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With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, among others gaining much popularity, there is a need for businesses to embrace innovative social media marketing strategies. By adopting and implementing these practices, brands can stay competitive while also growing their customer base, reaching out to potential buyers using two-way communication channels.

In line with that, it is essential to appreciate the fact that traditional marketing tactics only offer one-way communication. However, with social media, businesses and consumers get an opportunity to interact. Each can pose queries, share content, and work towards improving existing relationships in different ways.

But even with all that said, getting started with social media marketing can prove to be quite a daunting task. It is understandable since, as a marketer, you will need time to research various issues before implementing any social media promotion strategy in your business.

5 Social Media Tools to Grow Your Local Business

While gathering facts ahead of adopting any marketing strategy is an excellent idea, you might not have time to do it. After all, a majority of small business owners do not have this luxury. Therefore, to make things easier for you, this article provides an in-depth look at carefully researched social media tools that can help grow your brand right away. Read through to learn more.


Buffer is a useful tool when it comes to growing the presence of your business on social media. Among the things you can do with this tool is scheduling a post on different platforms simultaneously. Apart from that, it helps you gather helpful insight from any posts you put on your accounts. You can start using Buffer right away on mobile devices or desktops to begin organizing and analyzing your posts.

Google Analytics

It is impossible to grow your business if you do not know how many visitors come to your website, the location of your customers, the amount of time they spend on your site, among other useful metrics.

Google Analytics exists to fill that gap by providing you with powerful social media analytics reports. By examining the insights that you gain from these reports, you can know if your brand’s social media presence is impactful and, if necessary, implement any suitable remedies.


It is an excellent tool for social media planning suited for both individuals and departments. Apart from allowing you to schedule and post content, it goes further by helping you manage the entire social media content planning process. For instance, you can pin your thoughts on a pinboard and brainstorm them with your team. After that, you can move the solution to the calendar, ask for approval, schedule, and then post.

ContentCal is quite an essential tool since it allows you to handle tasks that are typically done by different apps in one place. These include functions such as brainstorming, planning, approval, and publishing of content. Once you use it, you will be wowed by how easy it makes these processes be.

Do you want a customized tool to help grow your business on various social media platforms? Then you need to consider getting a social network app for your company. Judging from my experience, the best way to go about all of it is to hire a reputable developer to create it for you.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an excellent tool for growing your business on social media. It helps lead marketers in managing and social media strategies and controlling their team members. Moreover, this tool enables brands to perform an array of functions, for example, scheduling posts, analytics, and social listening. With the latter purpose (social listening), Sprout Social enables marketers to understand their target audience by availing useful information on users who visit its social media accounts.


Each day, there are tons of content going viral, making it hard for businesses to keep up. To cut through the noise, BuzzSumo enables marketers to discover all trending web content within their niche. This way, marketing teams can identify popular keywords and issues that are ticking for their customers. Consequently, they can create compelling social media posts that resonate with their target audience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, growing your business using social media entails a lot of things. Nonetheless, by leveraging the tools highlighted in this post, you can refine your approach to social media marketing, thus, managing to promote your brand to a bigger audience. Apart from more customers, an effective social platform strategy will help you improve consumers` loyalty. So, are you ready to achieve these things? Feel free to try out these tools.

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