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If you run a business, products website, or news site, you understand the challenges of maintaining an engaged user base. Even with an effective marketing channel, you should ensure that your client base remains actively engaged throughout. That said, besides email marketing and social media engagement strategies, push notifications from software like NOTIX provide an effective way to engage and retain your audience in real-time.

With proven effectiveness, it’s time to make use of NOTIX web push notifications. This audience engagement platform allows businesses, and media agencies to send real-time notifications to multiple subscribers.

Who Should Use NOTIX

Website owners, businesses, affiliates, and media agencies can significantly benefit from this tool. With the flexibility to work with a database of any size, real-time statistics, easy API integration, and instant outreach, NOTIX helps users engage with their audience and can help businesses perform different needed functions with push notifications.

Key Features of NOTIX

The following features make NOTIX one of the best web push notifications platforms:

Web Notifications

Web push notifications significantly vary from mobile app push notifications. Some key differentiating components include its use cases, appearance, functionality, opt-in rates, engagement rates, and reach.

As you may know, successful push notifications rely on people opting into them. For web push notifications, customers have to choose between “allow and block” for opting in.  Web push notifications send messages to customers who visit your website and agree to opt-in. Therefore, to increase opt-in rates, make sure that your website has quality content and a highly customized notification request.


Geolocation, as the name suggests, involves identifying your customer’s physical location. Combining the power of geolocation with push notifications is marketing magic that leads to an overly personalized customer experience.

Geo triggered push notifications allows a business to send information to clients using data obtained from their current or previous locations in order that they can deliver the most appropriate message to the appropriate user. Such notifications can be triggered once the client enters or leaves specific landmarks, such as cities or countries, and delivers to them the most relevant message based on their history of visits.

For example, the geolocation feature from NOTIX is perfect for informing customers about nearby promotions or events, recommended stores and restaurants, or sending them health and weather alerts. For instance, coupon services can take advantage of this feature to inform subscribed customers about discounts and deals on nearby restaurants.

Device Targeting

Targeting specific devices is another excellent feature that makes NOTIX a good choice. Smartphones have currently overtaken the global market with an undebatable increase in mobile engagement from customers. More customers browse your website, interact with applications, read messages, and participate in other interactions using their mobile devices.

As such, you should consider incorporating push notifications to engage smartphone as well as desktop users with valid content in real-time. This feature enables users to send push notifications to mobile devices with already identified installation IDs who have opted to receive messages.  It is always done by consent so there is no potential for misuse.

As noted, there is also the ability to send desktop notifications that will reach users in their browser.  This is a great way to stay top of mind and increase engagement with users.

Campaign Segmentation

Campaign segmentation is an essential aspect of every marketing strategy. Segmented push notifications marketing campaign makes it easy to target your customers with relevant messages. It also promotes customer engagement, leads to high conversion rates, and improves the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Segmented push notifications will be sent to a specific targeted group according to the goal of your marketing campaign instead of the entire subscriber list. NOTIX uses several criteria to segment push notifications, such as browser language, specific subscription page, region or geographic indicators, subscription date, platform, and browser type.

Get started for Free Now

Yes, NOTIX is still free to try for now and there will always be a free plan available for lower volumes!  How can you go wrong with free? Paid plans with additional features will begin in quarter 2 of 2021. 


Like any other marketing strategy, it is important to get insights on notification effectiveness and identify users who engage with them. With the NOTIX analytics feature, you can easily identify push notifications with high read rates, identify the most engaging, and notifications with high click-through-rates. With such information, you can refine your push notification messaging accordingly.


Push notifications are an awesome marketing strategy, as they enable users to send direct messages to customer’s devices in real-time. Unlike email marketing, notifications sent directly to a customer’s phone are difficult to ignore. However, you should run the push notifications strategy with care to offer the best and most meaningful messages to subscribers.

With NOTIX, there is the ability to work with databases of any size.  The service is able to handle very large numbers of mailings or collected subscribers to ensure quality service and deliverability.

So, with this backdrop on the strength of the platform and the benefits of delivering timely, relevant messages to subscribers, now is the time to try NOTIX for free!

Ensure that you run push notifications the right way by identifying specific goals, use a convincing opt-in message, and make the messages timely and relevant. When done so, NOTIX web push notification tool can be a highly effective tool for your push notifications marketing strategy.

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