How Much Do Yoga Instructors Earn Today?
The thousands of years old tradition of yoga is skyrocketing in popularity around the world, with 20.4 million people participating in yoga in 2012. Today, yoga is present in many forms of life, such as hospitals, schools, and workplaces, especially in the United States where a growing percentage of Americans say they plan to try it at least once a year.

For yogis who have practiced for a long period of time, the idea to take the steps and become a yoga instructor is very attractive.

If you are one of those people asking “How much do yoga instructors make?” and whether becoming a yoga instructor is worth it in the long run, this article is for you.

How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make a Year?

According to CNN, teaching yoga can typically clock in a salary as high as $62,900 per year. This, however, shouldn’t be taken as the case everywhere.

The average yoga teacher salary can vary depending on the area you live in, how often they teach, and whether they teach part-time or full time.

Most instructors will likely begin their yoga teaching careers at a yoga studio. Along with a place to gain and retain potential clients, they provide a space where instructors can grow their skills. At a studio, classes can charge students based on individual classes, memberships, workshops and retreats, instructor training, and selling yoga retail.

Yoga teacher salary per hour can typically range from $7.25 to $69.25 per hour, which is quite a large one. This range depends on an instructor’s amount of experience, typical clients, and style of teaching. Yoga instructors at studios who want to work more on a full-time basis will also provide administrative and managerial services

They can also be paid per class, which can be listed for $35 as a new teacher versus $75 per class at an established and well-known yoga studio.

A yoga teacher salary per year, because most yoga instructors tend to teach part-time, can typically range from as low as $19,640 to a high of $74,520 per year, according to the 2018 Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Ways to Earn More as a Yoga Instructor

There isn’t an easy way to gain more money quickly, but thanks to the internet, there are more ways of growing your marketing and social media presence online through video classes, subscriptions to yoga merch, and educational materials. Another way is to market yourself as a private instructor outside the studio

How Do You Become A Yoga Instructor?

How to start becoming a yoga teacher… is to want to become one.

While that seems like a simple phrase, it really is the first step.

Teaching different yoga styles are very common. Some of the most common styles instructors can learn to teach within an Online Yoga Teacher Training program is Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, or Ashtanga Vinyasa. Completing a certified teaching course will increase your credibility and help students and other studios recognize you, stand out from the crowd, and boost your income.

Become An Instructor and Think Outside the Mat

When it comes to asking how much do yoga instructors make, it can be intimidating to think about which direction to take, but hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of how viable being a yoga instructor will help you income-wise.

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