Have you ever thought about starting an FBA business but didn’t know where to begin? Are you curious if the Freedom Ticket program is worth your time and money? If so, then this Freedom Ticket review is for YOU!

We’ll be providing a comprehensive overview of the popular Helium 10 Amazon FBA course by Kevin King and revealing whether or not it really offers a “freedom ticket” to financial success with an online business.

So buckle in – we’re about to show you if the Freedom Ticket course lives up to the hype!

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Freedom Ticket Review

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Freedom Ticket is an Amazon FBA course led by Kevin King that teaches users how to launch and grow their business on Amazon. The comprehensive training program offers step-by-step instructions, helpful insights, and plenty of resources to help entrepreneurs succeed in the e-commerce market.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but with hard work and dedication, Freedom Ticket can help you become an Amazon FBA pro. It is worth trying out if you have the time, money, and commitment to learn from Kevin King’s expertise. Get the Freedom Ticket course FREE with Helium 10.


  • A comprehensive course with helpful, actionable steps
  • Clear and concise teaching methods
  • Updated with new content regularly
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Available free with a Helium 10 subscription


  • Not a get-rich-quick scheme – requires time and hard work to achieve success
  • Additional investment in stock, advertising, and other resources required
  • Results vary from person to person – success not guaranteed

What is Freedom Ticket? And Who is Kevin King?

Freedom Ticket is an Amazon FBA course created by Kevin King.

Kevin King is a seasoned businessman and e-commerce expert who has made millions selling online.

He is constantly testing and experimenting with cutting edge tools, techniques, and strategies so that he can bring his followers the best possible advice on how to make money online using Amazon FBA.

Ultimately, Kevin King wants to make sure that everyone who follows him on the Amazon FBA training journey will be successful too.

In the Freedom Ticket course, Kevin King gives you his proven methods to success and teaches you how he made it big on Amazon.

The content includes downloadable spreadsheets and files so you can track your progress, as well as actionable ways to start a profitable Amazon FBA business.

What Does Freedom Ticket Include?

The main components of the Freedom Ticket course include the following:

  • Video lessons – Around 30 hours of video content from Kevin King himself. He covers all the basics, from setting up your business to advanced selling strategies.
  • Downloadable files and spreadsheets – Helps you visualise numbers in a concise way so you can easily manage your business.
  • Certification test – Once you complete all the video content, you will be able to take the certification test and become a Freedom Ticket course graduate.

Freedom Ticket Review: Key Features

The Freedom Ticket course is divided into ten weekly sections, each focusing on a different aspect of the Amazon FBA business journey.

These cover everything from setting up your account and finding profitable products to growing and scaling your business.

Each week’s content includes videos, downloads, and unlimited access. Each section is unlocked seven days after the previous one, so you have plenty of time to watch the videos and digest the information.

freedom ticket review - meet your teacher, kevin king

Week 1 – Introduction to Amazon FBA and the Freedom Ticket Course

Kick start your journey to success on Amazon with the first week of this course! As soon as you signup, you’ll get access to an invaluable overview of both the program and how business works within Amazon’s marketplace.

Week 2 – Amazon & Business Basics

In the second week of the course, available seven days after signing up, Kevin provides an overview of the essentials to becoming a successful Amazon seller, including:

  • How to move money between countries using Ping Pong,
  • Different ways to sell on Amazon,
  • A walk through of Amazon Seller Central,
  • And other essential information.

He also covers how much money you need and what to expect when you start selling.

Week 3 – Branding, Money & Millions

Week 3 of Freedom Ticket will focus on building your brand, money management and investing in your Amazon business. In order to maximize sales and profits, you will learn more about:

  • Branding,
  • Cash flow,
  • Product cost sheets,
  • And sponsored ads.

Week 4 – Picking a Successful Product

In week 4, the focus is on product research. You will be introduced to strategies for finding the best products and ideas to sell on Amazon. You will also learn how to do:

  • Keyword research,
  • Reviews and competition research,
  • And use Helium 10 tools such as Black box to find the perfect product.

Week 5 – Suppliers, Orders & Shipping

This week’s content, which is unlocked 28 days after joining, will show students how to find suppliers and shipping partners for their e-commerce business.

It also covers the common rookie mistakes that a new Amazon seller often makes in the process. They will also be able to:

  • Create purchase orders,
  • Understand different shipping terms,
  • And explore options for international shipping.

Week 6 – Compete & Win Big

Week 6 of the course is available 35 days after signup. It teaches students how to compete and win big on Amazon by learning about:

  • Brand registry,
  • Trademarks and patents,
  • Tips for being a great seller,
  • Prohibited activities,
  • And key ranking factors.

Students will also learn how to get discovered on Amazon with A9 search engine and make successful sales using competitor reviews.

