5 Reasons You Need Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace

Did you know there’s a contest that declares a World Champion of Public Speaking? There is and the 2020 champion, Mike Carr, offers some advice about good and effective communication skills.

He says, “The path to becoming a great communicator is to focus not on speaking, but on listening.” Do you listen when communicating with others?

This is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to most people. Think about your interactions with coworkers or bosses…are the most effective communicators the ones who listen to others?

The importance of communication skills in any job cannot be overstated. Keep reading to learn why you need effective communication skills in the workplace.

1. Promotes a Positive Work Culture

Going to work every day with people you enjoy and with whom you communicate effectively makes for a pleasant work environment.

Being a good communicator helps bring people together and builds camaraderie. Job satisfaction and employee morale are both high when there is regular communication among the employees and management.  

2. Team Building

When you work in an office or other setting, you are sometimes with your coworkers more than you’re with your own family. If you can communicate effectively with each other, you will build a cohesive team.

When there are transparency and trust among management and the employees, the team works together to be successful and achieve the goals of the company.  Effective communication skills in the workplace take effort, self-awareness, and time.  Trust is not built overnight, it happens through repeated interactions.

3. Fosters Risk Taking

When employees feel that they can express themselves without judgement, cooperation and innovation are the results.

When the employer is open to new ideas and listens well, employees are more apt to share their ideas for improvement or new ways to carry out tasks.

4. Increases Productivity

Happy employees are more productive. Is the boss encouraging employees? Is the effort of the employees recognized through verbal praise or written communication?

Employees who feel valued and have a clear idea of what is expected of them perform better and work harder.

5. Builds a Company-Client Relationship

When you’re able to communicate effectively with your clients, your clients trust you. Good communication leads to a strong, positive relationship with clients.

When clients feel like you’re being honest and upfront with them and have a real relationship with you, they will talk positively about your company and your brand.

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The Importance of Effective Communication Skills

Now you know just how important effective communication skills are in the workplace. What will you do to improve your skills in communicating with potential employers or clients? A little effort will garner positive results.

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What’s your next step need to be to improve your communications skills?

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