Great Books That Shape How We Think

There is a saying about how we become the way we think. If it’s true that thinking is also our becoming, then there is so much work we should do to improve our thinking process as it greatly affects our actions every day. We have to learn and acquire knowledge and information that would bring about wisdom and positive influence. In doing so, you may source out books that help you out. To start a list of great books to help you shape how you think, check the following:

1. If I Could Tell You Just One Thing by Richard Reed

Seldom do we meet people of high importance and great deeds that is why this book is interesting as it shares the author’s encounter with such people and the most valuable advice they have. You may find some of the people you look up to share their wisdom and insights through their own experiences in this book.

People seek valuable advice from people who made it successful in life. This book promises different perspectives from different success stories as they give important lessons about business and success. We can find that the important figures from various industries in this book are candid with their advice to the author and it is brilliantly shared with all of us.

2. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio

The author of this book is also one remarkable individual and is known by some of the icons of business and technology. He has founded one of the largest investment firms in America and is included in the most influential people in the world. That is one of the biggest reasons why his book, Principle: Life and Work, is a great catch. It is written by an experienced and successful man himself. 

Dalio explains in his book what he had learned over the course of his long and exceptional career which includes building systematized rules and principles to guide your every action and decision-making. This book of numerous practical guides and tools that you can use within your company for the benefit of the people working in it. This is one of the best leadership books read by other great leaders too that you find some of them giving commendation and good reviews about it. This is great for aspiring leaders who are venturing into the investment industry. 

Great Books That Shape How We Think

3. The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership by Bill Walsh, Steve Jamison, Craig Walsh

They say coaches don’t play and that may be true for some but definitely not for Bill Walsh who is an exemplary football coach and one of the authors of this amazing book. He believed that coaching and running a game is no different from running a multi-billion business, it’s all in the right principles, attitude, and actions. This book encourages its readers to take things under their control including the processes and solutions to problems and let the score, which is the outcome of these processes, take care of itself. 

4. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

This book will literally inspire you to seek inspiration and make other people be inspired as well. You could always watch him in his talks and how he explains what successful business and companies have in common. It is in asking the right questions which often start with Why. This book will make you do a lot of thinking and questioning to figure out the right purpose and reason for your every action.

They say experience is the best teacher and so it would be very difficult to learn valuable lessons ourselves and our own experiences especially if you are still young. This is the reason why these books are great reads because we are able to learn from the lives and thinking of great leaders. Everyone starts at one point and you may start with greater leverage because of these books.


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