Brazil is the premier nation in equally Latin and South America, as well as the fifth major and seventh most populated in the environment. The money of Brazil is Brasilia, and the most populated city is Sao Paulo. Brazil consists of 26 states and the Federal District.

The Brazilian nation is deemed as one of the most various and multicultural due to the fact of the migration from all about the planet.

Economically, Brazil is the regional middle electrical power. It has the strongest emerging financial state in Latin The usa and the twelfth most significant GDP in the entire world. In accordance to the Planet Financial institution, Brazil has an higher-center money economy and the biggest share of global wealth in South Africa.

It has the strongest rising financial state in Latin The us and the twelfth biggest GDP in the world

Which verticals accomplish most effective?

Brazil is a substantial and rewarding GEO with these leading verticals as:


What makes Brazil that good for iGaming? Nicely, very first, this GEO is not overcrowded. 2nd, there are no rough governmental restrictions below. And finally, locals are insane about iGaming and football. As Statista highlights, 48% of the inhabitants perform on the internet 1-3 situations a 7 days. These three variables make iGaming just excellent for Brazil.

To know the greatest marketing campaign time, head that Brazilians enjoy Brazilian Série A, The UEFA Champions League, and Liga MX.

As Statista highlights, 48% of the populace enjoy on the net 1-3 occasions a week


Another fruitful vertical for Brazil is Finance and specifically – Buying and selling presents. This kind of classes as Credit score Playing cards, Crypto, Forex trading, and Binary are preferred amid Brazilians.

As for the Credit rating Playing cards delivers, which are extremely common amongst Brazilians, make sure you intellect that to make your ads appropriate, you really should only endorse their area financial institutions, like Santander and Banco do Brasil.


From 2014 to 2020, Brazil was in a deep economic disaster. Correct in the course of the recovery of 2020, the COVID pandemic afflicted the overall economy once again. So the locals do know what economical issues are. Therefore, they eagerly look for for earning possibilities, as perfectly as freebies. And right here is when Sweepstakes, a single of the most financially rewarding Brazilian verticals, steps on the stage.


It’s tough to name a GEO, exactly where Dating is not popular, and it is also real for Brazil. Brazilians are incredibly social and communicative, so they might be interested in Dating presents a whole lot. Just head that focusing on BR for Courting, you should really choose related creatives — typically, with Brazilian females and males on your banners.

Stats: visitors volumes, turnover expansion

Right here are the stats (1/05/2022 – 1/08/2022) that display how formats complete and increase:

Brazil best performing ads format

Generally, all formats present great final results, though On?lick and Force are genuine prime performers for Brazil. Beneath, we will give some start recommendations about the campaign launch and CPA features to opt for for these advertisement formats.

Tips on marketing campaign launch

And here are some suggestions from Anastasiya Khegay, Senior Account Strategist at PropellerAds:

As we can conclude from our data, all the major campaigns are introduced with iGaming gives. Affiliates usually launch them on Onclick, with a landing webpage primary straight to the registration web page. What is a lot more, Finance apps, in particular Fx tutorials and Credit rating Playing cards provides, convert enormously in Brazil.

Let’s look at the stats by platforms (1/05/2022 – 1/08/2022):

Ads platform stats

Below are probable campaign environment for you Brazilian campaign:

  • Vertical: iGaming / Finance (Fx tutorial, Credit score Playing cards) / Sweepstakes
  • Advertisement structure: Onclick / Drive
  • Platform: Android – Cellular / Home windows – Desktop
  • Pricing design: CPC

So, you should fork out particular attention to iGaming, which is a genuine leader in BR, but you can also attempt Currency trading, Credit rating Cards (Santander Financial institution and Banco de Brasil), and Sweepstakes.

For Onclick, use creatives with unique evidence and good results stories, for Thrust – desirable Finance banners are suggested. We will show you some illustrations below.

Examples of creatives that get the job done

Brazil Finance Ad Creative

As we described, doing the job with this GEO, you are advised to use Portuguese the most popular language. And listed here is the translation of our examples:

Devote now Check out earning with your cellular phone

A Mystery Trading Program Verify now

What makes them desirable? The first a single features a genuinely eye-catching pic with funds (it is real that users’ eyes adhere to these pictures quickly). Additionally, the textual content – an simple way to get money with the aid of your smartphone appears intriguing. This could be just the scenario when you only trace what you supply – that evokes interest and encourages people to master how a smartphone can turn into an instrument for dollars-producing.

The second Thrust has graphs acquainted to all traders – they are aimed at people who appear for earning chances on the internet. The graphs make it exact and certain – you demonstrate that this is a Fx supply without the need of even mentioning the name. As for the text, listed here we have a magic phrase – “secret”. Such wording is terrific for educational apps for investing – it’s like you supply one thing not acquainted to regular traders (most probably, some insights that could do the job).

Brazil Ads Creative Sample


This dude broke the procedure Now he earns from his mentor

Robust wording like “broke the system” appeals to interest right away, even though a probability to “earn from the coach” is a dream of any person, certainly. Such a copy can motivate everyone to simply click.

The button ought to lead to a landing page, exactly where buyers can go through the complete story of a productive man, who made use of your Trading software and uncovered how to generate cash. These kinds of tales are encouraging and serve as social proof – “if a person else did it, then I can do it, too”.


Brazil must be a person of the ideal GEOs for Finance and iGaming strategies, primarily Credit rating Cards. Each time you endorse iGaming delivers, make absolutely sure to decide on Onclick as a format and a landing that brings users correct to the registration type, where by they execute focus on actions. As for Finance, target on academic apps that assistance people grasp the concepts of productive buying and selling.

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