3 Reasons Your Web Design Agency Should Be Prioritizing UX

Think about visiting a website for the first time. What made you scroll over its page? Is it the content or the visuals? If you’ve ever made a purchase through an e-commerce site, what made you purchase the product immediately? Was it highlighted as a great deal, or was it because you were able to locate the add-to-cart button in seconds? It might be one or a combination of the reasons stated above, but most likely, it’s because of the convenience and ease of navigating through the website. All the scenarios mentioned are related to the concept of user experience or UX.

Whether you’re a company trying to build a website on your own, or one of the many proficient web design agencies, like Grey Box Creative, you’d want to make sure that your website leaves a positive impression on your user and customers alike.

But why is UX or user experience so important in a web design? To help you understand the essence of having a positive website user experience, let’s define UX first.

Understanding User Experience (UX) 

User experience generally refers to the overall experience of the end-user, before, during, and after using a product. It’s how a user feels, thinks, and reacts when using a product, whether it’s a physical item, a service, or a company’s website.

For website designs, however, it’s important to emphasize that the experience should be properly referred to as UX. This is because there’s a possibility that the person navigating through the website won’t end up as the user of the actual product said website is selling—thus, the importance of differentiating user experience (UX) from customer experience (CX).

Now that the definition is made clear, it’s important to know why websites should be designed around creating a positive experience for their users.

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Why User Experience Is Important

In this era where web marketing competition is so fierce, just having an appealing website or a popular brand won’t cut it anymore. A company needs to have more than these things to stay relevant in the market. Below are some reasons UX should be prioritized by web design agencies or anyone who’s creating a website.

Keeps Your Customers And Users Engaged 

Think of yourself as a website visitor. Many factors would make you want to stay on a certain site or page. These include the feeling of security and ease of navigating it. You definitely won’t stay longer navigating through a company’s website if it’s giving you a hard time. You wouldn’t even want to interact with it.

As a result, you’ll leave that website, no matter how much you need its products or services. With poor experience and inconvenience, the brand name and its quality won’t matter anymore.

As a website owner or a website designer, it’s your goal to have end users go over your pages. Making users stay longer will help you introduce your brand further. Remember that a great brand is useless without an audience anyway.

Positively Affects Website Conversion Rate

Time is important for everyone. For a time-conscious customer, it’ll mean a lot if they can find what they’re looking for as immediately as possible. Being able to quickly locate these items makes your end-user feel that you took time to design your website properly.

For e-commerce sites, the ease of placing an order is crucial for owners and customers alike. As the seller, you don’t want to give your visitors a chance to move to another site just because they can’t find your check-out button. For your buyers, having an easy-to-spot check-out button will give them all the convenience they need when placing an order.

Ultimately, anchoring your web design into providing a positive user experience will result in a higher conversion rate. Aside from addressing your customers’ needs, you were also able to help them save time and effort, too.

Converts Your Users To Loyal Customers 

At the end of every sales funnel is the goal of getting repeat customers for your products and services. Combining the factors of easy navigation, responsiveness, great content, and a fantastic layout, you’ll achieve your goal of providing a user experience that will remain unforgettable. This is key to transforming your users into loyal customers.

Providing the users with a high-quality experience keeps them coming back to your website, looking for more products to purchase. After feeling satisfied with their purchase, they might even spread the news about their wonderful experience with your company and your website.

Final Thoughts 

Your website only has a few seconds to leave a good impression on its visitors. If you own a brand or work as a website designer, think of prioritizing user experience. By doing so, you’ll increase conversion rates, engage your users, and transform them into loyal clients and brand ambassadors.

It’s every company’s goal to drive more traffic into their website and convert as many users into customers. Thus, prioritize and provide a user experience that’s second to none.

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