from Hotjar.

Why it works

Because it’s simple! HotJar used this announcement email to spread the word about their first API version. Which, let’s be honest, is not the sexiest news in the world and, if done clumsily, could be too technical and hard to follow.

So they went ahead and visualized it with a precise header. Next, they nailed two significant user benefits in the headline. And they expanded those two in the body copy without any fluff about the technical aspects.

Highlighting value and opening a gate for possible customer upgrades — win!

12. Mixpanel

Email marketing category: case study

What is this email campaign about?

A case study is a crucial element that every successful B2B email marketing strategy should incorporate. This is how Mixpanel uses in-depth case studies to generate more customers.

Why it works

Case studies aim to leverage customer satisfaction to drive more sales results. But the ugly truth is that many case studies are created without a flair.

Luckily, Mixpanel knows the B2B email marketing game! First, the “make love connections” in the subject line immediately draws users’ attention. Second, the “love” bit also shines through the hero area design.

Next, you can see a brilliant storytelling structure that glues readers to their screens:

  • Hooking intro
  • Naming the challenge
  • Customer’s quote
  • Solution leading to customer satisfaction

13. CJ

Email marketing category: customer results

What is this email campaign about?

Another type of marketing email revolves around giving customers a well-deserved pat on the back. A notable B2B email example from CJ highlights the affiliate results achieved by a specific user.

Why it works

“Your results are in” — this is what an affiliate marketer who uses the CJ platform sees right after opening this automated email. It can’t get more clear and more enticing to read on. After all, it’s about keeping a finger on the pulse when tracking each marketing performance metric.

But analytical summaries can also bore people to tears. This is not the case here. CJ knows how to play with data visualization, so analyzing the results is a breeze.

14. Flywheel

Email marketing category: customer research

What is this email campaign about?

Running customer research is one of the foundations of every rock-solid email marketing strategy. It can take several forms, one of the most popular being surveys.

Why it works

“Know your audience.” It’s the fundamental principle that email marketers should always have as a North Star. However, persuading new subscribers (and even dormant ones) to find time in their busy schedules to take a survey can be quite challenging.

So, it’s always a matter of incentivizing people. Offering an Amazon voucher can be a great incentive, but some individuals may be more enticed by a limited edition T-shirt, particularly if there are only a few available. And this is what Flywheel offered.

But what’s also cool about this email is the friendly and casual tone of voice in the copywriting and the solid call to action.

15. GoDaddy

Email marketing category: appreciation

What is this email campaign about?

Remember the customer results-oriented email from CJ? This one from GoDaddy is close but a bit different. It’s sharing appreciation with their customers. But with no analytics. Just love.

Why it works

Sharing love with customers, especially the loyal ones, should have a dedicated section in every B2B email marketing strategy. We’re going through times when it’s getting more challenging to gain subscribers. Customer acquisition is difficult and costly. That’s why it’s essential to retain existing users.

And this is what GoDaddy does. And if you look at the photo collage embedded in the email header, you instantly know their audience. Small business owners, solopreneurs, and content creators.

And the messaging in the body copy is super sensitive regarding their solopreneurship adventure. The ups and downs. The big wins. The struggle. This email marketing campaign rocks!

16. Zencastr

Email marketing category: product update

What is this email campaign about?

At some point, tech companies upgrade their core product and introduce new features. Each product launch communication plan involves an announcement email. 

Why it works

This email marketing campaign from Zencastr is a perfect example. By definition, podcasts are an audio content format. And, Zencastr, as a podcast software, was set on the audio foundations. But they naturally introduced the video format for podcasters to upgrade their shows. 

Simplicity is key here:

  • A huge header with a creative visual presenting the “play” icon
  • A super concise “Video is here” headline
  • And a bit cheeky body copy “…if you want it. You can keep your old workflow on the audio only…”

And then, the best part — the social proof! The cover images of podcasters who’ve already embraced the video format.

17. Wildist

Email marketing category: sales promo

What is this email campaign about?

It wouldn’t be possible to discuss B2B email examples without a common email type in the sales cycle – discounts and promos. This one from Wildist offers a discount on a business photography course.

Why it works

What’s the secret ingredient for an online course about photography? A stunning snapshot, of course! The email header captivates with a fantastic picture of kayaking on a mountain lake.

Another crucial element at the top of this announcement email is the headline highlighting that the offer is time limited.

Besides, this email has all the vital aspects of a promo message:

  • Attractive discount (50%)
  • A 5-star customer review
  • A clear call to action

18. Grammarly

Email marketing category: sales promo

What is this email campaign about?

