It is undoubtedly tough for upcoming musicians to gain a strong foothold in the music industry. Gaining exposure, especially when there are tons of equally well-deserving artists around, can be a challenge for many. So, marketing yourself on a platform like SoundCloud that can multiply your audience by a lot becomes very essential. SoundCloud has an average of 200 million monthly listeners which is more than that of Spotify. This is why we have made a guide that can help you gain more SoundCloud followers and also gain SoundCloud plays.

SoundCloud has been valuable in building the careers of musicians like Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert, and Kygo. SoundCloud is an excellent place to connect with others in the same field and build your following by teaming up with influencers. Without any delay, let’s get you started on the path to gain SoundCloud plays.


Your profile name is going to be the first thing a person sees when they land on any one of your profiles. When someone listens to your music and they go on SoundCloud to see your profile, they are going to put in the same name you have in your other profiles. Make sure that your name is the very same on all social media handles to prevent confusion. Don’t make any variations in an attempt to sound cool, which may end up costing you, followers. This also included optimizing your profile URL to the same name too. It may sound trivial, but many people want to try different names when they are starting and end up making a mess of the situation. By making a proper profile you can gain more SoundCloud followers quickly. 


If you just focus on tidying up your profile and end up publishing low-quality tracks, it won’t be of any use. Upload tracks that have been recorded properly, mixed, and mastered to gain SoundCloud play that will put you on the map. Also, try to upload content that people like, or it might just get lost in the sea of new music. Be consistent in your posting, or your audience will not be able to connect with your music properly. People must understand your style and associate you with the epitome of musical success. You can also use cover art that symbolizes your music or a track to generate more SoundCloud followers. It gives the impression that the album is professional and it is worth a person’s time to listen to it. 


Uploading previews will allow your audience to listen to a clipping of the full track and keep them on their toes. This is a good step for when you have built a substantial following, but not as a beginner. Your followers might be motivated to give your music a chance and consider upgrading their account on SoundCloud. When you get a good following and can attract them through previews, it is possible to get record deals. Don’t just give away all the talent you have for free, you should know your worth and increase your price before you lose that chance. You can also gain SoundCloud plays by naming your tracks properly so that it becomes easier to search for them for your followers. It is one of the best ways to be heard in the crowd.


While SoundCloud functions like a social media platform it is not the first choice of networking. Make sure that you add the links to all your other profiles be it Instagram, Twitter, or Spotify so that your followers have other avenues to connect to you. Some may not use the same platform you use, so it is better to have options available at hand. You can use the bio section to share profile links or to display a link to a track. In your bio, you can also mention any labels you are associated with, giving you more of a chance to obtain more SoundCloud followers. Add your contact information so that people know you are serious about recording songs and making a good career out of it. 


By commenting on other tracks you are making your music heard too. You form a connection with fellow artists and also receive inspiration for your future tracks. Don’t be too pushy in the comment, a nice compliment goes a long way in forming a long-term bond. You get honest reviews and can improve on any inconsistencies in your music by asking your peers to take a look at it. If any listener comments on your track you can reply politely and thank them for giving you a chance. You can even directly message more popular influencers, as this is the best way to get in touch with them and ask them to lend an ear to your album. You can even get a good collaboration through this and gain SoundCloud plays for your music, and get more SoundCloud followers.


There are additional services on SoundCloud that cost money, but as a beginner, you need to focus on building a good following before you decide to spend money on additional features. SoundCloud is still being used by many music celebrities to get their music out and stay connected with their audience. For a beginner, it is a wonderful way to get exposure as SoundCloud is not just about uploading music but also a social networking site. You can re-post, comment, and contact larger pages to feature your music.

The audience also likes to follow someone who takes the time to be connected to them and engages. So if you are serious about embarking on a musical career, SoundCloud might just be the platform for you to start from. Now go ahead immediately and act on your dreams soon! 

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