Have a website but no visitors? Great products but no sales? Selling something but hearing crickets?

Building an online presence is more important than ever before. Reaching to millions of people to share what you have has a thrill of its own. That’s where website traffic comes in.

For businesses and marketers, there is one simple rule – to generate more profit. And for that, they need more customers. There are multiple ways people try to get more customers, but the most effective way is to get more traffic to your website.

In this article, you’ll find some useful suggestions to increase your website traffic and thereby increase your conversion rates.

1. Write compelling headlines

Your headline is the first thing that a person reads. Your initial 20% of content decides the fate of the rest of your article. You need to master how to write irresistible headlines. Writers at top publications often write twenty different headlines before they finally settle on one that can drive the most traffic to their website.

2. The Power of On-Page SEO

SEO is more powerful than ever before. Optimizing your content and creating internal links to new content pieces is still a worthwhile practice. Also use meta tags to describe the content of your page. Meta tags is used to tell search engines what a web page is about and can have great impact on search rankings.

3. Spread the word

Having great content is not enough if you don’t have anyone to read it. Sharing your content on different social media platforms is one of the best way to get maximum outreach. Tweet about your best posts on Twitter with short, tempting snippets of content that make readers click on the link to navigate to your website. If you’re a B2B company, promote your content on Google+ to show up in personalized search results. Likewise, photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram are great for B2C product companies.

4. Use software

There are many software’s that can increase your website traffic. But be aware that spam software exists and can be potential viruses. Using authentic software often give immediate results and is a better option to have that can let you focus on other important areas of your business. Traffic Ivy is one such software. Your content gets shared on their internal marketplace immediately after you publish it.

They have paid membership levels to drive sponsored traffic to your website. In case you are looking to try it out, click here to access a sneaky backdoor link to get some traffic for free which you can use today. Sometimes such software’s can provide results that can take ages to get organically.

5. Advertising

Paid advertising on social media platforms is another way of attracting visitors to your website. But the competition here is very high. You will need to target relevant keywords (words that people search for) that provide high commercial intent to get best returns.

6. Allow Guest blogging

Allowing other people to post on your website is the most underrated technique for driving traffic to your website.  When other people post on your website, they share with their own connections which lead to more engagement and thus more traffic to your website. But make sure that you post high quality content to keep your readers engaged and avoid getting flagged down by Google for poor or irrelevant content.

7. Interview People

Interview is no longer for the big folks. You’ll be surprised by the amount of people relevant to your industry who are willing to talk to you if you ask them. Such a step can improve your credibility in the internet world.  Moreover, it will not only increase traffic to your website but its possible that the interviewee will share the content thus expanding its reach further.  

8. Page Speed

Nobody loves a website that takes forever to load. Page loading time affects rankings and it is better to have faster loading times. Make sure to have your website technically optimized. Compressing images according to device size to decrease loading time of your website is a fool proof way to increase your search rankings.

9. Include Videos in your Content

People are visual creatures and they seek visual information at every step. Video content is a great way to engage with your readers on a personal level and attract new visitors. Videtar is one great tool to create videos easily based on your target keyword and has a built-in network embed system that gives you the ability to put your video on thousands of other sites, thereby multiplying your traffic even further!