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WP Spin Win is a WordPress plugin that puts a spinning wheel on your blog inviting visitors to add their email take a lucky spin of the wheel.  You can choose to give them whatever prizes you choose.  Anything from coupon codes, to bonus training videos or digital downloads can be given away.

All prizes are automatically delivered for the players too – after they’ve given you their email address.

And if you can’t decide what prizes to give them, don’t worry – we have 8 in-built prizes already made to get you started quicker!

In this article I want to share two of the main ways that you can make money with this plugin SUPER easily.

Main Method #1: Using The Plugin On Your Blog

Once you’ve added the plugin there are quite a few ways this will be able to make more cash for you.  You might have thought of a few more, so if you’ve got ideas that I haven’t covered I welcome you to share them in the comments below!

NOTE: This article is not teaching you how to install of configure any of the settings.  If you need help for that, please check the download page (where you downloaded the plugin) and you’ll be able to follow that video along and get things set up.

Making cash with the prizes:

IDEA #1: Coupons
The most obvious way use the WP Spin Win plugin is to use coupons.  When a person ‘wins’ a prize that gives them a discount, it can often be that little ‘nudge’ that pushes them over from a ‘maybe’ buyer to a ‘sweeeet! let’s buy it’ customer – getting you more commissions – which is what we’re after yeah?

If the product isn’t yours, contact the product creator and ask them for a coupon.  Something as small as 10-25% discount will help your conversions.

IDEA #2: Downloads
Do you have a bunch of items on your harddrive that are just gathering dust?  Use them as lead capture gifts – don’t be fussy about it, don’t spend heaps of time making them ‘perfect’ – just upload them and add the download link as a gift.  You can make things perfect later, to begin with you just want to get something DONE and working for you.

IDEA #3: Advanced Videos/Review Videos
This is a great way to brand yourself, use it to connect with your newly added subscriber.  Teach them something you know, again, it doesn’t need to be perfect, just find something that you know more than 80% of the people you spend most of your day with – and make a video about it.  You’ve got this!

To turn that into money, under the video mention a great quality recommended product with your affiliate link.  Give quality info – save them time by finding a good software or service that can help them get great results faster.  Win/Win!

IDEA #4: Coaching Consults
This is the PERFECT solution if you want to take people from your email list and push them into some higher end services – or anything that is a service that is done for you.  Don’t think you have a service to provide?  Think again – chances are, you have a great stockpile of products you’ve purchased – have a look and see what kind of services you can provide

Making cash with the list:

With WP Spin Win, when someone opts in to win a prize you can choose which email marketing list of yours you want to add them to.  This lets you followup with them – because with the list your options are much broader.  Here are a few ideas for what you can do once people sign up on that list.

IDEA #1: Relationship Building
Connect with your new subscribers by giving them training, telling them about your services or helping them find new products with recommended offers, or reviews  Sending out personally written, helpful emails is a great way for people to connect with YOU and is great for long term income.

IDEA #2: Build Your Social Network
Send them emails about whatever you like, but also update them when something big happens that you want to share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc.  Send them to your social media profile links – it’s a great way to build your audience and keep them engaged – and gives you one of the fastest ways to connect with them and get your message right in their hot little hands.

IDEA #3: Promotional Followup Emails
When you’re building that list, the types of offers/coupons/gifts that you’re giving away is a clear indicator as to what type of things it is they are interested in hearing more about.

And what does that give you?

A perfectly targeted marketing list.  If they’re wanting a coupon for a video marketing product – bam!  You know they are interested in video marketing… so help them out by finding the best video marketing tools as they come out.  Take the time to review them, really make sure that the products are worthy of being recommended (after all, it’s your reputation on the line here) … and use an affiliate link – so that when they buy, you’ll get part of the sale as a commission.

IDEA #4: Done For You, With Covert Commissions Integration
As one of the Autoresponder connection options you can connect with Covert Commissions, so that when someone signs up – they automatically get added to a CC mailing list.

They will get given a gift (of your choosing) and then email followups that teach methods of marketing to them – and then follows up with recommended products, all with your affiliate ID embedded.  It’s really easy to set up and lets you just focus on your own marketing rather than having to even spend time writing emails, researching products and finding the right ones to promote.

Just select Covert Commissions, connect your account and the emails get sent for you, with your affiliate links forever.

Main Method #2: Giving The Plugin Away

Wait… huh?  You can make money by giving stuff away?

Actually yep – and some of our most successful members are doing very well using this strategy.

In the last method I mentioned Covert Commissions – and it’s awesome for not just adding as an autoresponder alternative, where they manage all of the mail outs, research and promotions for you.

It’s also perfect for finding giving you great gifts to giveaway and build your list in the first place.

In fact.  The WP Spin Win plugin is a gift that you can give – from Covert Commissions.

And when you give away WP Spin Win it can make you money a lot of different ways.  You’ll earn by:
– Having banners with your affiliate ID’s be added INSIDE of the software itself
– Having all future email promotions that go out to your subscribers all contain your ID too

It’s the easiest way to start earning commissions – and keep growing your income – with done for you offers, pages etc.

You simply login to your members area, add your JVZoo ID (and any other ID you’d like in there – we show you how) and then choose which item you’d like to give away.   The WP Spin Win offer is for the WP Blazer mission – you’ll see that when you’re in your members area.

You just activate the mission and you’ll get a link – everything is totally managed for you.


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