Increase your restaurant business Instagram following – Smart tips by food influencers

Do you love food? Do you want to share multiple platters online? And do you also wish to share the best dishes in your restaurant on Instagram? If yes, then chances are you are clicking the best food pictures before you consume it yourself or serve it to your customers with your iPhone or an Android Smartphone. You might also consider adding the best filter, writing engaging content, and sharing it online. That’s how most of the general content and food content gets shared on Instagram. And that’s precisely how you get your following and likes increased as well.

However, there’s another way to increase your restaurant page likes and followers on Instagram? You can join hands with companies that help you purchase these likes. There’s no fixed template for this. And you can choose based on your needs and requirements. For instance, in the initial days of your Instagram brand building, you might as well buy 50 likes Instagram for your restaurant page or food blogging profile. People love to follow Instagram accounts that have a heavy follower count. When you have more followers, you attract a few more every day. That’s how you conquer part of the game.  

What do the influencers have to say? 

While the process of purchasing Instagram likes and followers might seem exciting, you need to move beyond that. According to Instagram and other media influencers, it is essential for restaurant owners, food bloggers, and recipe experts to test several approaches and decide which works best in adding more to their follower count. No one size fits all! Also, different brands have different requirements. A food blogger might be happy with 30 likes/followers increasing in a month. However, a restaurant owner might want an increased frequency of likes and followers to increase.

A few of the tried and tested strategies to use include:


You need to be yourself always


Individuality is attractive! People want to follow brands and profiles online that are original and have something unique to offer. Being authentic will help you to share multiple perspectives with your online audience, and that will impress them and others. For instance, if you are clicking a picture of caramel custard, cheesecake, cupcake, or any other dessert, choose a unique camera angle. Make sure that you add attractive texts on the image and yet keep it clutter-free. That way, your audience will develop a liking for the distinctive pictures you take.

Express your individuality not just about your images, but other aspects as well. For instance, bring in new topics for people to discuss. Your online users should remember you for your posts. 


Interact with likeminded people


Have you been taking inspiration from an Instagram account sharing platter décor or recipes? If yes, then you need to thank that person for the same. It is essential to establish contact and connect with people who enrich you with ideas. That person might not be someone associated with the food industry directly. He/she might be a food blogger or is a traveler who shares exciting posts. It’s a smart call to establish an association with this person.

Increase your restaurant business Instagram following


Always have a common theme 


Consistency is essential when you are trying to create an online impression. For instance, if you want to get counted as a new-age food brand, make sure you share contemporary platters, from various parts of the world. Also, if you wish to bring the aspect of healthy eating, make sure that you encourage people to eat gluten-free and use the same ingredients in your recipes. Also, keep a day in the week reserved for sharing vegan or other healthy recipes using frugal means. Throw similar challenges and choose a winner as well. It will help you to create a reputation for your restaurant brand. Make sure that you stay consistent at all these attempts. It will make your audience engrossed with your brand, and they will keep looking for interesting posts, images, stories, videos, updates, and the like.


Use the best lighting in images


It’s essential to do justice for what Instagram got created! That is stunning images. So, if you want to click the best pictures of tasty platters, salads, desserts, restaurant décor, customers gathering in your eatery, chefs garnishing the dishes, and the like, make sure that you click the images in natural light. Your online followers wouldn’t want to see blurry images. It’s essential to use the correct filters and color enhancements. If you have a high-resolution picture, you can experiment with other aspects. Make sure that you click the images of the “dish of the week” and other masterpieces in broad daylight.

These are some of the steps that will help you make the best picture and another content post. And that will interest your existing and other potential customers, which will help you add up the total follower and like count. 

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