Helium 10- What Is It and How To Get Started With It?

For the past year, online selling has reached an all-time high. The majority of individuals get a vast percentage of their goods from the Internet. Whether it’s apps to get food delivered, programs to get groceries brought to their door, or rare collector’s items from across the world, the Internet is where we all go to buy things. On the flipside, times have never been better for online stores. People who had their foothold on e-commerce, are now reaping the insane benefits of being an earlier adopter. The biggest of these online stores is Amazon. But Amazon isn’t just Jeff Bezos selling all of these items. Amazon is a platform for others to sell. Within that, the competition is extremely fierce. It only makes sense to use a service that gives you a bit of an upper hand.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a Commerce solutions service that gives you everything you need to thrive on Amazon. It’s like giving your e-commerce store an unfair advantage over the competition. The only thing that makes it fair, is that anyone can buy into the service. What makes helium 10 great is the amount you get from a single package. Where others would charge multiple fees for individual aspects of a business solutions package, helium 10 puts it out in front. They give you everything that you need to get ahead of the game in terms of search engine optimization, product research, market research, and sales metrics.

How Does It Give Me an Edge?

Not only does helium 10 help you out with your stats, and let you know what the competition is doing as well. It tracks seasonal trends within specific niches. If you happen to be selling a certain seasonal item, it can put out everything you need to know about the market and the search traffic using the top associated terms. You can get a feel of the market and correlate that with what the top sellers are doing. From there, you can make all the moves you want. You can have an educated trajectory as your Amazon store grows. Honestly, there are not many services out there that can provide so much value under one umbrella. Not for this price tag, at least.

How Do I Sign Up?

So signing up for helium 10 isn’t difficult at all. Like all business solutions services, it’s a product. You choose a payment scheme, you choose a method of procurement, and you stick to the terms. If you pay for unlimited access, you can interact with the product as such. If you have limited or targeted access, once again you can tailor your use to the aspect of the product you pay for. In helium 10, you have three paid tiers of access. You have platinum, diamond, and elite. Depending on how much you want your business to grow, you can choose the introductory levels or go straight to the elite. Either way, you’re shooting lightyears ahead of the competition. 

In this day and age, where everybody has an e-commerce store, it pays to have the advantage. We are in this for the long haul. Why not put in a little bit extra into a service that makes your life a whole lot easier? Focus on the things that matter to you. Focus on your products. Focus on creating sound business practices. Don’t stress over the minutiae. Helium 10 can take care of that.

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