How to find Products to Dropship that Actually Sell

Figuring out what products to dropship is a daunting task. However, it’s a quite important ingredient to your success and a significant stage to go through. In fact, your dropshipping products will be the reason your customers shop and purchase from you. 

If you use eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. for dropshipping, you probably understand that above all you need to choose a niche. The next step is to find a winning product or several ones in that niche as selling random items simple won’t work on your store. And, of course, you need to create a brand to promote your business.

So, how to find hot dropshipping products to sell online? This article is planned as an addition to our previously published How to Choose Wholesale Products for Dropshipping and Deciding what to dropship. Now it’s time for us to present the updated and complemented vision of the matter. Let’s see our step-by-step guide!

Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking a Winning Product

Does it solve a problem?

Choose a product that is not just beautifully looking or seems to be trendy but it also solves a certain problem. Picking practical problem solving products to dropship ensures that such items will stay in high demand for quite a long time if not always. A mass appeal is what we aim at here. Think about losing weight, giving up smoking or teeth whitening. There are lots of people facing those problems and life situations. Chances are they will be interested in the relevant items you can dropship. Think big! Any item that simplifies people’s every day's life is a great choice! Once you determine the potential customers which present your main target audience focus mainly on them.

Can it be easily found in any online/local store?

Low availability of the product is absolutely important for dropshippers. Why? If a buyer can find the item in his sleep in the local shop, be absolutely positive that he will purchase it there. Customers prefer physical stores to online ones because of the number of reasons, among them are reliability and quick buy opportunity. That’s why novelties haven’t seen by people before have a strong advantage before they started to massively being expanded throughout different retail stores.

Nevertheless, there is one more thing. Do your best to select your advantageous products that can’t be easily found at Walmart, Amazon and other popular market places by entering the most common keywords related to that item. The same rule applies in this case. If there is a more reliable source, like Amazon and Walmart a buyer will prefer it to your online store. Nowadays, almost every item got listed on Amazon so that not a rigid rule better to say it’s highly preferable. You know, if you follow this advice then your prospects of success are enhanced.

Does it provoke a Wow effect?

In order your product is scalable and stand-out on social media it should have a Wow factor. Do you know that ad space is pretty limited? Thus, to win the battle for customers’ attention a dropshipper needs to create a really attractive and attention grabbing advertising to impress the prospective buyer. 

Does it trigger an impulse purchase?

Another great feature of the winning product is whether it triggers an impulse purchase or not. The way you describe an item and present its strong points has a direct impact on the buying desire of the customer. Your products should be appealing enough and your store should have a memorable identity. The main aim is to strike the right chord of the buyer and create an appropriate atmosphere to encourage an impulse buy. How to achieve this? Make a catchy store design, create a sense of urgency, show intense buying activity or provide other buyers’ review.

Is it saturated?

Product saturation is a very important parameter. It means how competitive the product is at a specific time and how many advertisers out there are promoting the product. Select competitive products but keep in mind several points. Remember that product ads shouldn’t be 5-6 months old as many other promoters would have promoted this item before and people may be already exposed to it. The advertising posts should have great engagement in social media. Also there shouldn't be too many ads on Facebook on the given product.

Consult Oberlo’s video where Scott Hilse who made 6 figure dropshipping just one product is sharing his secrets on finding the right products. Here you’ve got 5 examples of products to understand Scott’s flow of thought! 

Is it consumable?

The best way to go is to dropship items that encourage repeat purchase. Consumable goods are ideal for repeat business because they need to be replenished from time to time. It’s always a win-win situation. The customer purchases a product and he needs to buy it again in the future. Take skin care or anti aging products, for instance. If you provide a high quality product the buyers will continue returning to your store again and again.

Methods and Tools to Be of Use

When it comes to getting the ideas of great products to dropship social networks is a powerful tool. Let’s take Facebook first and jump into the real product research process!

Facebook Ad Spying Method involves some actions on tailoring your Facebook feed so that you see all the dropshipping ads regularly. Chick “Shop/Buy now” button, like and save ads to become an engaged shopper. You need to make Facebook algorithm to show you more and more ads. 

Check out this video resource for more details on the topic!

If using Facebook Keyword Search Method you need to search for the keyword that often appear in the dropshipping captions, such as “50% off”, “Get it here, “Buy/purchase now” and so on. Search for those keywords on Facebook and look for the posts in the last 1-2 months. In such a way, you find the most recent dropshipping ads.

Then there is also AliExpress Product Research Method. What should you do to make use of it? Pick a category and sort by the number of orders. That’s the way to find out what’s the best selling products in that category. Exactly the same thing can be done to keyword search and sorting by the number of orders. What is more, you can go on the dropshipping center for more ideas. It will expand your search by recommending your hot products to dropship right now. Moreover, with the help of that center you will have access to in-depth product insights where you can learn more about the way certain product has been selling in the last few days. That means you can not only see the total number of orders but the graph of how the product has been selling over time. 

