6 Winning Strategies For News Websites In The New Normal

The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus extends to every industry and must be combated with winning strategies. Online publications are not an exception as news websites struggle to adapt and evolve in the new normal. Although news websites have experienced a pullback in business advertising, everything hasn’t been negative for them. As readers are apprehensive about sifting through newspapers, online publications have seen record traffic. 

Readers expect to have all the updates and prefer to access them through their computers and mobile phones, which works in favor of digital publishers. The pandemic has brought a mixed bag for the industry, and it makes sense to have a plan that addresses the issues and strengthens the advantages. Here are some winning strategies you can implement to fortify your news website in the new normal.

Use the power of storytelling 

Even as you showcase the latest news and updates on your site, bringing in a storytelling element is one of the winning strategies. Consider creating a story-based user experience to showcase and promote your content. You can speed up content discovery by categorizing the stories based on the current preferences of the consumers. Give them what they want and make it easy for them to access the stories they like. They are likely to come back for more if your storytelling is impressive enough. 

Serve evergreen content

People have more time and interest in reading right now. Social outings are limited, and many professionals are working from home. So spending time on news websites is one of the favorite pastimes. You can seize the opportunity by serving evergreen content in addition to the regular news bits and articles. There is a lot you can do with evergreen content. Consider pieces that give information about the hobbies they can try at home. Health and wellness articles are a great addition to digital publishing sites because they are likely to garner massive interest and readership at this point. 

Give your website a makeover

If you have been considering a makeover for your news website, now is the best time to get one. Readers want to see something different, and it is vital to embrace a design that excels in UX. Luckily, most publishing sites run on WordPress, and there are many WordPress newspaper themes they can capitalize on. Pick a theme that matches the personality of your site. Ensure that it also aligns with the expectations of your audience base. A modern, stylish, and mobile-friendly theme can take your readership to the next level.

Focus on personalized experiences 

A great look and feel set up your news website for success. But the readers expect much more during a crisis. They want you to be extra conscious about their likes and preferences, so delivering personalized experiences can set you apart. It isn’t going to be much work for online publications. You only have to follow the reader’s data, identify their preferences, and deliver personalized content recommendations to facilitate their reading experience and keep them engaged. Setting up the system may take a little investment, but it will increase the readership and boost loyalty in the long run.

Turn regular visitors into loyal subscribers

Making your news website successful is all about retaining readers for the long haul, and you have the best opportunity to do it. Identify the regular users and nudge them to subscribe. Even as you offer paid packages, provide special discounts and exclusive features to boost engagement. Loyal subscribers generate long-term revenue for the business. If they are happy enough, they will also promote your site through word-of-mouth recommendations. You can even entice them with incentives for referrals if they bring in more subscribers.

Boost mobile engagement

Nothing matters more than boosting mobile engagement for your website because this is where the readers are. A great mobile experience sets you on the right track. It is also the right time to invest in a mobile app if you don’t have one already. Focus on maximizing the number of downloads as apps bring a higher level of reader lock-in and loyalty. You can increase downloads by targeting readers who access your mobile site with attractive download banners. An optimized app experience is vital to ensure that users retain it. 

Making your news website a hit isn’t going to take a huge effort and investment, provided that you pick the right opportunities. Now is the best time to get the business booming and ensure that readers stay for the long haul. Just follow these winning strategies, and you can achieve the highest levels of readership, revenues, and success for your publication.

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