Clever Ideas To Improve Your Email Management

Poor email management can make you lose time. Being behind on important emails is not a professional situation to be in. On the other hand, nowadays with email being the main channel for communication, there are so many emails heading into our mailboxes. Keeping up with our emails is a major task that should take only a small fraction of our time. Here are a few clever ideas that may help you improve your email management:

Cleaning Tools

Discover what tools your specific email has within its system for efficiently clearing the field of your inbox. The ability to archive an email that may be interesting to you but not immediately pertinent for later reading during your free time is one of those useful tools. Learning shortcut keys further saves you time and effort. By learning the shortcut key for  “Delete”, you can quickly dissolve an email that takes up unnecessary space in your inbox. By mastering the cleaning tools available to you, you can clear away distractions and better focus your awareness on important emails.


Becoming time efficient is an important skill in this day and age. For those who commute to work, perhaps taking a bus or train, the time that it takes to travel may be used for checking emails if your mobile phone is equipped with the ability to be synchronized or merged with your work computer. The experts of have come up with a novel solution that merges your work devices from your mobile phone to your office computer so that you can access your work files on each device seamlessly. You can review work files or get ahead on your emails even on your commute.


Keeping your inbox clean allows you to immediately see important emails as they arrive. You can make use of lists or labels to help you sort out or compartmentalize your emails for later review. Classifying emails in your own way lets you have a personalized and organized system. This allows you to easily track everything and whenever you need a specific email it is easy to find.

Use Filters

Use the available options that your email provider should have to filter the emails that you receive. Imagine different boxes for different items. Using filters you can collect your emails in different folders so that they are easy to find. Newsletters can go straight to their own folder and emails that are not important can be intercepted as spam. Tinker with your email settings to fine-tune your filters. This will pay off by giving you a more organized email system.


Observe the emails that you receive. Perhaps there is a newsletter that you were once interested in that you no longer really read anymore. This newsletter continues to keep knocking on your door of attention, but admit it, you no longer want to spare your precious minutes to so much as browse it. Liberate yourself and your inbox space by unsubscribing this newsletter and similar distractions.

Clever Ideas To Improve Your Email Management

Set Aside Email Time

Dedicate time for reading and responding to emails but stay within those self-imposed limits. Give yourself an hour or whatever amount of time you judge to be sufficient for the focused task of reading and responding to your emails. By respecting this window of time that is dedicated to emails alone, you are able to make effective use of your time. Multi-tasking may sound as if you are doing so many things but the reality is that people accomplish more when they make use of their time in a more focused way.

Avoid engaging in an email tennis match by not responding right away to an email which you have just received. Chances are that the sender of this email will respond to you quickly and just as quickly you have been drawn into an email tennis match that could otherwise have been responded to in a clear and concise manner.

The clever ideas we have explored are common sense ways to manage your emails. However, it is not always easy to practice these ideas because old habits may reassert themselves. The importance of improving your email management will bring you the benefits of a more professional way of doing things so that you are able to respond quickly to the important messages that come your way.

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