The second discount B2B email on our list comes from Grammarly. This writing-assistant app uses promo emails quite often. You’re looking at one of them.

Why it works

The most common element in Grammarly’s automated emails is the outstanding visual dominating the hero area of the message. You could as well go directly to the CTA button because the copy “40% off any Premium plan” is powerful enough.

But for those who still need some convincing, the body copy smartly combines the product capabilities with end-user benefits. Sales emails are not only about the discount. It’s always about the value aligned with the target audience’s needs.

19. Webflow

Email marketing category: sales promo

What is this email campaign about?

It’s not a typical webinar campaign invite. Webflow decided to go all-in and organize 12 virtual events in the span of three weeks!

Why it works

In the B2B space, webinars need email campaigns, and email campaigns need webinars. Online events are a fantastic way to grow an organic mailing list and convert sales leads.

What makes Webflow’s campaign special is the staggering number of business to business events in such a tight timeframe.

What also rocks here?

  • The name (Virtual World Tour)
  • The Woodstock-style fonts
  • The use of the numbers (3 weeks, 12 events, 9 time zones)
  • The copywriting flow

20. UXPin

Email marketing category: what’s new

What is this email campaign about?

One of the most popular email types used in a robust B2B email marketing strategy comes down to a “what’s new” series. Many newsletters use this form of a weekly or monthly digest promoting their own content. And UXPin does it well.

Why it works

This newsletter is concise and easy to read. There’s no need for fancy design or elaborate storytelling. It briefly lists product news, interesting articles, and virtual event announcements.

Another visually appealing aspect is the fanzine-style icons next to each position in this digest, enhanced with excellent and concise copywriting.

21. The Momentist

Email marketing category: tips & tricks

What is this email campaign about?

This newsletter brings together a curated collection of content for filmmakers — an online lesson from Jesse Driftwood, plus written and video reviews of cameras and filming gear.

Why it works

Newsletters like this should be part of every email automation program.

First of all, it’s hyper-focused on a specific niche.

Second, diversifying content formats (online course, article, video review) is a great idea to engage people who roll their eyes whenever they see a blog post.

Third, each content piece promoted in this newsletter touches upon a different aspect of filmmaking. This comprehensiveness helps to win back the hearts of inactive subscribers.

22. UX Collective

Email marketing category: community

What is this email campaign about?

Another good B2B email marketing practice is building a community around a specific topic, industry, or brand. This is a welcome community message from UX Collective.

Why it works

We’re looking at a specific niche here. UX designers are the target audience, and this community is about building a tribe for them, where they educate each other with useful free stuff.

This email does the trick because of the following:

  • An eye-catchy drawing in the header
  • An editor’s note as an introduction which makes it a personalized email
  • A clean and good-looking email structure
  • Taking subscribers by the hand and showing them where to start

23. Kai Brach

Email marketing category: tips & tricks

What is this email campaign about?

This is another excellent example of a newsletter that educates subscribers with hand-picked articles, news, and tools.

Why it works

The artistic style of this newsletter immediately catches your attention. The artwork, accompanied by a quote from Frank Zappa in the header, instantly immerses the recipient in a creative and cultured atmosphere.

Just like in the UX Collective example, the body copy of this newsletter starts with an editor’s note. Although the author missed some typos, he gets away with that because the content sections are well-structured and packed with exciting goodies.

Nice work!

24. Trello

Email marketing category: tips & tricks

What is this email campaign about?

The last B2B email example comes from Trello. This platform shares product features and tips for better productivity. Plus, this is one of the pre-event email newsletters because they plug a webinar invitation at the end.

Why it works

The target audience is different here, so there is no room for more extended intros and bohemian-style art. Trello communicates with project managers who are rushing with their projects. So they have no time to digest long paragraphs of text.

Large visuals, concise copywriting, and CTA buttons sending subscribers to dedicated landing pages. That’s the trick.

Plus, Trello is mindful of their ideal customers’ pain points and empathizes with them: “We all experience workplace anxiety (and that’s OK),” which is a brilliant move.

Take your email marketing campaigns to new creative heights!

Excellent! That was the last of our 24 B2B email marketing examples to inspire you to refine your email marketing and B2B marketing automation strategy.

Remember: business to business doesn’t equal boring. Some of the above examples were more radical with spicy messaging. Some were more focused on delivering quality content.

The ideal combination would mix both: being someone impossible to ignore AND helping your individual customers achieve their goals.

Start with striking subject lines and deliver your promise with stellar email content! And on top of that – test, test, test!

Start today with an email marketing platform that can help you achieve that. A 30-day free version is right this way!


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