I was fortunate enough to catch Ann Handley during a rare moment when she was not surrounded by eager content marketers after speaking at the 2013 Content2Conversion conference a few weeks ago, and even more fortunate when Ann shared her current views on content marketing and video marketing for our thought leadership series.
Ann, the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, shared where she saw content marketing heading overall, where she saw video playing a key role, and also offered up some great advice on what content marketers should be thinking about and doing right now.

True to Ann’s advice, I’ve broken up her interview into 3 parts to “keep it short”.

In this first part, Ann shares some of her research findings on the rising interest in video content. She also talks about how marketers are using video in so many interesting ways, including using it to amplify other pieces of content. Ann also references a great example of “video as content amplifier” from our friends at Marketo.

Enjoy and stay tuned to more from Ann!

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