Access your InstaViral 2.0 Coupon & start using viral images to get website traffic to your blog

Viral image sharing is hands-down, the easiest (and, personally – I think, the most fun!!) way to drive traffic whatever niche you’re in.

It’s a fun way to get clicks and doesn’t require a lot of work, because there’s no need to write a lot of content for you to be able to get a LOT of traffic.

The problem is, it’s quite time consuming to have to upload every single image one at a time, to multiple image sharing websites.  Which is where InstaViral 2.0 can help!

What Is InstaViral 2.0?

InstaViral is an easy to use SaaS (web based) software you can use to create, edit and distribute images on 15 of the most popular social media sharing sites for images.

Here’s a list of the main features:

  • Fully Cloud Based Software, so there’s no need to install anything
  • Connects with 15 high traffic social media networks
  • One-click publisher for posting on all sites at once
  • Scheduler, for all integrated  social media services
  • Can import CSV file for automated publishing (see demo below for more info)
  • Use the database of quotes for easier publishing (no writing!!)
  • Easy to use Image editor, for gorgeous looking images

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Watch The FULL Official InstaViral 2 Demo Walkthrough Below

Inside InstaViral 2.0 

The members area is really nicely laid out and once you get your accounts set up (it took me a little while, ’cause I wasn’t signed up at ALL 15 of them), you can just publish whenever you choose.

I also liked the fact that there was a nice collection of training materials and done for you components.  This was one of the easiest sites to get set up and started that i’ve come across in quite a while.

Dashboard Items

Instaviral 2.0 coupon

After you logged in to InstaThe social accounts you can connect with are AWESOME – with a lot to choose from.   You don’t need to use them all, of course – but when you get your account set up there, these are all available to you.

Social Accounts To Choose From

The ‘Basic’ Image Editor

You can create the images inside the app, with a lot of different options – but it really is very easy to use, so you can work your way around it quite quickly, and publish straight from here or… use the integrated quotes and facts database.

It comes with a huge collection of quotes on pretty much any topic you can imagine.

You just put in a search term and search – here is an example of what happened when I searched for ‘happy’

instaviral coupon

There’s also a database like that for facts too, so you can get current facts, stats etc and put them onto images quickly.

Got Questions?  Here Are A Few FAQ’s.

If we didn’t answer one you have, or want to share your experience with InstaViral 2.0 leave it in the comments below.

Will This Work On My Computer?

Yes.  There are no (major) restrictions for software requirements.  When you join you’ll get membership access to a website and everything is run inside of that website, so as long as you have an internet connection you should be good to go.

Is InstaViral Newbie Friendly?

Yes, it’s really straightforward in it’s set up.  You’ll need to do a few connections with the software, which includes finding API’s and copy/pasting them into your account – but there are pdf tutorials and video walk through’s for each of them, to show you how to do that.

You only need to do this once though, so once you’ve got that set up you’re good to go.

Does It Only Work For English Viral Images?

The software will let you post in any language, BUT, the quote and fact databases are only in English – so if you are using other languages you’ll need to just do a Google search and find some quotes in the languages you want to use.

Will It Work In x, x oOr x Niche?

Yep, absolutely! You can use this in any niche – and the quotes and facts databases have allowed for a VERY broad niche selection, so chances are – you’ll already have a big collection of things you can use automatically.  If, for some reason – your niche is absurdly specific (i.e. you have a website dedicated to enthusiasts of pocket fluff collectors), you can still use it – you’ll just need to create your own quotes instead.

How Does It ACTUALLY Get Me Traffic?

Social sites account for the majority of time spent online for pretty much all users now, and using images, connecting those posts to your website or offer you want visitors to get to … is a VERY easy way to boost your website traffic.

And – viral traffic combined with social sites is THE BEST way to leverage social media – because you can create some images and then let OTHER people build up the traffic, backlinks and clicks for you.

So that is my basic overview – I hope it’s been helpful!  Leave a comment below if there is anything that you want us to dive into a little more deeply.  This is a really easy to use software, but there have been a few things we just haven’t had time to cover, so if you want us to look into any aspects in more depth just ask and we’ll be on it!

Enjoy the InstaViral 2.0 Coupon discount (don’t forget to use it, to get 20% off of any of the membership options on the site!) and start getting yourself some VERY awesome free viral traffic soon 🙂

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