This episode is all about how to maximize your Facebook Live Videos.  You’ve jumped into doing Live’s and you do them regularly but are you using the videos to the fullest potential?  Many of us haven’t been but here’s a quick guide to doing just that.  You’ve worked hard on these, now use that content across multiple channels to maximize the impact!

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In this Halftime Mike Podcast I’ll share specific tactics to maximize your Facebook Live Videos after the Live on multiple social media channels.  Let’s dive in!

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VIDEO: Maximize your Facebook Live Videos with these Tactics

Diving into the Details:Maximize your Facebook Live Videos with these Tactics

It’s great to see more people using Facebook Live Videos!  It’s what I’ve been preaching, that it’s essential to try it and experiment with it since it is working so well on Facebook and gets the attention of users on Facebook in a way that other post forms are not. However, I have also noted that many doing Facebook Live video are struggling with a common problem we all have, and that’s how you add that to your already busy schedule and marketing plans, including with other content creation. 

If you are using social media today you know that you need to keep up with sharing content on social, being present and posting regularly. This can be a challenge! Today I want to cover a solution that helps you create more content you already have done by utilizing your Facebook Live Video in multiple ways.Here are 4 ways you can maximize your Facebook Live Video for larger purposes. These things can all be done after you have published your Facebook Live Video. 

Repurpose Snippets of your Live Video

First of all make sure to download your video in HD from Facebook. Use this along with your video editor of choice such as iMovie, Videoshop or another mobile phone video app to trim sections of the video into 30 – 60 second long sections. Use these snippets as teaser videos to drive interest in the full video and post them on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can even turn key points into bite-sized snippets to be shared over time as tips and stand-alone tactics. As well, you can even use these short video clips as additional Facebook posts to link back to your Live Video and to other content you create.  

In short, break it down and use it all well in multiple ways.

Upload the Facebook Video to other Social Platforms

Be sure to take the downloaded version of your Facebook Live Video and upload it to YouTube, along with an awesome, SEO-rich description. Include details of what the video is about and use keywords that are important, and then link at the end of the description to your blog post when it is ready to go.

Depending on how long the video is you can also load it to LinkedIn and to Instagram’s IGTV.  It will work on both if the video is under 10 minutes and can make great resources for both platforms.  I am aiming to have all my Live video be just under 10 minutes in length for this purpose.

Turn the Video into a Blog Post

A website is a great place to have fresh content that can rank for keywords, so that you show in Google search results for those terms. The ideal blog post should be between 650-1200 words covering the points from your Facebook Live Video. You can then embed the YouTube video into your blog post so new visitors have everything in one place. You can then use this as another post on Facebook to send them to your website. 

Turning your Facebook Live Video into a blog post gives the video a lasting home on your website that can help your site rank well and showcase your authority on topics you cover.

Host a Facebook Watch Party

Another action you can take using your Facebook Live Video is having a Watch Party on Facebook. This gives you an opportunity to reach and engage with those that may not have seen your video when it was first published.  Facebook’s Watch Party allows you to host a time to watch the video with others and have a comment stream just like you would in the “Live” show. It’s another great way to connect, engage, and showcase your content.

Now we have long term value across multiple platforms! It is on Facebook, forever in the video area.  It’s also on our website as a blog post forever, and, if we’ve written it well, it will rank for some keyword phrases and continue to send traffic to our site. We’ve also got it on YouTube, with YouTube pointing traffic back to the blog post as well. And we’ve put teasers out, and key clips of individual standalone points on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Boom!  That’s more content and that’s the way to strengthen what you do on Facebook Live!  

You’ve grown your audience, now it’s time to maximize what you do! 

Previous Facebook Live Videos

You can also go back and do the same process with previous Facebook Live Videos.  First, look at your Facebook Insights and find your highest performing ones. Start with the top 3 from there and do these processes I’ve outlined. This gives you something significant and key to share across all your channels, growing your audience and helping you establish a long term footprint on the web!

Dig in and maximize those Facebook Live Videos!

That’s a wrap this time!

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