When one particular person needs to repair a wall, modify a cabinet or decide on what to serve for meal, they can optimize their choice. Make acceptable trade-offs. Consider accountability for the path decided on.

But when a group of persons are requested to do the very same thing, it is straightforward to err on the aspect of the pursuit of best, or to opt for to common points out.

And so the authorized workforce weighs in, and consultants are employed. And so, “but what if?” is generally viewed as, regardless of how scarce that outcome may really be. Full industries are crafted close to building deniable, common products and solutions and products and services that are guaranteed to delight no a single, price tag additional than they may well and insulate the committee from backlash.

When you locate your self creeping in this direction, it may possibly be worth inquiring what the risk is of simply just suspending the committee and putting someone in cost as an alternative.


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