This is the affiliate email sequence I use for my product launches, which have grossed over $2M.  

Feel free to use it, make it your own, and make your product launch a HUGE success!

If you are new to Autoresponders and want some tips and strategies for email marketing, check out the masterclass article I wrote here.

I seriously LOVE my affiliates.

Newbie Note: Affiliate marketing is where you let other people to promote your products on your behalf, in exchange for a part of any sales they send you.

When releasing a digital product online, one of my favourite traffic sources available is affiliate traffic.

It’s basically the ‘product launchers wet dream‘ of website traffic for two major reasons.

  • Your focus can be more on the product launch itself, than on traffic generation
  • You don’t have to worry about paying them straight away (they only get paid if/when they make a sale)

The biggest benefit for me, is that I can basically hand the traffic side of the launch over to experts where their main focus is sending targeted traffic to affiliate offers.  They do this day in day out.

So it’s vital that you do what you can to provide a lot of benefits for your affiliate, by having a strong marketing funnel, a great selection of copy and paste affiliate tools – AND.. keep them engaged with an action packed, informative affiliate email sequence.

On your JV page (see an example of my Commission Sumo Affiliate page here, or Ultimate Banner Plugin JV page here) you need to have an optin form to capture leads of people interested in promoting your product when it goes live.

On that JV list I usually have ONE email lined up to go out automatically in the affiliate email sequence. If you want to see the full example, go and sign up to one of my JV lists above, basically I put all of the info in there they need at a glance. It’s a nice welcome touch, makes sure they are clear on what they need and have things ready when they need it.

The other emails, I send as broadcasts, not autoresponder messages – because then I can give more of a personal touch to the  affiliate email sequence with real time updates and information based on whatever is happening during the launch, testimonials from users etc.

Having an affiliate list is how you will build up momentum and if this is your first launch, it might be small, but keep at it – and stick to the sequence, so each release you do can keep growing in strength each time.

affiliate email sequence

Planning out your affiliate email sequence is especially useful one of two things happens ON launch:

1) Your launch is a raging success and you are too busy to think, breathe, eat and sleep, let alone come up with great stuff for email content to JV’s

2) Your launch is SLOW… and you need to get affiliates engaged, keep them engaged and give them a reason to mail.   If you DO have traffic and it’s converting poorly, ask some people who are supporting your launch for feedback on sales copy, angles, headlines etc. As long as you have a solid product and you’ve done your research etc. and know that it’s something people will want to buy – then the only thing left to do is sell it.

So, don’t be shy – get in FB groups, listen to any feedback objectively (try not to take it personally… listen to the message they are trying to say).. and make it better.

On either one of these situations, you should be mailing JV’s to get them first of all ready to promote – and secondly – when you go live, keep them mailing and remembering that YES! you do have a launch on.

Affiliates are your greatest resource when launching, because you only have to pay when a sale is made. They spend their time and use their resources to promote your sale (and they get paid for that of course, with sales from your product) – so treat them AWESOMELY and listen to any feedback they have for you.

Also – don’t feel like you need to have hundreds of affiliates supporting your launch. Obviously more is better, but if you can get a handful (even 3-5) people supporting it who REALLY believe in your product and your sales message and you have a strong marketing funnel in place, you can quite easily do a 5-6 or even 7 figure launch.

Here is the sequence I generally use when communicating with my affiliates:

Email #1- Is only applicable if you have done other launches. If this is your first launch, you can start from Email #2 and put more of your time and effort into recruitment strategies in the lead up to one week out, so you have people on your JV list to mail.

Email #1
When to send: one month out
What to send: launch announcement – let them know when the new product is coming out, so they could add it to their calendar and promotion schedule.

Email #2
When to send: one week out
What to send: launch info – tell them more about the product (niche, buyer profile, what will you do for the launch, where will the launch take place, etc.)

Email #3
When to send: 5 days out
What to send: sales letter preview – show affiliates a part of the product’s sales page copy, help them adapt the tone of their own materials, so it will be in tune with what you are selling.

Email #4
When to send: 3 days out
What to send: affiliate links – give access to affiliate links, a complete and detailed launch schedule, a way for affiliates to take advantage of early bird prices, etc.

Email #5
When to send: 2 days out
What to send: swipe files – offer affiliate access to swipe files, early bird deals, extra materials like additional graphics and videos, affiliate links, a reminder on the time of the launch.

Email #6
When to send: 1 day out
What to send: support resources – give affiliates ways of reaching out and access to FAQs, relink to extra materials, detailed schedule, affiliate links, etc.

Email #7
When to send: 3 hours out
What to send: launch countdown – give access to support resources, remind people the launch is happening.

Email #8
When to send: launch time
What to send: it’s happening now – announce that you are live.

Email #9
When to send: 12 hours in
What to send: good news – send a short update on sales and positive feedback received from those that got their hands on the product.

Email #10
When to send: 24 hours in
What to send: leaderboard – show a leaderboard 24 hours update, and thank your affiliates.

Email #11
When to send: each day after launch
What to send: updates – don’t stop emailing your affiliates with good news and stats to keep them engaged.

Keep in mind: Show your affiliates that people love your product and that it has the potential to make them money, but stick to the truth and keep them engaged with prizes, extra resources, giveaways.

Don’t be intimidated by the sequences, they’re simple tools designed to help you market your product effectively. Whatever question you might have, there is always an answer waiting to be shared, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can even do so down below, in the comments section.