Analysis of Facebook ads and posts made by the various brands which use social media platforms has shown that the engagement from outside dropped by at least twenty percent in the year 2017. Anybody who uses Facebook for this purpose will be worried by the trends, but there are strategies which can work very well to bump up any potential engagement that a brand might to want. This post will share some of the more common Facebook engagement ideas, all of which have been tested and proven by specialists from

Post Less

When it comes to FB strategy, posting less is definitely against the normally received wisdom. But the point is not to simply post the same content, just less often. The point is to focus on quality over quantity. One well-crafted post will do the same work as five or ten badly-done posts. Posting less allows you find good content, and to find the best way to share it with your followers. This strategy is particularly helpful for people who are working on their own, or with a very small team, as finding good content takes time that they might not otherwise have to spare.

Of course, if you feel that you are able to create content that is good and consistent on a regular basis, you don’t need to follow this advice to improve your Facebook page. Many people post multiple times a day, and still enjoy the same level of popularity and engagement as other people do by posting less.

Post When People are Online

Do you want to know how to grow Facebook page likes? Post when people are online. If you post when people are online, it means that your followers will feel more engaged. While social media and other forms of online communication allows for people to get in touch with each other at any time, even after the fact, being online at the same time as your audience means that you can get in touch directly. Being able to speak to you directly means that people will feel much more involved in the day to day processes of your brand.

This can be tricky when you have people engaging with you from all over the world, but there are ways around this problem. Instead of posting at the same time every day, try and vary the times that you post and are online throughout the week, so that you can target different demographics at different points in time.

Facebook Live is one example of how you can do this. While the technology is still very limited, it allows people to speak to and engage with their followers directly, rather than having to use the medium of text or videos. Facebook Live, so long as you advertise it properly, allows you to directly speak to your followers, and answer the questions they might have.

Create for Facebook

It can be very difficult to come up with original content for any and all of the social media platforms which a brand might use for its marketing. Unfortunately, what works for other social media will not always work on Facebook – you need to create content which is specifically for that platform.

One particular means of doing this is to use videos. Facebook is uniquely set up to benefit from videos, which means that you can easily get information across to your followers without losing any content in the process.

Share with Other Brands

It might seem like an odd process, to boost your own brand by sharing the work of another brand, but it does make a lot of sense. When you share with another brand, you are also sharing customers and prospects. By sharing their content, you are taking steps to make sure that at least some of their customers come over to your social media. Some of them might actively engage with your content, and become customers in their own right.

Sharing another brand’s content does have its risks, but it also means that you open yourself up to a much wider audience than you would otherwise reach. Many brands have reported that they found themselves boosting their followers by hug margins simply through sharing content which had been created by another well-known brand.


Boosting brand engagement has been a problem in the past few years, since engagement numbers are dropping as the market becomes saturated. Fortunately, there are lots of ways in which to increase engagement through social media. Experts from share some of the more common ways to increase engagement, with the hopes that it will lead anybody who needs more information into the proper channels. Engagement can be handled in a number of ways, and it all depends a lot of what type of brand you have, and how you handle your social media in general. Engagement is something which leads to more customers, so it is a good thing to have.


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