How to Promote Your Business in Style

When you’re looking to get your business off the ground and into consumers’ fields of view, you need to market yourself and promote your brand. In this article, you’ll learn how best to promote your business in style — in both offline and online worlds — to encourage consumers to trade with you. By following the advice provided below, you’ll have a better understanding of the finest ways to promote your new business, earning you more custom and higher profits as a result. 

Digital Marketing

If you’re already set up with a website and a handful of social media profiles, you’ll be ready to extend your digital footprint and grab the eye of digital consumers by using a variety of simple digital marketing techniques. Your objective is not just to spread your business across the internet through paid adverts, but also to draw in your target demographic onto your website where they’ll likely trade with you. Digital marketing techniques which can help your business include:

Using SEO techniques to ensure your website ranks higher on Google’s search results
Using targeted paid adverts to get access to the consumers you’re most interested in trading with
Leveraging your social media profiles to encourage users on those platforms to view your website
Building out an email marketing campaign that allows you to encourage repeat custom from existing customers

All of these can be achieved without the help of specialist digital marketing experts, though you may find that outsourcing your digital promotions is the best option for your company, especially in the shorter term. They’ll be best able to guarantee you a return on your marketing investment when promoting online.

Professional Network

As you’re starting out in business, you’ll find that your professional network — those people you’ve connected with over the course of your career — are there to help you get seen. They may have already supported you with advice, funding or talent, but now is the time to ask your network to share and promote your business, especially across websites and platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s on these platforms that you may find your first clients and customers. In order to engage your network, ensure that you:

Have a clear ‘elevator pitch’ of your business to offer them in a phone call or message
Are able to share the key components of your company and its ethos with your network
Give details as to why your company offers a great range of products or services for people to enjoy

Ensure that you remember to thank those who help you develop your first audience and push your first sales. They’re your foot in the door to far more business in the future.

Physical Marketing

While digital-only businesses may find less relevance in the physical marketing space, those companies that also operate in the physical world with brick and mortar stores will benefit from tradition marketing, too. This might include one or more of the following:

Printing and distributing flyers and leaflets in your city center
Using billboards and other printed signage to show off your business and brand
Offering discount coupons in magazine and newspapers, locally or nationally

All you need to get noticed in the physical marketing space is an excellent designer and a high-quality printer. For those bigger advertisements and posters, use a large format printing service to get all your materials printed to a high standard. That way, your company will come across as more professional and impressive in the eye of your target consumers.

There you have it: three simple elements to your first promotional activities after forming a new company that will help you promote your business in style. Use the tips outlined above to kickstart your sales drive and build healthy profits as soon as you take your company to market. 

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