Another social media source you can use is Instagram. And Instagram Ad Spying Method involves creating a new account and following as many promo pages as possible. That will give you a fuller picture of what products are being advertised very often lately. Once you follow many promo pages your explore pages will start being tailored the way that you see lots of ads there as well. Keep scrolling them to reveal other product ideas.

Ready to get to know about the other methods we prepared for you? Read on!

Another recommendation is to search Amazon As Seen on TV for best drop shipping products you’ve seen on television commercials. Discover really trending and validated products that deserve your attention and actually sell. Once you type “As Seen on TV” you will see the endless list of products that have been advertised on TV.

Check Amazon Movers and Shakers, it’s the list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. What’s trending this week? You know that the trending product has a big chance of getting more sales. Explore this opportunity!

Previously on SaleHoo we advised our readers to check such sections as AliExpress’s Hot Products, Amazon’s Best Sellers and eBay’s Trending. In light of this, do not be too lazy to check up on them!

This time we are providing you with 2 more fresh findings!

Amazon’s New & Interesting Finds 
Alibaba’s First Look at Next Season’s Products

Another quick way to find the best drop shipping products is to take product ideas from Amazon, then search for similar products on Facebook and AliExpress. 

Besides, you can collaborate with different suppliers in order to find promising and unique products straight from the source. The more suppliers you work with the more opportunities you have got. Let’s try Chinabrands as your drop shipping supplier, for example. Dropshipping from this leading global drop shipping wholesaler gives an unquestionable advantages to the dropshipper.


No good product research can be done without the right tools!

EcomHunt is an effective tool for finding and selling hot, top-trending products on the internet. It gives its users access to new selling and winning products on a daily basis.
Shopping Insights is a tool created by Google that gives sellers the idea of what products are in demand and what not.
Explore eBay is a helpful pricing tool managed by eBay. It shows trending products, best sellers, prices, and other market data. Come read how it can be used to find products for Shopify! 
Ahrefs is one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market. It’s great for backlinks and SEO analysis.
Zik Analytics is another popular tool that helps sellers find profit-making items to dropship. At the same time it’s a leading e-commerce software platform giving lots of helpful recommendations on how to dropship products fast by categorizing them in the first page of eBay search results.
Niche Scraper is a SaaS tool that allows dropshippers to research for the winning products to sell on their dropshipping stores, spying on best selling products on other Shopify stores.

Places to Find Inspiration

No one is going to enumerate the long list of the best product and market research tools presented in the brilliant article 40 Dropshipping Business Ideas To Make Money From Your Own Home [Suppliers Included] featuring the real items you can take and use to good advantage! In case Pinterest and other websites are not enough for you and you need more places to go for inspiration we can add just a few of the sites to your collection.

Here are shopping websites where you can get more ideas for products that sell:

Kickstarter is a famous funding platform for creative projects. Come check it!
Ssense is an e-commerce and brick-and-mortar luxury and streetwear retailer and an international fashion platform with a large selection of brands.
Wish is an online marketplace for any good you can imagine, namely from beauty products to laptops and selfie lighting.

Social media communities also proved to be a real catch if you are browsing the internet in search of interesting stuff to dropship.

I Want One is a Facebook community with the content that makes you say "I Want One!". Give it a chance to surprise you!
Insider Pages is a short insight of the popular news and trends in different spheres of human life. Check the main page and the related Insider pages like Insider Picks, Tech Insider, Home Insider, Kitchen Insider and so on. There will definitely be something to work perfectly for your target audience!
I Want That is another social community successful dropshipper should be subscribed to in order to know about the products that get people excited!
Best Products is exactly the case when the name speaks for itself. Do not miss that valuable resource!

Summing up, monitor social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! In general, they are goldmines for product research. You can look for the product names and check if there are any viral videos featuring them, or communities dedicated to them. Also remember to visit other shopping websites. You never know where you will get your 6 figure product! 


Discovering the best products for dropshipping is still a crucial task but with the above mentioned tips and presented solutions it isn’t a tough call for an online store owner any more! By now, you have enough knowledge to find the best products to dropship. Good luck with attracting the customers and being profitable with your drop shipping business!


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The article was contributed by DSM Tool. For already 3 year, DSM Tool has been successfully providing drop shipping management software to the dropshippers all over the world. It’s also an all-in-one dropshipping suppliers directory that allows to add products from multiple dropshipping suppliers to an eCommerce store, reprice and sync those products to the store, automate processing the orders and more. 

In the meantime, the Dropship Academy powered by DSM Tool contains comprehensive information about drop shipping and suppliers to collaborate with.


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