Instagram is a popular platform for sharing pictures of people, places, products, and items. Here are tips and ideas for selling your products on Instagram. Using Instagram to introduce products is an excellent way to market new products by showcasing the items on sale. “Seeing is believing”, and Instagram is a great tool to show potential clients the product through pictures and videos of the product. Videos offer a close-up look at the products and the function of a product. By utilizing the various tools that Instagram has to offer, you can generate quality leads regularly.

Selling Your Products on Instagram: 5 Tips1. Take relatable pictures

Instagram users are always on the lookout for relatable and authentic images. The pictures need to be of high quality but not perfect. Businesses can take photos of staff strategizing, product delivery, along with pictures that showcase the product. You can hire a professional to take the images for branding and marketing on social media platforms, but most of the time personal pictures taken on your phone work best. Be careful not to take too many similar photos as this will bore your followers. Always include a great caption and be sure to add a few relevant hashtags to the post.

2. Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have a unique feature which is that it notifies all followers immediately after a story is posted by boosting your story to the front of the queue. Therefore, it is a useful tool for businesses to stand out and effectively reach your target audience. Instagram Stories that are rich in content attract more reactions from followers. A company can post funny stories, pictures of events, and updates from the company to potential customers.

3. Create engaging posts

Engaging posts usually ask Instagram users to state their opinion about a specific subject or invite some sort of response. For example, users can choose between two products and state their reasons. It’s a beautiful way to collect feedback, learn what clients want, and how to improve your products. Include regular engaging posts to get ahead of the Instagram algorithm and discover what clients are looking for from your company.

4. Reposts posts from satisfied customers

Products look amazing when they are on display, but clients like to see the products in real life. Prompting satisfied clients to post your products in use creates a free portfolio of beautiful pictures. You can request permission to repost the best pictures from the owners and use the images and videos on your timeline.

Remember, you need the owner’s permission to post a picture or video as your own otherwise, the credit belongs to the owner.  You can also ask users to post with a hashtag you note so that you can follow and see what is posted and easily share those to your Stories as well.

5. Post interviews and behind the scenes videos

Videos are important on Instagram, especially real-life ones which show behind the scenes activities. Unedited footage shows the real stuff that goes on in a companies quest to deliver quality products to clients. You can post videos on Instagram Stories of your company behind the scenes to build trust and likeability. You can also post interviews with experts and social media influencers testifying to the credibility of your products as another idea.

To conclude, Instagram has quite a few features that make it easy to show off products and boost your brand on the platform. Start implementing these great ideas about selling your products on Instagram today.  By using social media platforms like Instagram well, you can generate brand awareness, grow quality leads and gain new clients.

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