Benefits of Multilingual Digital Marketing Teams

Marketing is essential if you and your brand or business aim to gain global success. However, in order to reach that global scale and be effective in various foreign markets, being able to write content in native languages is critical, as it will allow your business to better connect with consumers. Having multilingual digital marketing teams or approach can help you achieve this, as well as help grow and expand your market. Here are the major benefits of having a multilingual digital marketing teams and functions. 

People are more likely to buy in their own language 

When shopping, people can be put off by products or websites that are advertised in a different language than the one they’re used to. This is because the disconnect of verbal and written communication can make product descriptions unclear and thus make the product or service appear untrustworthy. To better improve your business’ chances of making a conversion, using a multilingual marketing approach can help encourage customers from multiple different markets to engage with your products more frequently. 

Eurobarometer found in a survey that 85% of casual Internet users wouldn’t do shopping in a language that isn’t their own, meaning that translating your pages and social media can help open you up to a wider audience. One of the best ways to translate your copy is to use a qualified translation service, such as

Better search engine optimization 

To attract more customers to your business, regardless of origin and language, you need to help ensure that you can be found easily. To help boost your SEO and make sure you rank more competitively on search engines, content should be translated into multiple languages. 

This is extremely important for businesses that operate on a global level, because if a significant percentage of your customer base speaks a different language then your business should do so too.

A multilingual team will know the context 

When marketing in different countries and economies, a simple, direct translation may not be enough to cut it. This is because countries differ from each other in interests, cultures, and ways of life, meaning something that might be engaging in one region might not be in another; it could even be offensive. A multilingual, or even better, a multicultural digital marketing team will be aware of these differences and know how to write to a specific audience, making your brand and product more appealing in whatever region you’re promoting in. For example, the writing style and imagery used to attract an American audience are very different from the ones used for a Japanese audience, so marketers need to take this into account when planning their marketing strategy for different regions. Having a multilingual team will better prepare your marketing department for that challenge.

There’s a rapid increase in Internet users from different countries 

To be accessible to 80% of the Internet, your content needs to be written in 12 different languages. This is because as more people from around the world get access to online technology, such as mobile phones and tablets, there is an increasing number of users who speak different languages. Being able to connect with these new users gives your business a competitive edge over other businesses in your domain and can help you improve your global brand as well.  So, if you are global or thinking about being more global, a multilingual digital marketing team is key.

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