You may well believe that TikTok istargeted at the dance-loving, banana-bread-baking Gen Z consumers of the globe, but there is so substantially a lot more to the platform than a lot of give it credit history for.

TikTok, when applied appropriately, can be an outstanding instrument for PR. When utilising it to the most effective of its capacity, you can build some fantastic tales, help out journalists, and construct some juicy hyperlinks.

Most of the suggestions out there focuses on how to use the app for natural social, but if you just open your eyes to the whole potential of TikTok, you’ll find a entire facet to the system that can enable elevate your PR stories. 

Discover your brand’s local community

  • 49% of customers have built purchases from models just after viewing them advertised, promoted, or reviewed on TikTok.
  • 67% of buyers say TikTok influenced them to store even when they weren’t intending to.
  • There are 39 billion views on videos with the hashtag#tiktokmademebuyit. 

I could reel off hundreds of stats about how influential a touchpoint TikTok can be, and in all honesty, I’m a primary illustration. If you get a seem around my bed room and you’d be able to place the Uniqlo bag that went viral for preserving as significantly room as Mary Poppins’ purse, the Sony headphones that have been a major recommendation from tech reviewers, and the packing cubes I’ll be having with me on each holiday from in this article on out. 

Just my getting habits by itself demonstrate that the application can be groundbreaking for e-commerce shoppers. It is a fantastic way for paid and natural and organic social groups to definitely elevate their manufacturer and get  noticed. But what about when you’re not basically making information on the application? What about when your KPI is coverage and one-way links?

Tailor your ‘For You Page’ to your consumers

It is obvious that TikTok requires customers all the way from discovery, to action, to acquiring. That is partly because of to the simple fact it’s excellent at generating hyper-personalised, area of interest neighborhood teams.

For case in point, if you enjoy studying, you’re most probable on #BookTok and will have found a lot of Colleen Hoover recommendations. If you adore employing the hottest know-how, you’re in all probability presently on #TechTok. There’s also #CatTok, #FoodieTok, #NostalgiaTok, #SwiftTok, #CleanTok… I consider you get the photograph.

Whilst your natural and paid teams might be targeting these niches with influencers or ads, us PR folk can nonetheless use them to our benefit. Studying these community groups (or ‘communities of practice’ if we’re acquiring seriously academic), can be wonderful for your PR method.

If you want to get into the heart of your client’s community on TikTok, produce a individual account and tailor your FYP to study tendencies. Like and comment on content th

at’s pertinent to your client, and practically instantly you will see super appropriate videos popping up on your screen. The algorithm is amazingly certain, so you will be equipped to use this curated written content to select up on trends seriously immediately. 

How to build PR protection and inbound links

Journalists unquestionably want to address trending stories on TikTok. From viewpoint items about the app’s use, to editors’ reviews of TikTok well known goods, to very simple news stories allowing viewers know what is blowing up on the application, the headlines are countless.

Here’s how you can capitalise on TikTok tales and make them get the job done for your client:

Set the manufacturer in the center of a trend

The first phase is to use your awareness of market traits to discover a story angle that will fit your shopper like a glove. Just scroll by means of your customer-customized ‘For You’ web site each and every working day, and see what is consistently showing.

Once you have uncovered the right pattern or story, it’s time to get your consumer included. They have to have to be capable to remark or incorporate one thing to the story that a journalist will care about. There are a handful of means you could technique this:

Tutorial push releases

Journalists usually write content about how to take part in a new trend, so produce a push release with expert tips.

It’s possible it’s how to recreate a new viral recipe (why does she set the ice cube in with the salmon and rice?) Maybe people want to know how they can have nails like Hailey Bieber. Or it’s possible they want to suit in with the cottagecore aesthetic and are right after some styling thoughts.

If your client can comment and offer you advice on a topic that’s trending, a journalist is much more very likely to use your press release. 

Measuring the influence and giving data

In Electronic PR, we all unquestionably really like to whack out a Google Traits statistic, so why aren’t we all executing this with TikTok? It is attainable to see how numerous views diverse hashtags have on the application, so make absolutely sure you’re taking observe. This can be truly practical if you’re seeking to develop an index of ‘The most popular X on TikTok’. 

Furthermore, if quickly your complete FYP is whole of people today attempting that crazy deluxe sizzling chocolate in Paris, why not test if Google searches have long gone up for flights to France? Determine out if appropriate developments are getting a serious-environment effect and enable your client be the 1 to advise the press about it.

Offering guidance on no matter whether a pattern is secure

Keep in mind when ‘slugging’ was the most popular new skincare method? Question a skincare consumer if it is in fact safe and sound.

What about people pimple patches that are going all over? Do you have a healthcare shopper who could remark on irrespective of whether they seriously work? 

Locate out if your shopper could present their expert viewpoint to help anybody interested in a development.

Be brief

Tendencies can rise and slide actually speedily on social media, so it is essential that you usually act quickly and handle TikTok push releases like you would any other reactive PR tale. Make positive your angle is potent, you’ve received great stats in there, and crucially, your consumer has anything to say that will enhance the story.

Journalists know that TikTok posts accomplish well, so give them all of the information they need and you are onto a winner! 

Make an integrated method

Utilizing TikTok for your press releases is a wonderful way to commence working with the application to your edge. But if you really want to go previously mentioned and over and above, operate with your colleagues in Search engine optimization and organic social to make a actually built-in strategy.

If there is a pattern that your consumer could advantage from, bring in the natural social men to build articles and do the job with influencers to generate buzz around your consumer. Then make absolutely sure your Search engine optimisation group has you ranking large in Google for no matter what conditions the trend is associated to. And of training course, get the PR team to outreach article content to journalists putting the manufacturer at the centre of the pattern.

Granted, not each story or campaign demands to have all the bells and whistles. But when organic and natural is effective hand in hand throughout natural and organic social, Seo, and PR, magical issues can come about.

If you’re intrigued in discovering extra about how TikTok could get the job done for your brand organically, get in touch.


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