During my last weekly webinar/Clubhouse chat, a very savvy marketer named Desiree told us about the Facebook Green Light Challenge.

boost facebook engagement

I hadn’t heard of this before. Honestly, it sounds like something you’d see on TikTok with teenagers running around their cars at traffic lights or something.

But nope, it’s actually a really cool way to boost your audience’s engagement on Facebook.

Here’s how it works…

Log into Facebook and go to your messenger. You’re going to want to head down to the bottom of the messenger list, as these are the folks you engage with the least.

What you’re looking for are people who have the little green light next to their name, which tells you they’re active right now.

You then set aside 30 minutes or so and start going engaging with these “green light” folks.

You comment on their Facebook story.

You ask a question on their timeline.

You “like” and “share” their content.

You give them some love on their timelines, and then you move onto the next person on the list.

The key here is that you do NOT re-engage anyone on your list until your 30-minutes is up. Don’t answer any replies or react to anything. You need to invest your entire 30 minutes in engaging people for the first time.

The theory is that the Green Light Challenge recirculates people into your algorithm and they’ll start seeing your Facebook posts again.

Which brings us to the next step…

Once your time is up, then you can post on your own timeline. The key here is to post content that creates engagement. You know your audience, so you know what they like. This might be a tip, a quote, something inspirational, a meme, a video snippet or something else.

Desiree let us know that one really good method to boost Facebook engagement is to do a Facebook Live video… but be sure to do it for at least an hour. The longer you stay live, the more folks will come streaming in.  Some folks suggest that you can get up to ten times the viewers on longer live sessions versus short ones.

Take note that this isn’t a “one and done” type of thing. You’ll get better results if you do this on a regular basis.

You can set aside a little time each week or even every day to do the Green Light Challenge. While Desiree mentioned doing it for 30 or even 45 minutes at a time, you can squeeze this into whatever time you have – even 10 or 15 minutes is going to make a difference.

This strategy works best if you already have a big community in place. If you need a little help growing your audience, then be sure to check out these tips for organically growing a community without spending a dime in advertising.

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