Week 7 – Creating High Converting Listings

This week is an important step towards helping you maximize your Amazon sales by creating high converting product listings. You’ll learn how to optimize your titles, bullet points and descriptions on every single product listing, as well as produce powerful images using flat files and browse tree guides in backend keywords.

Week 8 – Ranking, Advertising & Promotions

Available 49 days after joining, week 8 covers the topics of ranking, Amazon PPC advertising, promotions and how to expand sales.

It also explains how to correctly use different tools such as discount coupons, giveaways and Facebook Ads to maximize profits.

To become Freedom Ticket certified, watch all of the training and pass a quiz with 70% or higher. Upon successful completion, you will receive a digital degree as proof of your certification.

With Freedom Ticket certification, you’ll be ready to start selling on Amazon FBA!

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What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is an Amazon optimization and automation suite that helps sellers skyrocket their sales growth.

It provides an advanced market tracker, keyword research tools, competitor analysis and other features to help you increase your product visibility and improve your search engine rankings on Amazon.

The Freedom Ticket course will teach you how to use Helium 10 tools as an Amazon FBA seller to create successful campaigns for ranking products, driving traffic, and optimizing Amazon promotions.

You will also learn how to track your campaigns with Helium 10 and analyze the data to understand what works best for your business.

With Helium 10, you’ll be able to maximize your sales growth on Amazon in a fraction of the time.

Check out our full Helium 10 review for more info.

freedom ticket review - helium 10 offer

Freedom Ticket Pricing

There are several ways to get hold of the Freedom Ticket FBA course.

Freedom Ticket is available with lifetime access at a price of $997, with an ironclad 30-day “no questions asked” full money-back guarantee.

You can also get the Freedom Ticket course free with a Helium 10 subscription starting at $39/month.

The Helium 10 subscription comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you have time to test it out before committing to it.

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The pricing of the Freedom Ticket FBA course is a no-brainer for those serious about launching their Amazon business. With the option to get it free with a Helium 10 subscription, it’s well worth a look for those who want to save money.

Who is Freedom Ticket For?

The Freedom Ticket course is not for everyone. It’s an Amazon FBA training course that requires hard work, dedication, and time to learn the material.

It’s best suited to those who have the commitment to use what they learn and put it into action with their Amazon selling activities, as well as being able to pay for the course upfront or with a Helium 10 subscription.

Is Freedom Ticket Legit?

Yes, Freedom Ticket is a legitimate course that can help you achieve your Amazon FBA goals. Kevin King has sold millions of dollars on Amazon and his strategies are proven to be successful.

With its money-back guarantees, it’s worth giving the Freedom Ticket course a try if you’re serious about launching your business on Amazon.

What Are People Saying About Freedom Ticket?

The reviews for the Freedom Ticket course are overwhelmingly positive. People have praised Kevin King for his clear and concise teaching methods and the helpful insights he provides into Amazon FBA.

Many people have also said that it’s the best Amazon FBA course and is easy to follow, even if you don’t have experience with Amazon FBA.

Source: Quora

The Freedom Ticket Amazon course has recently been revamped and updated, and people seem to appreciate the new material.

Alternatives to Freedom Ticket

Here are a couple of alternatives to consider:

The Last Amazon Course

The Last Amazon Course 3.0 is a comprehensive training program with over 30,000 members, 375+ videos and 45+ hours of content. It covers everything from setting up your business to selling products on Amazon and beyond, providing comprehensive knowledge and guidance for entrepreneurs to succeed in the e-commerce market.

With its detailed step-by-step instructions, this course is designed to help entrepreneurs easily launch and manage their own Amazon store. It is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make a mark in the Amazon landscape.

If you already use a Helium 10 alternative, such as Jungle Scout, and don’t want to sign up for another Amazon tool, this course is a great option.

Marketplace Superheroes

The Marketplace Superhero course is an Amazon FBA course designed to help entrepreneurs succeed on Amazon. It provides over 100 lessons covering everything from setting up your business to optimizing your product listings and running promotions.

The course also comes with a bundle of tools and resources, including keyword research software and analytics, that can be used to make the most out of your Amazon business. With its comprehensive training materials and resources, this course is sure to help you take your Amazon FBA business to the next level.

Check out our full, in-depth Marketplace Superheroes review.

Conclusion – Can You Make Money With Freedom Ticket?

Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket is a great Amazon FBA course for beginners and experienced sellers. It is comprehensive, easy to follow, and contains helpful, actionable, step by step, content. When used correctly, it can help you start a successful business on Amazon and reach your financial goals.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme – this course requires time and hard work to succeed. If you are willing to put in the effort and stick to it, then the Helium 10 Freedom Ticket course can help you become an Amazon FBA pro.

Freedom Ticket is a great course that can help you start and grow your Amazon FBA business. ‌If you have the time, money, and commitment to learning from Kevin King’s expertise, then Freedom Ticket is worth trying out.

And with free access through a Helium 10 membership, what do you have to lose??


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